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  1. 1 hour ago, AtlasP said:

    @Marty Backe: Check out this reply by the official InMotion Global youtube account (in the comments to the launch video):


    So maybe they're changing their tune on interaction with youtubers? It might be worth a shot to reach out to them again (and citing that public comment).

    It helps that Kuji is located in the same country. He can just drop in and test out KingSong, Gotway, and Inmotion wheels.

    I'm sure there will be plenty of reviews. I don't think I'll be one of them.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Jon Stern said:

    Agreed that the battery pack is rather on the small side. My point is that some segments of the market which is not looking for max speed and range, may be willing to pay a premium price for the other features. If the suspension works well (to be determined) some people will be happy to pay hundreds for that feature (which I'm also guessing adds a lot of cost to the manufacturing).

    I'm sure there's a market for this wheel. But all the communities that I'm involved with (here, Facebook, Telegram, person-to-person, etc) always discuss range, speed, and $$$.

    I don't think it's going to be a big seller, IMHO.

  3. 3 hours ago, Benoît Brummer said:

    Today my Gotway Tesla froze seconds after I started my ride (with a fully charged battery), sending me on the pavement. It then stayed turned on but without stabilization, and would not respond to the power switch. The EUC quickly started smoking and that went on scarily for about 5 minutes. Eventually it made a popping sound and turned off.

    When I tried to turn it on afterwards it would make a little popping noise and the sideways alarm (and luckily it responded to the turn-off switch).

    I contacted the Aliexpress seller but they won't get back to me until at least April 7th due to coronavirus. I took it apart to look for any apparent damage and what I found is a couple of burned connectors going to the motherboard. The green wire looks burned, and I didn't take out the wrapper around the 3 cables to see if there was a short circuit. As far as I can tell the motherboard looks normal but I don't really know what to look for.

    Any idea what happened and/or what I should do?

    All of your symptoms are that of a blown control board. The popping sound was from MOSFET's burning up. And the smoke of course.

    You'll need a new control board at a minimum.

  4. 53 minutes ago, meepmeepmayer said:

    I have heard this "eh I'll skip" from you often enough that I'm not worried. Let Jason send you a review model at the earliest possibility, and then let's see. Looking forward to your (as in yours) V11 videos;)

    I've never bought an Inmotion wheel. What makes you think I'm going to buy one now, particularly at this inflated price?

  5. 26 minutes ago, FreeRide said:

    While I don't care to correlate price with top speed, I do expect it to correlate with range/battery capacity.  However; I'm willing to wait until we see how the wheel rides in the real world, on the streets and off road before I form an opinion on this one as no other one has suspension and that is the key here.  How well does it work.  Someone was asking for tighter suspension lalready when no one outside of IM even knows what the suspension is like.  People are going a bit crazy here.  Historically though I've been disappointed in the pricing of IM wheels, but never owned one, and since they are the best selling wheel, it hardly makes sense for them to lower their prices.  I'd love to try an IM one day since speed above 50km/h is not important to me, but how the top speed is limited as the battery is drained is important.  I'm still very excited to see how this new wheel performs.


    I believe they are the best selling wheel because of their affordability. The V11 is absolutely not an affordable wheel. It's actually looking to be the most expensive wheel (outside the Monster) that you can buy.

  6. 39 minutes ago, Jon Stern said:

    I don't agree that price of a wheel should only be correlated to top speed. While very fast cars tend to be extremely expensive (there are exceptions like the V8 Ariel Atom), there are also extremely expensive cars that sell based on other attributes. For example, a Rolls Royce Wraith costs about 50% more than a Ferrari 458, but is 50 mph slower.

    Different specs and features for different Serviceable Available Markets (SAMs) within the Total Available Market (TAM).

    I don't believe I said ONLY speed. The lack of battery for that price is the single biggest turn off for me. All the Gotway wheels that I just listed are cheaper than the V11 and have substantially larger battery packs.

    For all the riding that we do in Southern California, a 1400wh wheel just won't cut it. Of course for many other people the V11 will have a huge battery.

  7. 1 hour ago, Old Glider said:

    I wish InMotion well with this release! They seem to me to have held the benchmark for quality and safety so far in many respects and this new offering is ambitious for sure. 

    InMotion has enjoyed very significant sales numbers the last couple of years even though their product line offered significantly lower range and speed/performance than what other manufacturers produced. They go their own way it seems!

    I just hope that suspension doesn’t make the wheel feel ‘disconnected’ from the rider, especially off road where momentary control is so important. As for price, possibly time will bring it down a bit, but we live in an world where bicycles (non-motorized) cost upwards of $6,000 for the features that true enthusiasts want, so I’m not surprised by this price; but proof of execution remains to be seen!

    I'm not surprised by the price also, but Inmotion doesn't exist in a vacuum. At $2300 people are going to look at what else can be gotten for the same or less.

    And let's not forget about ease of maintenance. Gotway wheels are the simplest to maintain. KingSong takes a bit more work  (undoing their beautiful wiring harnesses, etc.). The Z10? A nightmare.  This V11 looks to be a bit like the Z10. Very complex so probably it will be a pain in the butt to work on the tire or anything else in the wheel.

    Time will tell though.

  8. 6 hours ago, GyroRideRz said:

    The design is clearly inspired by the Z10 for the top of the wheel and i love that :D

     3 things worry me: 

    1- Is it really possible to do 50km/h with a tilt back that starts at 55 or do we have tilback at 50km/h which would be really annoying
    2- Will it really be possible to cover a distance of 50km ( the 120km announced is a joke as usual and have to be divided by 2 in my opinion) with an average speed of 45-50km/h? Because if you have to drive at 25-30km/h to reach this autonomy, there's no point because you fall back into the big problem of the Z10.
    3 - I applaud the innovation of the suspensions, but I have big doubts about the longevity of the thing for daily use + intensive offroad at the weekend. 

    Can't wait to the first tests of this new beast :D

    I believe 120km is not a joke. Inmotion should be commended for providing the criteria for that range. If you read the spec's, it clearly states the rider weight and a riding speed of 20km/h

    At 20km/h the V11 most certainly could go 120km.

  9. 5 hours ago, Simone Malicius said:

    and this bring me back to my personal " idea of EUC " 

    why do i like inmotion? cause they set SAFETY FIRST ... as we have all seen by many videos reckless drivers wants/desire to keep TOP speed for the entire last of the battery and that will carry several problems , read cutoff or similars ! 

    While Inmotion idea is more on safety direction... 50km/h is a lot over one single wheel  so if it can keep it for the first 20% of battery and than gently slow down i would not mind at all and whoever is concerned about safety this should be applauded ! 

    if we could ( i do.. ) for one moment STOP the idea of TOP SPEED we would see how much inmotion engineers have done on this wheel and this might be a trigger also for competition to start something new over euc world ! 

    the thing of top speed to me sounds like when we were kids " who has it bigger .. " lol  we are grown up and tell me , after so many years does it still count who has it bigger? :D 

    About V11 i still have some doubts weight above all and i'm so curious to know how those suspensions will perform !!!  i'd say that in this world wide moment innovation might be the key for the hope of a brighter future ! 

    I think it's fantastic that this new wheel hits the sweet spot for a lot of riders here. Something for everyone.

    Most people were not expecting this to compete with Gotway in the speed race. But it would have been nice if it could have done ~56km/h because then it would safely due ~49-km/h without tilt-back.

    When the price is the same as a 100-volt Nikola, MSX, or MSP (1800wh batteries no less) than people can't help be compare directly to those wheels. I think it falls short.

    Maybe it'll end up being like the Z10. The Z10 was a $2200 wheel when it was released (that's what I paid). Now you can buy them for under $1800. Why? Because nobody wants to buy them at that inflated price.

    The V11 needs to be closer to $1800 to sell in quantity, IMO.

  10. 1 hour ago, xorbe said:

    Well I'm not really sure what to think,

    Seems like this unicycle is pretty unique.

    I'm just going to wait for @Marty Backe,

    To try and kill it at his local testing track.

    Most likely I will not get access to this wheel. Inmotion plays things really close and doesn't provide early releases to their distributors like EWheels. Given the spec's I'm not willing to depart with $2300 for this wheel.

    I'm sure plenty of others will be able to test this wheel.

  11. 3 hours ago, mrelwood said:

    I have! Every single time my teeth hit eachother while riding on the sharp dips made by horseshoes on soft dirt. Or when riding on the overly coarse new gravel laid on my favourite outdoorsy cycleways. And so on.

    The maximum pedal height on the V11 is something like 6.5”, so there is a bit of something to give away from.

    Besides, the dangerously low reaching side panels will be scratching on rocks, roots and curbs loud enough to make you forget all about the pedal clearance!

    @Mike Sacristan, they have been working on the suspension for a full year. I’m sure there has been time to try out a prototype or a few before deciding to manufacture it in large scale and sell it as a flagship product. I’m sure they have already scratched a few worst functioning ideas, toward which your doubts might well have been more relevant.

    The Nikola pedals are just shy of 6-1/2 inches and they hit rocks all the time on the kind of trails I often ride. Pedals that dip lower could be disastrous for some kinds of trail riding.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm very intrigued and maybe the suspension only moves substantially when hitting horseshoe dips. Then it would be great for trails. So hopefully it's a tight suspension.

    We will need to get some first hand reports on how this wheel actually behaves. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Mike Sacristan said:

    I much enjoyed reading all your posts and I didn't see you come across as angry. I just saw you come across as someone who said what he was hoping for. Then other people started saying that what you are hoping for is "wrong" or unrealistic or unsuitable. You defended your views and I admire you for that.

    50kmh is slow. If people don't understand it's because they don't want to understand. It's not that they can't relate it's that they refuse to which I see as a very reoccurring behaviour. Reading things like "I don't understand why anyone would ever want to ride faster than X kmh" rubs me the wrong way to the point of utter disgust and almost hating the person (as well as calling them a pig in my mind and thinking about never talking to /write to them again and maybe find a way to ruin their life without them knowing but then I realise I don't have to because they are already doing it to themselves). Phew can I breathe now?

    Just about every rider in our Stockholm Cruisers group was disappointed at the speed. The fun starts at 50 kmh. I rarely feel unsafe on my EUCs unless I have too much air in my tyre. If I feel unsafe then I do less of what I am doing until I feel safe again. And practice. Until it feels safe. I ride a 16X with a CX tyre... that's almost as bad as it gets haha. Almost 7000km on it and it still freaks me out sometimes.

    Something about a boiling frog... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_frog

    Something about a heap of sand... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorites_paradox


    Back to the V11... the suspension is going to be a laugh. As the body moves down (or the wheel moves up) two things will change: 

    1. The distance from the pedals to the ground will lessen. This will cause some nice accidents when off-roading over obstacles. I don't think there was ever a time when off-roading where I thought to myself; "Wow it sure would be great if my pedals suddenly got a few cm closer to the ground right now".

    2. The leverage applied to the wheel will change causing some nice changes in acceleration/slowing down. As the pedals move further away from the center of the hub we will be applying X% more leverage.

    My Mountain Bike has air in it's front forks, I can adjust the amount of air as well as adjust the rebound speed. I can remotely engage or disengage the suspension. There are times I want it and there are times I am trying to do a certain manoeuvre where the suspension will absorb my energy and stop me (like bouncing up a curb). Going down a hill with the front suspension on would be suicide.

    Maybe this will give us the excitement we are looking for after all. :lol: Variable acceleration and disorientation while riding.


    Monster, MSX (any flavour), Tesla, Nikola (any flavour), MSP can all go over 50kmh. An MCM5 could do it in a pinch as well. An unlocked Z10 can do it as well.

    Then we have the other top of the line wheels. 18XL and 16X.
    So of the top wheels there are less that do 50 and more that do more.


    :roflmao: You had me going there for a second. I was thinking, "somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today"

    I love your commentary about off-roading and the suspension. Really, when have I ever wished to instantly lose 2 to 3 inches of clearance :facepalm: 

  13. 23 minutes ago, Rehab1 said:

    Wow you get around!?Wasn’t that you at the presentation?


    I missed out on the live presentation this morning but after watching the replay I must say “ how can anyone not be intrigued about this fantastic machine! “

    The R&D funds that Inmotion invested in this state of the art design must have been massive. If the V11 suspension turns out to be a solid, flawless design in terms of functionality and longevity it could be a huge game changer in the industry. 

    I’m sold on this wheel even without seeing a demo ride. I placed my order through Ewheels a few minutes ago. ;)



    Well done. You had me going for a second - whoa, EWheels is already taking pre-orders???

    You only messed up by putting April 30th - way too soon :D

  14. 22 minutes ago, ShanesPlanet said:

    sorry, not angry, just a little disappointed. Its my own fault as I always have expectations that are not so reasonable. I was REALLY hoping THIS was going to force me to buy another wheel.  Being told that I shouldn't want something to be 'better' and should buy something else entirely (things i already own), rubs me a little tho. Being told that something is too dangerous is also not something I enjoy. But you are right, I come off angry and because of this, I keep few friends and imagine people groan as I approach. Your view is noted and I will try to restrain myself from being the devil's advocate, more often. I DO make everyone else seem more tolerable, so there's always that!

    You are far from annoying. Read the last few years of this forum and you'll find some true examples of annoying :lol:

    So far, "angry" is not a an adjective that I'd apply you. I reserve the right to change my opinion ;)

    Stick around :thumbup:

  15. 1 hour ago, Sebrios said:

    I wasn't impressed with the specs either. HOWEVER, something I was thinking about a few mins ago, is that they spec the wheel @50km/h

    GW and KS spec theirs at 20mph.

    Remember one thing is what the specs say, and a VERY DIFFERENT what the wheel can actually do.

    Hoping to see some Russians do a scary speed test to know the reality.



    Using the V10 as the Inmotion model, I expect this to be a 50km/h wheel for the first 20% of the battery. And I bet even at 100% battery it will be tilting back gently before 50km/h

    It's just part of Inmotions MO. Knowing wrong with that. But if they are going to compete with the big boys (KingSong and Gotway) then they have to deliver the goods.

    Can't wait to see how this actually performs during a 80-km ride

  16. 23 minutes ago, Johnny B said:

    Hello Marty,

    Thanks again for helping out on this.

    I contacted the dealer and they determined I had a faulty control board.  I finally received it after a month.  I used your tear down video to dismantle my mTen3 and replace it. (Thanks for that).  We will see if it fixed the problem once it's back together.

    Since I have it apart, I decided to paint it.  I haven't even learned to ride it completely and I am painting it.   My question being, I saw you changed the color of the pads, did you just paint over those or was it a special paint you used?



    The pads were painted with two coats of flat spray paint (I tend to use RUST-OLEUM 2X Ultra). The only prep I did was clean them.

    You just had bad luck getting a faulty control board. I'm sure it'll work great once you get it back together.

  17. 6 hours ago, rolekl said:

    Wow, you have so many fantastic roads over there! How come there's so many roads that are closed off to traffic in the mountains? You seem to have endless options of fantastic car free roads. I'm really envious!

    I do have access to many many miles of unencumbered riding. Many of the smaller mountain roads get closed after recent storms because of the snow and rock debris on the roads.

  18. 1 hour ago, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

    And what's that white stuff?  :blink1:  California snow?

    My commentary at the end explained that I was at 6500-feet. There's plenty of snow at that altitude :)

  19. 5 hours ago, ShanesPlanet said:

    First thing I thought was.."I hope it breaks away easily". Protrusions mounted to helmets have a tendency to endanger the eyes, neck and throat. At the least, it undermines ANY safety rating from the company. If it breaks away easily, less risk to neck but more risk to the face. Cool gadget and seeing behind you has its benefits. I'd think the wind resistance and noise at 30mph would dampen my enthusiasm to wear it. Of course, Im not a "safety guy", so our compromises differ. Everything is a tradeoff it seems.

    You've probably never mounted a mirror on your helmet. I can tell you from personal experience that they break very easily.. You'd have to have an especially unlucky day to have it impale your face. And of course if you have a faceshield the risk goes to zero.

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