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  1. Updated 15/9/19: Motor Vibration Issue appears solved (Thanks to Denis Hagov update that by downgrading from V1.06 to V1.05 and applying the Bluetooth update, followed by Horizontal recalibration of the pedals , the wobbling issue encountered at high speed hard braking seems resolved. I have just done the opposite. I upgraded from V1.05 to V1.06 as suggested by KS tech Michael Shen and now my motor vibration and noise issue appears solved. I have not done much testing as yet and will update here when I have more results. It is a shame that V1.06 will result in a max speed cap of 25km/hr when battery is still at 63% (74V). Which is why I intend to downgrade back to V1.05 and see whether the motor vibration issue resurfaces. https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingsong/permalink/2366851416724218/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingsong/permalink/2383169591759067/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingsong/permalink/2383344358408257/ Refer to above Facebook links for video posted by Denis Hagov & Akex Murillo on 13th Sep 2019. For those who lacks the time or patience to watch the entire 14 mins (1st FB link) It can be summarized as 2 major issues as follows: Firstly, from about the 700km mileage, Denis 16X exhibits a loud motor vibration (refer to 1:16 mark in FB video, same issue with my 16X (video attached) Secondly, (refer to FB video at 5:57 mark) Denis described in detail that at 50km/hr, upon moderately hard braking, his 16X went into extreme wobbling for a few sec followed by a crash. (This issue was first reported by Kuji and is supposedly fixed in firmware V1.05) Denis seems to be saying that he's already on the latest V1.06 when the wobbling occurred. ** King Song will not openly admit that the firmware can be downgraded, but Denis commented that he had also tried downgrading from the latest V1.06 firmware to V1.05 & V1.01 but none seemed to fix the motor vibration issue** I had a response from King Sing tech guy Michael Shen assuring me that upgrading to V1.06 will resolve the issue, but after reading Denis post & the latest video uploaded on King Sing FB by Akex Murillo, I am skeptical at best. Any other 16X riders on V1.06 firmware experienced intense wobbling upon hard braking at speeds above 45km/hr? Am I correct to say that the 3rd Alarm can only be set at a max value of 49km/hr, with the tilt-back value set correspondingly at 50km/hr? Until King Song responds with a permanent solution, it would be prudent to keep below 45km/hr & wear your PPE gear. 20190904_234603.mp4
  2. Thanks for sharing Marty. Are these 2 inch 4Ohm 12W replacement speakers? (See attached file)
  3. Am I the only one getting confused? 😅 So the new Control Board that Marty received has that "black cable" (with no where to connect to) That "black cable" might be a common grounding cable for both the fan & speaker, meaning if it's not connected, it may result in the fan being unable to work? (As in Marty's case) Am I correct that Patton250 has just received a new Control Board too (but his version has no "black cable") and his Nikola is working fine with the fan operating normally?
  4. On the 84V Nikola, the cable that goes to the speaker module is not to be disconnected, else the fan will not power on even when the wheel temperature is above 60 Deg C. Once wheel temperature hits 64 deg C, overheat alarm starts beeping off & the pedal tilts back. So no, definitely do not subject your Nikola to Overheat Hill without a working fan.
  5. Thanks Marty for the updates. We are all eagerly looking forward to you having another go at Over-Heat Hill on the Nikola... once this new control board installation is resolved
  6. Let me warn all Nikola owners right now to stop using your Nikolas in the interest of safety. Read on before deciding whether I should be excused for making such an arrogant statement. Hello guys, My name is Darren and I wish to start off by saying thank you for all the informative details not only on the Nikola but the other EUC wheels as well. This forum has been a constant treasure house of updates for me and my wheeling buddies in Singapore and I wish I had contributed more to it. I weigh 102kg (220 pounds) and have been using my euc ( a collection of mainly GW & KS wheels ranging from ACM1/Tesla/MSX/Monster/Nikola, KS16S/KS18S/KS18L, Inmotion V8, Ninebot1p,/Z10, Rockwheel GT16) as a transportation tool in my daily commute between home and office. I love having the option to switch between the different wheels depending on my mood and intended destination. My most recent addition, the 84V 1600Wh Nikola was a joy to wheel for all of the 84km total mileage it clocked before I experienced a power-cut a few days ago. I have not had the chance to push my Nikola beyond 35km/hr (21 mph) for the entire 84km. The Nikola was in top condition prior to the power-cut., with about 80% battery level, cruising at about 15km/hr (9.3 mph). on a straight flat cement pavement. After leaving it powered on resting against the wall of an air-conditioned cafe for 3hrs. the power-cut happened 10 minutes into my wheeling session. The gyro could not be engaged after the lightly scratched Nikola was powered on, which then emitted a continuous series of beeps with the ring of LED lights on. I had to get a friend to drive me home with the now dead Nikola. It scared the crap out of me cos I wasn't expecting a power-cut under these low-stress parameters. I suffered only shallow cuts on both knees and left elbow but the real pain and torture was not understanding why it happened. I took my Nikola to my Reseller the very next day and upon taking out the control board, we discovered 3 fried Mosfets. GW claimed that to date, there are just 6 such cases reported globally, out of 600 units shipped, excluding mine. Upon some digging online, I found Phil's 2-parter Utube video explaining in detail what might had been the cause of Marty's and my burnt Mosfets. Thank you Phil for helping the euc community to understand what might had been the cause of the power-cut, specifically, the layer of "glue" that was found on 3 of the 12 Mosfets ( which are the ones that got fried, the other 9 Mosfets with no glue were spared) Am I paranoid or perhaps I "over-reacted" by my plea for all Nikola owners to stop using their Nikolas immediately, until GW announces a conclusive explanation as to the specific cause of my power-cut, and a permanent fix? Besides swapping out the smaller Mosfets for the older bigger ones, (and removing the"glue" perhaps, replaced with thermal paste maybe?), nobody knows what other improvements or revision were made to the control board being shipped out to Marty as we speak. In view of the above, and the fact that my Nicola had a power-cut under zero or low-stress conditions (unlike Marty's case whereby his Nicola was intentionally pushed to its limits on "Over-Heat" Hill}, I will no longer trust any of the 600 units of Nikola out there now.,,, statistics be damned. It is not relevant whether any Nikola has done 100km or 10000km, stressed at 50km/hr or survived any steep climbs and still going strong.. As long as it is using the same control board with the 3 Mosfets mounted with a layer of "glue" (or due to other faulty components), this batch of Nicolas are all ticking Time-Bombs. So is it simply a case of my Nicola having a relatively thicker layer of "glue" than all the other Nicolas out there, thereby exhibiting a lower tolerance and as such under the mildest of wheeling parameters, the Mosfets burnt out due to a short-circuit which led to the power-cut (despite surviving the first 84km crusing at much higher speeds not exceeding 35km/hr)? Or maybe the "Glue" had nothing to do with the fried Mosfets? Maybe the smaller Mosfets are the real culprit? or Maybe its something else entirely? A lot of "Maybe"s here...I will leave the trouble-shooting to GW. Until then, my group of Nikola owners will not be deploying our Nikolas at all. In the meantime, for the popular Distributors/Resellers out there (Example Ian/SpeedyFeek UK, Jason/E-Wheels/USA etc), don't just stop at advising your current Nikola customers to avoid stressing out their Nikolas by keeping to lower speeds. It does not matter whether this "Glue" crap is due to "Creative Assembly" or whether GW is trying to pinch pennies here by avoiding a much more laborious and time-consuming assembly process of the Mosfets using thermal paste and Mica sheets) , the very fact that this had happened raises a question mark about whether the proper checks and tests (like King Song's Aging test on all wheels before shipping) were carried out stringently? Again, it does not matter whether GW had documented an arduous journey to Tibet using the Nikola which survived the challenging terrain. As long as the root cause of why the Mosfets burnt out remains unclear, it would be prudent not to use your Nicola for now. Can anyone enlighten me as to whether the new Tesla2 (with integrated Anti-spin sensor & speakers), the MsuperX, the 100V Monster are sharing the same basic Control Board as the Nikola? It is 6am in Singapore now and i apologize for not being able to respond to any comments until the evening. Thank you for the opportunity to post here.
  7. A buddy replaced the stock Nikola side paddings and replaced them with a pair taken from an old Inmotion V5 . I fell in love with the feel instantly when I had a chance to try it out on his 100V Nikola .We are at opposite ends of the weighing scale where rider weight is concerned but both of us find the thinner paddings very comfortable. Gone is the feeling that the stock side pads are pushing one's legs out .
  8. At 220 pounds (100kg), 45psi works for me and handles the "carving" beautifully. And yes, definitely put on the side paddings...you will love the Nikola even more
  9. I got to test ride a buddy's Nikola last weekend (mine expected to arrive with the main shipment to Singapore in another week or so) Initial impressions of the Nikola.. besides it looking like an 18" wheel , the motor is quiet & smooth, pickup/acceleration feels relatively sluggish compared to the Tesla, but opens up delightfully once you start to push it it above 30km/hr The increased pedal size & height height clearance makes for one relaxed ride & confident tight turns. I didn't like the overly "tilted upwards " pedals on my MSX and it's a relief to find that the Nikola did not continue this trend. The higher body also translates to more "grip" surface area for the upper inner thighs, making it a joy to manipulate the wheel. I prefer the feel of the MSX side paddings on the Nikola. Glad that the default stock tyre for the Nikola is the CST e-Bike Pro 16" X 3.0 (model C-1488). The tyre thread of this model makes for one relaxed ride. Let's put it this way... I hated the feel of the ride of my KS18S, KS18L, KS16S (cut the shell to accommodate the C-1488 16" X 2.5 tyre), but once I swapped the stock tyre to the C-1488, the wheeling experience is greatly enhanced. During a Gotway Factory visit last year, Lucas shared with me that they love the feedback from the C1488 tyre and it's great that Gotway decided to use it for their newer wheels. Can't wait to compare the upcoming KS16X against the Nikola in terms of the agility.
  10. due to my recent faceplant on my 2 month old Ninebot1P, from a sudden power cut while going at about 25km/hr, I dug online and read that Ninebot had previously recalled "version 1" and replaced the One-P with "Version 2" due to the under-specced control board which was originally designed for the N1e+ sporting a 500W motor (the One-P sports a 800W motor) This was never officially acknowledged by Ninebot. How can I check to verify that the unit I purchased is V1 or V2? Any "version 1" Ninebot 1P owners who managed to get it exchanged for a "version 2" through their local distributor? Any other 1P owners experiencing the power cut? Thanks
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