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  1. wheeler

    Solowheel Classic, 4+ years

    My primary EUC is also a solowheel classic, 2014 model--had it for a year. it's higher wattage--1500. Well see if it lasts as long.
  2. wheeler

    Solowheel Classic, 4+ years

    In 2013, I purchased a solowheel classic. It was expensive, but worth it because I'm still using it. That makes 4 years of use. I never did change the battery, so the battery has degraded--about a quarter of the capacity, so I only use it as a backup wheel now. But for the first 3 years, I used it daily to commute about 2 to 8 miles, over hills and through rain. As far as it's durability, the case still has no cracks, even after tumbling a few times on hard concrete. Nothing on it is rusty, including all the little screws, and where I live, everything rusts, due to a tropical salty climate. The rubber pad is still in good shape. I do like the slime design because I feel like my foot is closer to the center of gravity which helps with control. It has not cutout once and I have not seen or heard of any cases where a solowheel has cutout. I think the safety measures built into the unit are quite good--that's the most important thing for me.
  3. Hi, did anyone purchase a solowheel classic lately? I'm used to the 2013 and 2014 solowheel classics, and I'm just wondering if there's other changes. Supposedly the pedals are bigger, different firmware, I hope the battery and motor is still top quality.
  4. I found some instructions... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV3_V_FFKKE Step 1: Lay the Solowheel on its side with the Power Button closest to the ground. Step 2: Power on the Solowheel. The LED will blink 3 times slowly, follwed by a nmbe of fast blinks. Step 3: Now stand the Solowheel upright, turn it off and then back on again. To switch modes, simply repeat the process. To indicate which mode you are in, after turning it on, if it's in hard mode, the LED will show green, red (1/2 a second), then back to green.
  5. I just acquired a 1500 watt Solowheel Classic. I know there's a soft mode, and hard mode. But is there several hard modes? I was able to change modes somehow by lying it on the side then turning it on. And now when I turn it on, the indicator light flashes red momentarily, which I heard means hard mode. But I can set it so the duration of the red can be very quick (like a tenth of a second) to a more prolonged flash (1/2 a second). So it seems like there's different levels of hardness. Anybody know? And do you have instructions on switching modes?
  6. Been using a 2013 solowheel classic for 3 years--everyday, for a 5 mile commute. Where I live, it rains 150 inches per year (which is a lot), and there's much hills, including a 10 degree incline. I never had a malfunction of any sort, probably because it's well encased. It never kicks up mud since the classic has a case that acts like a fender. Some other observations: nothing on it is rusty, cracked, oily, and it's always cool to the touch. I would say the battery lasts about 60% as long as it did when it was new, so it did degrade, but it's still useable for my commute. It's not rich in features, but it has a slim design, which probably helps to ride with one foot as it's closer to the center of the vehicle. Although I've never ridden anything else, so please let me know what you think about this theory.
  7. What brand and model is your wheel? How long have you been riding your wheel? How many days a week do your ride it? Has it ever cut-out unexpectedly while riding? What maintenance did you have to perform? I've been riding a 2013 solowheel classic everyday for 3 years, w/o any issues.. It has never cut-out unexpectedly. I have to replace the inner tire tube about every 14 months and had to solder a loose wire in the charger.