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  1. If i'm not mistaken the Mini from UNO BOLT will be lighter : https://www.unobolt.com/mini-by-uno-bolt.html
  2. So , Now it's official. That is a good thing. Police did categorize the 1 wheel vehicle already in the past in the same category. http://www.lokalepolitie.be/centrex/nl/archief/archief/voortbewegingstoestellen-eenwielers.html
  3. @Jurgen I don't think this is correct. In Belgium we are still classified under "voorbewegingstoestellen" and we have the 18KMPH speed limit for the moment. We need to have a separate Insurance for these vehicles(Not that i have one for my ninebot). The socalled 'family insurance' does not cover this for the moment. Sources (Dutch): http://www.lokalepolitie.be/centrex/nl/archief/archief/voortbewegingstoestellen-eenwielers.html http://www.verzekeringen.be/gemotoriseerd-voortbewegingstoestel-verplichte-motorrijtuigverzekering
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