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  1. I have the same issue, have you found a solution? Thanks
  2. I have the same problem, every time downhill and braking wheel stutters and loses balance, most of the times I can jump off but crashed a few times already
  3. Just flashed to 7.6.1 and agree with you so far so good... no speed attempt yet but is stable
  4. I both a Z6 and got a good deal on a Z10 battery pack, replacement is easy and straightforward also used the NineTool to change firmware to Z10 7.6.1, speed limit at 60km/h and so far is working well and never add issues like before that sometimes it switched off. Also never tried the top speed feels to fast for me but like to have the safe margin if needed for whatever reason. Conclusion between Z6 and Z10 everything is interchangeable/upgradable.
  5. Hi @Paco Gorina did you stop developing this app?
  6. @Ilya Shkolnik I have been using you app with all my wheels thanks for the nice app and the constant evolution. I’m using now a Ninebot Z6 and I found out that randomly when I connect to the wheel it turns on the assisted braking feature from ninebot and is s*** because doesn’t let’s us know if is on or off... crashed yesterday because that feature was all of the sudden switched on while I switched off on purpose since I didn’t like it and is too intrusive. Can you see if is possible to prevent that to happen, so I can keep using the app? By the way in the FB group from 9Bot Z’s another u
  7. Is Z6 only 20km/h? Is there any advantage to upgrade from 7.6.0 to 7.6.1? I have a Z6 already doing 45km/h
  8. Can you share how did you group the cells? Schematics? With the original BMS or another one. Want to do the same to my Z6. thanks
  9. @LukaszDo you know if the Russia guys managed to get that super battery in the Z? I’m on the same path...
  10. Hi Lukasz, Any update on your project? I’m looking to build the same... do you have any tips?can I use the original BMS or do I need another one? Connection configurations did you change anything? I see lots o wires coming out of each pack of batteries (5 in total it seems from your pictures). Any tip, guidance is welcome, thank you.
  11. Just ordered my Z6... first thing to do is immediately to get the speed unlock, thank you for this tool @MRN76 next is to get the original battery pack a deserved upgrade. Do you know where can I order a battery pack case? So I use whatever cells I want?
  12. This is great visualization of how efficient the wheel is... i'm curious to know how other wheels would perform under same conditions, and see if theirs indeed a way to make a wheel cover more distance using the same battery/engine/tire/tire pressure/rider weight under controlled environment... this would explain us if some brands make any fine tuning on how the energy is consumed. So far we as consumers only worry about wheel size/wheel weight/size of battery pack/engine power... although we see for instance a V8 with a super small battery covering long distances "apparently" easier than
  13. Thanks, i though that would be possible to adjust them both separately... would be great in that case.
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