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  1. @Vik's I had a look at that SBU. While it looks pretty to me and it seems to have some interesting safety features, the battery is awfully weak and the price is ridiculously high
  2. Regarding the manufacturer’s testing specifications, well, I got them with my Dolphin D5. The test sheet shows many various tests performed on my wheel before it was sent to me. Speed tests as well. And it clearly states that the test load was 60 kilos. Max specs speed of my D5 was said to be 25 km/h. And I was indeed able to ride at that speed without problems, but not faster (I am 65kg). Well, when it came to 25 km/h, the wheel started to beep (Dolphin allows for setting the tiltback to 0 degrees and that’s what I used to have). I always decelerated a bit and rode on. Only one time I made that terrible mistake to try to push the wheel beyond that speed or perhaps at least keep it for some longer time. It was beeping like hell but I did not care. I wanted to overtake a lady on rollerblades. Unfortunately, I was low on battery at that moment (after a long ride) and the wheel simply gave up and shut down on me. At least, that is what I think was the reason of shut down: high demand for power and low battery. I fell the way @EU GUY (“running” and falling) and got some bruises. Since than I wear a helmet. My point is that in the above mentioned case I can only blame myself for not observing the alarms and not the manufacturer for not providing enough info.
  3. Shopping cart seemed to me a good idea when trying to learn to go backwards. I tried that but still need more time to practice. However, I cannot imagine myself riding with shopping cart at supermarket parking lot at 45 km/h. I guess, there is even some speed limit in these places. Re Anything else, well, the point is that the wheel must be loaded, right? So, you must stand on it. So, rollerblades and your wheel in the middle is rather not an option, right?
  4. Was curious and went to try again now. The WheelLog showed 52.6 km/h before turn off.
  5. Not sure if this is relevant to no-load max speed but when I lift my ACM when on, the WheelLog shows ca 46 km/h.
  6. Well, you scared me a lot! I got me ACM 16 to ride faster but I will reconsider. Currently, I am riding at 25-30 km/h and my top speed was some 32 km/h. However, one week ago, I let my ACM to one guy (much more experienced than myself) who wanted to test the speed (he has Ninebot if I recall correctly) and he made easily 42 km/h. Not more just because the road was too short. (btw, tiltback was off) Thank you very much for posting this. I believe everyone shall watch it, especially when one thinks, he has mastered the wheel. Wish you fast recovery!
  7. Well, I have that "helmet mirror" type (got inspired by @Marty Backe) and it works well. Yes, it moves a bit when I jump as the helmet itself moves but not that much again to lose the picture. So, it is rather about the helemt fitting to one's head: if it fits well, it does not move on the head and the mirror is stable. BTW, I am getting a lot of attention with that construction . But sometimes also some stupid commets
  8. I have now over 100 km on my ACM and have never experienced that. But will try that incline start somewhere to see what happens and will come back.
  9. Hi ErikT, I have put here a similar (well, not that long) first impression of my new ACM some time ago. Also, after having it for less than one day. I was complaining about peddals, awfull sound and terrible app. Now, after 100 km I find the peddals ok (still getting used to that skateboard grip). I got used to the sound as well. So, the only thing which remains is the application. But I can live with that as well. Why? Because I found the wheel to be really supperior to that I had before when it comes to speed, range, smoothness of ride, etc. I am happy I got it.
  10. I recently got ACM from Linnea. Fast ordering, fast delivery by UPS. Actually, it came without trolley which I ordered as well but this was immediately sent by Linnea without any extra costs on my side so now I have the complete set I am writing this to balance the seemingly not very favorable recent reputation of Gotway.
  11. I'd like very much to use the app. And I greatly appreciate all the effort people put in improving things. Can the app be used for ACM 16? I guess, it depends on the controller board, right? But I have no idea, which one is in ACM
  12. I have just asked Linnea about the app. Here is her reply: "Yes, there is some poor setting of our APP, I will reflect the problem to APP enginner. Thanks! BTW, if you don't know if you have changed the setting successfuly, you can hold the wheel leave the groud and lean it forward to test what's the tilt back speed you set." Let us then wait if it gets any better soon.
  13. Hi Marty, thank you for your confirmation re app. Is there any description available on the riding modes, i.e. what exactly will change if I switch them? And how does the calibration work? I was afraid to try as I do not know what can go wrong. I am going to write about the app to Linnea. She owes me something Regarding that sound, well, hopefully I will get used to it. Yesterday, when I rode first time, I was afraid of dogs (there is plenty of them in Prague and I find them my worst enemy when riding), if they might get attracted by that sound, but somehow they did not Obviously, I have to ride some more to see if it was pure luck or if indeed the sound does not disturb them.
  14. ACM 16 first impression Today I got me ACM 16 and made my first short, very slow ride (some 5 km). Here is my first impresion. I find the overall desing very conservative, this comparing to my Dolphin (further refered as D) wheel which is pretty. Obviously, there is no kickstand like on my D Pedals seem to be the new ones, i.e. bigger and with that skateboard grip tape on the top. Comparing to my D, this makes it impossible to move feet once you are on the wheel. I find it a bit uncomfortable as I was used to adjust my feet during the ride, especialy after stepping on the wheel without holding to wall. Hopefully, I will get used to it. Ride seems to be very smooth, much smoother than on D. The feeling is the wheel rides with complete ease. The wheel is however much stiffer than my D - I will need to ride with my knees bent more than on D to compensate for the bumps. BUT, there is this awful high pitched sound! And it magnifies (reverberates) when riding close to walls or in tunnels. Never had that on my D. The application from keybe.com pairs ok but that is about all. The same goes for the app available on this forum. Perhaps, I am doing something wrong but I was only able to switch lights on and off. The other settings, well, I simply do not know if they work as the phone does not show the current status of the wheel: it sends the setting to the wheel, it even shows that the setting was succesful, but it does not show current status. Again, my D has simple but working app. So, I am a bit confused/dissapointed. All in all, I need more time to find out if I can get used to the wheel. Hopefully, I can
  15. Hi again, OliverH, well, today I got me ACM as well. I checked for the things you have described and could not find anything like that on my wheel: no touching of the case by pedals, no not-spinning wheel. My padals are grey on the top, the top material resembling this skateboard tape. So, it seems that Gotway is constantly changing things, hopefully in the right direction.
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