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  1. I am dominant right side and I taught myself to mount/dismount with my left leg on the wheel, jumping up with my right foot. I can only ride one footed with my left foot. I think I mostly just use my left foot the entire time with my right just providing enough pressure to help. Now that I've been learning to ride backwards it really highlighted this weakness and I've been trying to correct it. My right leg is just so not used to holding the EUC on its own though.
  2. Oh man she is a beaut! I'm just over the river in Northwood! Maybe if my V11 ever arrives we can meet up and compare suspensions!
  3. Hold up you mean to tell me there is another rider in the Toledo area!?
  4. Those signs generally refer to cars and motorcycles. Not things like PEVS. That's not to say there isn't a law on the books, there might be, but generally that's not what those signs are for. Here in my city in Ohio the metro park rangers are ruthless and have kicked me out many times. But on bike paths outside of parks I've never been given a second look. State parks the rangers and cops don't seem to care either.
  5. Well as terrible as the plastic breaking is is seems like a custom saddle with power pads or kuji pads built in should be very doable
  6. Ewheels is saying that they are expecting a limited run to be shipped out from inmotion within the next few days. It's happening!
  7. Yeah it looks amazing. Had my V5F+ for years now. Finally looking to get a big boy wheel this year and both these wheels with suspension come out. It'll probably be between the two. It's going to be a tough decision. This one definitely screams serious.
  8. Understand this may be a prototype, but its pretty interesting to have that completely exposed wiring.
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