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  1. Juggler

    WheelLog Android App

    Thanks Chriull / Stephen, problem solved
  2. Juggler

    WheelLog Android App

    Hi, I just checked my version of WheelLog and its 2.0.14. I see there is a later version 2.0.19 but when I visit the Play Store, it says the app is already installed. (No mention of a later version ) Any ideas why?
  3. Juggler

    Insta 360 One X suppliers

    Have you seen the Insta 360 One X User Group on Facebook? Lots of usefull info on there
  4. Juggler

    Insta 360 One X suppliers

    Wow, how are you getting on with it? I can't run the App on my phone or tablet as they don't meet the minimum specs required by Insta app developers. Really annoying as my phone is only 2 years old. Tried the app for the PC but it doesn't have the same features as the App for Android/IOS
  5. Juggler

    World map of EUC riders

    Thought I would re vitalise this post by adding instructions to those struggling to add their Username to the map. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1rj0BJqr1wpilPUmFC4blqlmAihI&hl=en_US&ll=17.085747915662058%2C26.13422055000001&z=2 Hope you can read the attached file EUC world map instructions.docx
  6. Juggler


    A short ride along Blackpool prom. We swapped wheels to see the difference. Bit like a Rolls Royce vs Mini !
  7. I'm looking to buy the Insta 360 One X and have found several sites selling it varying in price from £409 down to £330. I appreciate that some of these suppliers are based in China and there would be a long wait, but for a saving of potentially £80 I'm happy to do that. I just wondered which sites other users have purchased from and whether they have been satisfied with the outcome? Also I would like to know if the selfie stick which disappears in the video is a dedicated one or can any selfie stick do the same? Thanks
  8. Juggler

    UK, Ride the Blackpool lights 28/08/18

    Thanks Steve for a great video of the evenings ride
  9. Juggler

    UK, Ride the Blackpool lights 28/08/18

    A great turn out to ride the lights tonight. 5 started the ride and another one joined us later Thanks guys for a great meet
  10. Juggler

    UK, Ride the Blackpool lights 28/08/18

    No rain forecast for tonights ride the lights. See you all outside Sainsburys at 19:30
  11. Juggler

    UK, Ride the Blackpool lights 28/08/18

    It would be good if you can make it. The forecast is looking kind too!
  12. Juggler

    UK, Ride the Blackpool lights 28/08/18

    Just popped into Sainsburys to check out the parking. All the signs (and there are plenty of them ) say 2hrs max for customers only plus the usual cameras and threats of fines! I wouldn't bother using them. There are lots of parking spaces all along Redbank Road, That's where I will be parking so see you all outside the entrance to Sainsburys at 19:30. I will wait for 10 mins for us all to arrive or better still message me your phone number if your coming and might be a little late. Fingers crossed for some dry weather!
  13. Juggler

    World map of EUC riders

    Does this keep the topic at the top of the list of topics?
  14. Juggler

    World map of EUC riders

    How do I do that?
  15. Juggler

    UK - North West?

    Time to revitalise this topic as it's been 12 months since my last post on here. Come on you guys, surely there are more riders in the North West who want to meet up. I'm riding the Blackpool lights again (Tue 28th) for the third time and think there may be several riders joining me. Hope to see you there?