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  1. We encounter this situation, but nothing to do with the debris in the motor, the controller installed at the top, if the shell is a bit loose, it is easy to resonate, if you use a little force to seize the shell, it will stop.
  2. @Scatcat You have the photo in the gasket we have replaced, you can contact the seller Chen. The phenomenon in the video, the gyroscope is shaken, try to fix the controller and the housing screws.
  3. @Francesco, @Jaumebyn Pay attention to safety, has been close to the limit, GT16 waterproof level is not very good, please do not open it to the water.
  4. @lizardmech I have never used nylon gear, GR series are metal gears,I like gear motors, but now there is no money to optimize the process.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhJNr67qmyc The people who ride are me, but you will not think of who the photographer is.
  6. @Scatcat yes I am in a number of positions.
  7. My characteristic is that the pedal is mounted directly on the motor.
  8. 12 inch, power 1200W, very suitable for mountain off-road EUC. Also use the 247 package MOS, the controller will be installed in the middle of the motor.
  9. I designed a motor that has been patented in China, which will change the design of EUC.
  10. After the second batch, the large shaft has been replaced. The first batch of 300PCS is small.
  11. @Scatcat Thank you very much for writing this advice and spent a lot of time. Updated firmware/app, where you can set the last alarm at a percentage of power. Like 80% of maximum available power. Audible temperature/overcharge/overcurrent alarms, to avoid stupid accidents. These two have been resolved. 2.5" tire, to heighten stability and comfort on long runs and in terrain. MOSFET 12x247 (Wierzę, że istnieją 6x247 teraz, ale nie sprawdzone osobiście) Design space is not enough, can not change.
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