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  1. My KS18L attempted to commit suicide once, when it froze in trolley mode (gonna get new board), but I still love the wheel What a joy to ride.
  2. Yeah, when I turned it on, it tilted back and yelled very loudly "Low battery, please charge". In those 20min it drained battery from 2-3 led lights to zero. I'm charging now, first 10 minutes app displayed 0%, now it is going up. Thank you for your support, I did what you advised and I'm waiting for response from Ian.
  3. You mean when it froze? It was unresponsive to the power button. I pressed it shortly and tried for longer too, but nothing. After I reconnected batteries it can be turned on again, but is almost dischared, it yells at me to charge it up.
  4. I ordered it 14.6. and it was shipped 23.7. from speedyfeet.
  5. Noooo, my KS18L is affected too. Rode for 12km, then decided to return loads of empty beer bottles I had in my home, so I loaded my backpack, went to nearest mall, and just a few steps after walking in, my wheel froze... completely unresponsive, LED lights stuck ON, wheel locked and top of the wheel started to heat up. There is no doubt, I have the same issue as discussed here. I think I managed to disconnect batteries in time (15-25min), so no damage to the wheel, but I'm very disappointed and sad that it happened to me too. I wrote to Ian for instructions. I'm on 1.10 firmware, cutoff switch was on and calibrated. I was also connected to speakers via bluetooth. Battery level was low, 2 or 3 led lights left. ~450 total km ridden.
  6. I once emailed them with interest of buying KS18L with extra charger and got no reply. Ian from Speedyfeet replied to the same question in a few hours so I bought from him.
  7. I faced this disicion too and there were no good reasons to choose V10F. 18L is faster, with slightly bigger battery, it has larger wheel while similar in size and weight. It offers USB ports and extra charging port. Unfortunately both models have some reported issues that are highly discussed on this forum. My suggestion would be to wait (if you are able to) until those issues are completely resolved and then buy V10F only if you can have it significantly cheaper. If not, go for 18L.
  8. Nobody probably cares about an old Inmotion V5F anymore, but I'll share it anyway
  9. Today I made a high speed range test for my KS18L. My weight with protective gear and backpack is 86kg (190 lbs). Temperature around 27°C (81 F). I went as fast as I felt comfortable, mostly around 40 km/h on asphalt roads, with some hills. For the last ~3km I was limited to 30 km/h due to the lower battery state. When I finished, the wheel displayed last 3 led lights of battery left in orange color. So it could go further with limited speed, but this time I wanted to try how far I can get without restriction. Relive app displays 39.6km but in the activity video I see a part where it didn't track properly, so it is probably little over 40km. Recorded activity by Relive
  10. I can't speak for the other wheels but I have the 18L for a week now and I absolutely love it. It is the wheel I always wanted, but because I was cheap, it eventually cost me more. Going from generic EUC to Inmotion V5F then V8 and now finally KS18L. I always liked both Inmotion wheels I had, but they always felt like not enough. Not enough range, not enough speed... I fell in love with the 18L the moment I first stepped on it. No learning curve whatsoever, it is wonderfuly stable and maneuverable as well. If you want to lock it in a gym locker, you need a big locker. It is compact for an 18 inch, but still a lot bigger than 14 inch wheels and a lot heavier too. I will probably still take my old V5F for short trips where portability is required.
  11. Greetings from Czechia, today my KS18L from SpeedyFeet arrived and I made short unboxing video of it. It is in czech, but I did some rough translation to EN subs and I thought about sharing it here. ? So far I'm enjoying it very much, superb wheel.
  12. Yeah, that is exactly what I'm gonna do tomorrow when my KS18L arrives. Unfortunately nobody really knows If that helps with this issue at all. It solves some other problems, so it is still recommended process. Only sure thing is, all cases were while trolleying. So until some official info emerges, I will trolley with my KS18L as little as possible.
  13. Juick

    18L orders

    Thanks for this info, my wheel is surely in the same batch. I really hoped to have it in the first week of July or at least by now. Next week I'll go on vacation and I really wanted to take it with me. Now it seems it will be delivered while I'm gone. Bummer. One good thing is, I'll maybe know, how not to burn the wheel in trolley mode by then.
  14. ~80kg, I should be fine Also, I still have charger from my V5F and luckily KS18L has the same charging port and charger specs, so I should be able to charge it quite quickly with dual charging.
  15. I would be excited about 18L... If I had one. Still waiting for delivery. What I'm looking for is best "All Purpose" new wheel. I want to take it to malls, commute to work daily, go for a 50km long rides on nice roads, go for some minor off road, take it with me to bus / train, trolley it comfortably while walking with friends, have one sided races with cyclists / scooter riders , easily maneuver around pedestrians on busy pavements... basically live on the wheel V8 was wonderful for most of those scenarios, but range was too limiting and those e-scooters can be too fast to keep up with. Out of the new wheels, KS18L is best for my needs. It maybe doesn't have "wow factor" but it is practical choice and enough exciting for me.
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