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  1. Noillek

    V8 consumption statistics

    This is great visualization of how efficient the wheel is... i'm curious to know how other wheels would perform under same conditions, and see if theirs indeed a way to make a wheel cover more distance using the same battery/engine/tire/tire pressure/rider weight under controlled environment... this would explain us if some brands make any fine tuning on how the energy is consumed. So far we as consumers only worry about wheel size/wheel weight/size of battery pack/engine power... although we see for instance a V8 with a super small battery covering long distances "apparently" easier than other wheels with same or more batteries. Need to track my Wh/km consumption...
  2. Noillek

    Inmotion V8 distance statistics

    Thanks, i though that would be possible to adjust them both separately... would be great in that case.
  3. Noillek

    Inmotion V8 distance statistics

    How can you adjust the Tilt back... my V8 only allows me to adjust top speed, the tilt back i cannot do it separately. Thanks
  4. Noillek

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Same type as Inmotion app... is a nice social feature. Like it Thanks
  5. Noillek

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    @Ilya Shkolnik did a few more tests with V8 1) uninstall->install app 2) charged battery (91%) 3) tilt back kicks in at 30km/h smooth 4) top speed 32km/h with tiltback pretty step 5) battery at 81% 6) tilt back starts at 28/29km/h 7) top speed 31km/h tilt back step again my conclusion,top speed 35km/h might be possible although tilt back makes impossible or very difficult to ride that way, another issue is since battery gets quickly drained and tilt back kicks in earlier the lower the battery is... seems that the 35km/h is not usable/or comfortable. maybe is just my experience, can anyone else report their experience? if you manage to crack this top speed I will upgrade the battery pack for higher range... since this wheel is super practical and comfortable to use daily commute. thank you once again Ilya
  6. Noillek

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    My FW is 1.0.902 If I set the speed below 30km/h works fine, if I setup above keeps the 30km/h as limit. thanks
  7. Noillek

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Hi @Ilya Shkolnik Thank you for this great app, and this last release, the watch doesn't crash anymore after long rides, and like the new design of the settings and Bluetooth... since I have a V8 I was looking forward to increase the speed... but my tilt back still kicks in at 30km/h am I missing some steps? Also should I pair the wheel? I have 2 wheels and they connect without pairing. Would be great to see a how to use all functions of the app... like instructions manual is getting better and better, love it. Keep up the good work. Thanks
  8. Noillek

    BMS specs for MSuper V3S 84v

    Hi Tishawn, if you find how let me know i contacted Gotway and got no reply back... check if the issue can be soldering, cable integrity... high heat in the wheel can create some disconnect/unsoldering. Good luck with the search for the bms... i think is an in house model.
  9. Noillek

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Hi ILya, looking forward to try the unlock to the V8... when is the update coming to the App Store? Thanks
  10. Noillek

    BMS specs for MSuper V3S 84v

    It clamps well, moves slightly but doesn't fall off, since I have all wrapped with American tape it stays very snug. And if needed more stability I can just tension belt around and that will do the trick. I prefer that gets out easy in case of a fall, the connectors work well for this purpose as well.
  11. Noillek

    BMS specs for MSuper V3S 84v

    I manage to go for a long ride nd it turned out that I'm still far from my main objective... 100km at 30km/h average if I would replicate what I have with the 1600wh MSuper version and add 2P to the group as battery pack it should be possible meaning that we would be looking at a +2000wh machine. Here are my stats, 88km ride, avg. moving 26km/h, took 3h54m including stops... started above 30km/h but was dropping battery too quick, so needed to reduce speed along the ride. Once again like to see the stats from the CD but I don't think is very accurate, turned off again before full and after that still took 1h with original charger. Only showed 1146Wh replenished battery... total capacity is 1672Wh... where are those 526Wh? Can it be that 1h charging with the original topped that up?
  12. Noillek

    BMS specs for MSuper V3S 84v

    Kept improving the extra battery pack, and this is how is looking now... found a few problems that I'm still experimenting with. 1) to be able to still use the seat. Solution was to reposition the bms to the side of the battery pack and reduce the padding so I could have a flat base to seat well the cover that I created and use some foam on the top. Feels sturdier than before also a bit lower but not so stable as the original seat. 2) BMS had the B- and C- welding loose event after spending allot of time welding and rewelding still feels that it doesn't hold well, any tips are appreciated. I'm planning to test this Sunday on a +70km ride... 80kg rider+gear, flat ride, 3.5bar tire pressure, avg. speed 30/35 km/h, forecast 20C and no wind. Last time that did same route with original 1300Wh took me 3h30m at an avg. speed 21km/h with similar conditions and setup. Arrived with 30% battery left. Main goal is to be able to do 100km with an average speed of 30km/h and 20% battery left.
  13. Noillek

    Charge Doctor - Cutoff Settings

    Hi @meepmeepmayer found the issue, i'm charging with a parallel 2xcharger and i got one charger with green light while the other one, that i didnt saw was still red, but as soon one turned green the charge doctor gave the full charged message. a bit weird and difficult to explain... solution i charged everything with a single charger... and got the 84v across all packs. For me this was just an experiment and managed to get 20S2P pack (40 Panasonic 2900mah cells) that should grant me additional 418wh together with the standard 1253wh (officia) i will have a total of 1671Wh, advantage is since is 2 more parallel i should keep higher current margin available, can have Cmax 80A... although the engine shouldnt handle more than 45A... just gives a nice buffer to have all this power available. 1st Tests runs very well, but i only tried going fast fro a long time... 26km round at approx. 40km/h and arrived back home with still 60% battery. I guess that for long range i should get real 100km at 25/30 km/h average.
  14. Noillek

    BMS specs for MSuper V3S 84v

    I don't have a spot welder, and spending 200Eurs for an experiment is a bit too much... i guess that in case i will upgrade or create a new battery pack it might be worth the investment. If it was today i would definitely make the investment and weld it... didn't got fan of the vruzend kit. I might try to reduce the height of the extra battery pack by cutting the seat to lower it and remove some of the padding that i used to wrap the battery pack. hopefuly i get a more graceful add-on Thank you @KingSong69
  15. Noillek

    BMS specs for MSuper V3S 84v

    Thank you guys, mystery solved... nothing wrong with BMS or batteries... it was the charger, it seems that i like to plug things in parallel, by connecting 2 chargers in parallel to be quicker the charge as soon as current gets below 1,5A one of the chargers gives the green light, while the other one keeps pushing current into the batteries... if you use the Charge doctor, it will immediately give you the message that is full as soon as one of the chargers turns green. Solved charged the batteries plugged in parallel with just the original charger and tchatcham... 84v everywhere Went for a few rides this weekend... and there's an amazing improvement, 26km round in a more or less stable speed between 38/42km/h and got home with 60% battery still. Yesterday spend around 15% to do 15km at cruising speeds of 38km/h and below 50% battery... no bips or tilt backs during both rides, already charged twice and no problem . It doesn't look pretty and i also don't feel confortable to seat on it... I'm afraid to damage the battery pack (although i build in a way that i can seat). I can unplug everything easily and remove the seat+Battery pack (attached to each other).