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  1. If it ain't broke, don't fix it ! Still using 1.05 which is what my wheel started out with. BTW, What's this bluetooth mod all about? Imagine buying a new car and then having to constantly research all the forums and websites to see if you have the latest software / firmware to make it work properly.
  2. I downloaded the KS app a week ago to enable speed unlocking of my newly won 16x. The app worked ok last week but today I went out to ride the wheel and when I turned the app on, it wanted to update to another version. I cancelled the update as I was on limited data and wanted to go for a ride. I went to check my speed alarm settings but when I pressed the button to check/alter the speed settings, nothing happened. The settings screen would not open. Iv'e never been as fan of the KS app since I first tried it with the KS14D and its proving me right again. Any ideas why this is happening (or should I say not happening!)
  3. Where do I find the latest version of WheelLog without scrolling through hundreds of pages of discussions about it? I looked in the downloads section but the only file was from 2017 by Marty Backe
  4. Ok thanks. Strage they put it on a big sticker without "wh" after it, I would have thought it should be on the pedal in tiny writing.
  5. Not too worried too much about the red light not turning green on the charger, probably should have waited longer but the KS app said it was 100% charged! I updated the firmware during the initial charge, then went for a ride. Plugged in the charger after the ride and the rear lights started flashing!
  6. I just received my new KS16x which I won by watching and subscribing to Kuji's review and giveaway video on you tube. I plugged in the charger to fully charge the wheel before venturing out on it for the first ride. All seemed fine although the KS app said 100% charged but the red light was still on on the charger. So after a short test ride (13 miles) I plugged in the charger only to see the red rear lights flashing. It didn't do it the first time on charge so what's going on?
  7. A great night was had riding the lights last night. Met quite a few electric skateboarders and one othe electric unicycle rider.
  8. So there's 3 EUC's and an electric bike riding the lights tonight. Pity no one else fancies joining us
  9. Ok, so the meet is arranged for 7 to 7:15pm outside the Bispham Hotel next to the Sainsburys car park entrance. I'll be there at 7pm on my KS14D as my newly won 16x hasn't arrived yet. Pity as it's supposed to arrive Wednesday! Don't forget some fancy lights for after dark. Hope the riders from last year can make it but not heard from some of them.
  10. Another year has passed since the last post on here. Have all the UK riders put themselves on the map? Would be nice to know where you all are located
  11. Well another year has passed since the last ride the lights night. https://www.visitblackpool.com/detail/ride-the-lights-675180/ The event takes place along the Blackpool promenade road from Bispham to Star Gate which is closed to all traffic from 19:00 to 22:00. Last year 5 Euc riders took part, meeting at Bispham Sainsburys supermarket entrance and riding to Star Gate and back. If my recently won KS16x arrives in time (promised June 2019!) I will be riding it, if not I will be on the KS14D again. If your interested in joining in the fun let me know and I will add you to the existing What's App EUC group so you can keep in touch. Lets hope the weather improves !!
  12. Steve riding his Gotway the lazy way on Blackpool promenade
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