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  1. nhoweru

    IPS121 Mileage Reset

    Serial Number: (your serial number) Type: 0087, T350+, 350WH, 32, 1 IPS 121/T350
  2. nhoweru

    IPS121 Mileage Reset

    Yes. I tried the IPS Util and it works to my IPS121. Now i can run 30Kph again
  3. nhoweru

    IPS121 Mileage Reset

    I just bought this IPS121 with 30KPH option after 50km mileage. I was able to get the 50km and in the apps i changed the speed to 30kph. It works good to me because now i can run it faster. PROBLEM: I just reach about 70km then the mileage goes to 0km. It didn't move anymore. The APPS still showing the current speed but the Mileage is always 0km. The max speed now is back to Maximum of 20kph. Anybody knows whats the problem and how to fix it?
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