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  1. Hi so this ninebot died :/ i got a second hand mini pro, it has the same issue. Do I need to replace the steering shaft to fix this ? i can post more videos if you want
  2. Hi everyone! I have a problem with the steering pole/bar/thing, it feels loose, like you can move it without turning, it is turning, but you have to press it hard. How can I fix it? Plz see link video
  3. This is the original ninebot mini I purchased from China, and sent to Germany. I could not fly with the battery to Israel because of capacity regulations. I replaced the battery with alternative one, not original. Could this be the problem?
  4. Hi, I can't get rid of the 10kh speed limit. I'm over 100k of riding. I tried connecting it to iPhone and Android but even when speed limit button is off it is 10kh Max. What can I do ?
  5. This is how it looks when Bluetooth is connected. If it was not connected the 9bot app would not get to this option. Anyway, the Bluetooth light on the 9bot is always on and not flashing. I also get speed and temp info. Is there anything else I need to do?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to update my 9bot mini, but always stuck on this "reading device version..." And nothing happens. Is there another way to update?
  7. It doesn't mean it's an error of some kind? Like out of balance or something?
  8. Hi, my 9bot mini got one brake light always on in red. What does it mean? How to stop it? I feel the driving is fine but I haven't used it a lot before this happened. Here in the pics when the light supposed to be off and with color mode set to only blue. Thanks!
  9. Hi, any idea where can i get battery for the ninebot mini ? i live in the middle east, so international website will be best. thanks!
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