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  1. Gormash

    Not charging

    I tried Jamakins tip, but it didn't work. But it made me notice one thing that I hadn't before. Just for a split second, just as I plug in the charger, the light flashes red and then back to green. It happens every time.
  2. Gormash

    Not charging

    @Keith Hi there, and thanks for the fast reply. I've tested with the app. It is currently at aprox 40% power and holding steadily when using the wheel. I was at 60% yesterday and took a trip downtown, and the battery dropped at the regular pace. The wheel worked just as it always does. The only difference from before is that it doesn't charge when I plug in the charger. The battery upgrade I mentioned is this one: https://shop.strato.de/epages/80603321.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/80603321/Products/NinebotSET It ia basically smaller packs that's added to each side of the wheel in addition to the original battery, raising it to 708Wh. @jamakin Thanks, I'll try that.
  3. Gormash

    Not charging

    Hi guys. I have a problem and hoped some of you might help me out... I have a NineBot One E+ with a 1rattwerkstatt battery upgrade that's been running faithfully for two years now without any promlem at all.Last week I gave the wheel an overhaul, cleaning it and removing dirt and I've not had occation to use it until a few days ago after that. The wheel runs just fine, but it won't charge. The powerbrick has a tiny led that glows red while it's charging, and green when fully charged or not plugged in. It now glows green constantly, and the wheel hasn't gained any power even after several hours. The charger I have does not have any bent pins in the plug (one of the first things I checked). I've borrowed another charger from a buddy with the same wheel and it had the same problem, so the fault is definitely with the wheel itself. I've opened up the wheel and checked the cables, making sure everything is thoroughly connected. I'm not tech savvy enough to know anything about resistors or mofets or whatnots, so I can't tell if there's anything visually wrong with them, and I don't have any equipment for measuring voltages and such. Any ideas?
  4. Gormash

    Rusted footplate?

    LOL! That would probably NOT he very helpful. Imagine trying to dodge the rotors of a drone comming in for some detail shots.
  5. Gormash

    Rusted footplate?

    Um... You lost me there.What kind of plastic pieces? Screw in one plug? What plug, and where? o_O Probably a good idea, but I own neither an asbestos sheet nor a blowtorch. The closest I come is a roll of aluminium foil and a hairdryer. And thanks for being willing to help, but I suspect traveling to Norway is a bit too far.
  6. The past two weeks one of the footplates on my NB1e+ has been really hard to fold up and down. I used to be able to do it with a slight touch of my foot, but now there's real resistance and I have to bend down and do it with my hand, and have to put some muscle into it as well. I decided to give the wheel a spring cleanup, so I filled up the tire and gave it a wash before I started on the pedals. I unscrewed the little hold-nut (or whatever that thing is called) and tried to push out the bar that hold the pedals in place... and nothing. No movement at all. I placed a screwdriver against the end of the bar and gave it a thorough whack with a rubber mallet. Not even a millimeter of movement. That's when I broke out the CRC 5-56 and gave it a liberal coating, then opened and closed the pedals several times before letting it rest for a while. After half an hour I tried dislodging the bar again, but no joy. The footplate itself is moving, as is the grommits. It seems the bar is stuck to the alluminium thingamajig that protrudes from the wheel. I suspect it has rusted shut inside there. Any ideas how I can get that bar out so I can give it a thorough cleaning and some grease?
  7. Not a bad idea. I might add just that.
  8. A little while ago I found someone who had added a design for a NineBot One stand over on YouMagine. I decided to give it a go and downloaded the file I needed. Unfortunately I don't have a 3D printer large enough (I have the Ultimaker 2 Go) so I had to chop the model up into 4 pieces, print them separately, and then I glued them back together. It took quite a while to print out, but I got all the pieces out today and assembled them, and the result was rather decent I think. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q7hyeanqm53y6bk/20170211_215633.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdnglfabdsn4bj0/20170211_215556.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/esmh6gbbhe85rar/20170211_215621.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yvcbgja8irhylw1/20170211_215610.jpg?dl=0 Printed in PLA. Here's a link to the files I used in case you want one for yourself: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/stand-for-ninebot-one-e
  9. Winter's finally hit Oslo (Norway) and the streets are covered with a few centimetres of snow or ice. So far I've ridden my wheel, despite the occasional ice and light covering of snow (less than 1 cm), but I don't really feel comfortable riding in thicker snow. Not because of balance or any loss of control. My NB1E+ has so far had a remarkable good grip on the road, using the standard tire it came with. But I'm a little reluctant getting all that snow, salt and gravel up inside the wheel.
  10. I managed to install the batteries with no problem whatsoever, then I turned it on just to try and the thing didn't go BOOM. I gave it a quick test and it ran like it should, so barring any unforseen problems I call the operation a success. Thanks for the video, by the way. I would have figured it out without that, but it sped up the process since I could see what to do beforehand. And I also want to point out that I have seldom seen videos with as attrocious subtitling as in this one. If you had written it out on a sheet of paper and read it out loud without looking at the video you'd think the writer was mad.
  11. Nice. Thanks for the warning. I charged the wheel yesterday. Will double check today before I install the addons. There's just a tiny shard of ddisappointment right now... Till today the streets have been fine to ride on, but today it started snowing. And the weather forecast predict snow for at least several days. But that's just a minor thing. Looking forward to trying this baby out!
  12. Got the battery delivered on the door today. Yay! And along with the batteries came two pieces of paper. I don't know much German, but one word I recognized: "Important". So I was hoping some of you are fluent in German and can translate this, or at least give me the general gist of it. I don't want to fry anything by accident. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ypgwo0oe49v0axj/20170202_173442.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gqfesufpq3p2f6t/20170202_173448.jpg?dl=0
  13. Good advice you've gotten here. And I want jo add to point about the trolley handle. I have one on my own NB1E+ and it is really nice to have. It may look a bit weird, but it's really useful. I have mine attached to the back, and after some practicing it's really easy to stop, put one foot down and grab the handle and extend it in a single, fluid motion. Another point I'd like to make about being tired... I've ridden the wheel for hours on end and not getting tired. What I -DO- have is pains under my feet. Particularly at the beginning, when I was learning, i'd start getting crapus under my feet, at the inner middle of them. I recommend training several times daily for 10-20 minutes at a time to reduce this. As you get comfortable riding this fill continue, but not as much. Correct foot placement and good shoes/boots can help a lot with this. But not with all pains. Our feet are not designed to be stood upon for hours at a time while pressing them down. They need to be moved occat6ionally to let blood flow. As you get proficient riding you should make it a habit of occationally (every 10 minutes or so) lifting the heel of one foot a bit, then putting it down and lifting the toes a little bit. Then repeat for the other foot. Be sure to slow down while doing this. This will relieve your feet and prolong the time you can ride without a pause, which is a really useful skill to learn when you're starting out. That said, the ONLY regret I have about my NB1E+ purchace is that the battery is a little too small... Which will be remedied tomorrow when my extra batteries from 1rattwerkstatt will be delivered and double it's range.
  14. I quite honestly don't understand how that drawing is supposed to be read. Is it top-down or from the side? Which part is the wheel? Which are the pedals? Don't mean to troll you, I just think you need to include some written guidelines.
  15. I always, ALWAYS wear the full gear. No matter what the weather, light or distance. This include a helmet, kneepads, elbow pads and wrist protectors (the kind skateboarders use). If it's dark outside (like it is during winter) I also don a reflex-vest with a small led-light on each shoulder. I've been riding for little over 6 moths now, feeling really comfortable at riding both in thick masses of people as well as offroad, and never ride out without my gear. Nope, not even for that very short trip to the grocery store and back again.
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