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  1. jojo33 You think its a solder connection at the wheel board?
  2. Well I tried a battery swap with my daughters and it still had the same flashing/beeping and the app says " left motor sensor error, please check control board". So its not a battery issue. Checked and reseated the connectors and that didn't fix the issue either. I suppose I"ll have to send it somewhere for repair. Really sucks too because I have less then 10hrs on it.
  3. Unfortunately, its out of warranty. Jojo, I’ll check the board connections and I hope that’s all it is. I had no problems leading up this this. I updated the firmware and a few days later I had this issue on start-up
  4. Hello, My mini pro is having a problem starting up. I've tried the normal reboot unit and the battery removal/recharge method and neither did the trick. With the battery removed and recharging the brick has a solid green and the battery is flashing green. Putting it back onto the mini and try to start up it flashes and beeps. When I tried connecting to the app it said left motor sensor error, please check control board. Any clue?
  5. The biggest problem is the stock headlights are too low. I was thinking of using a head mounted led the kind you wear on your forehead.
  6. Thats a sign of over pressure or as Ninebot wants it... 45psi.
  7. Well after finally getting my mini back from Segway repair the second time riding it developed a squeak at the wheel (attached video). It was heading back home with it i went into a turn came out and was going around 8mph and all of a sudden it felt like it wasn't balancing me. I didn't fall but hitting the ground running at 51 years old sure hurts the knees. Damn ouch! Early August Segway replaced the main board and re-seated the battery because it lost all power. Well this time its going back to Amazon for a replacement. ninebot wheel.mp4
  8. I've inflated to 45psi and it didn't blow. But when the tire states otherwise I'm very leery. Another mystery so which is it
  9. Can anyone point me in the direction for the tire repair video. Not taking the entire wheel/motor off.
  10. Is anyone being preventative and using a sealant like Slime so flats/leaks don't occur? Slime, and I'm sure others says to remove the valve stem. Is that easily done with these tires?
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