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  1. Morgan


    Wow! Thanks for that excellent info on the road conditions and restrictions. I'm gonna try it. I think my best bet is to trolley it (with a handle I've yet to rig) past the park personnel and hop on once they're out of sight. I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. Morgan


    Here's one that shows the MSuper (v2) on rough, steep, rocky terrain.
  3. Morgan


    Yessir! My only complaint is that I seem to be the only one on the island with an EUC - would be fun to ride with others. Funny you used a volcano emoji...I'm planning to ride the wheel out to the point where lava is entering the ocean next week - 8 miles round-trip on a gravel road.
  4. Awww...sorry to hear that. The unit is currently on it's way to the mainland to (hopefully) be repaired. I suspect the motherboard will need to be replaced, but will post an update here as soon as I know something.
  5. My V2 MSuper seems about the same, but I like it - sounds like a tiny jet engine.
  6. Morgan


    Thanks Marty! I'll start compiling footage of some nice scenery and post it in the near future if my phone stays alive?
  7. Morgan


    Okay, here's my first try at dangling my phone on a selfie stick while riding...
  8. Thanks EUCMania....I wish the solution was that simple - the board is perfectly secure. It does seem like a lazy gyro though - as I tilt the wheel the motor doesn't smoothly and immediately react, but pauses, then "jumps" to keep up.
  9. Okay, no sign of burning on the motherboard or wires. Are the MOSFETs built into the battery packs? Any way to test them?
  10. Thanks KingSong69. To clairify, the unit was still upright when it came to rest so no auto shutdown, but wedged under a lip on the wall, so the wheel couldn't turn, though it was definitely trying to. I managed to shut it off within 3 seconds.
  11. Hi all, My nephew lost his balance while learning to ride my wheel along a wall, and hopped off. The wheel kept going and got wedged, so that the unit was tilted forward and was still trying to turn, but couldn't. Now when I turn the unit on, it works, but stutters wildly (video attached). The wheel feels and sounds normal when spun or rolled with the power off. I'll open it and have a look when I get a chance, but wonder if anyone has seen this symptom or has any ideas.
  12. Oh, that's perfect! Now I'm confident that I'll be able fix my problem
  13. Thanks Oliver! Making a jig with two clamps is a great idea, and should result in perfectly aligned pedal supports. I also found the recent post by Andress regarding "pedal removal from axle" interesting. Looks like the manufacturer of that wheel taps in two shims on either side of the nut to stop it from coming loose. So...I'm considering adding them to mine if I can find something suitable. Are they made of a soft metal such as lead?
  14. Hi all, i just purchased an MSuper (V2?) which has proven to be great fun, but the wheel nuts (yeah, both sides) came loose by the end of my first day of riding. I opened the unit and tightened them, adding some blue Locktite, but they've come loose again after only a few miles. I'm going to try it again a little tighter, and with red Locktite this time. Anyone know the correct torque settings?
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