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  1. Saw on the news that UK is going to legalise the electric kickscooters soon? Does anyone know what the product specifications are required? I only see the max speed 25km/h. Is there more?
  2. I heard France is enforcing a new law for the PLEVs in the coming week. Max speed is 25km/h and cannot be altered by the end user. Violation fine is EUR1500. Don't know how the officials going to check it? Can any French users confirm this information?
  3. Segway experience doesn't directly translate to EUC experience. The good thing is you are not as scared as the people who have never tried self-balancing vehicles. EUC to me is more a bicycle experience as you need to find the left-right balance. EUC is also my favourite commuting tool.
  4. eKFV got a green light from the German council today but I heard somethings still need to be adjusted in the regulation. Can anyone tell me what needs to be adjusted before eKFV gets the official allowance on the street? What's the timeline to be expected?
  5. ninebot has never officially announced they will not make EUC anymore. I'm still waiting for them to sell the CE certified Z10 in Europe.
  6. Ninebot ONE S2 is sold on Bol.com. https://www.bol.com/nl/p/ninebot-by-segway-one-s2/9200000065780418/?suggestionType=typedsearch&bltgh=toMov5lHGu9iiYaYr6ZIdw.1.2.ProductTitle
  7. how did these people got licence plates on the EUC? I want to have one.
  8. fixing the max speed to 20km/h is the easy part, the EMC has to pass ECE R10. I believe none of the PLEVs in the market meet this requirement.
  9. I think it's always coming from me because I care and want to be sure the product I purchase have some kind of service in Europe even if it is not the best. How do I get information? Just like everyone else, I have my source. It's been pushing back on the European launch again and again. From the 'incident' reports, it's easy to figure out why. it's illegal to import and sell non CE certified goods to Europe. Most people don't care and custom didn't catch it. These don't make the products legal. Onewheel.be probably bought their goods from a Chinese trader as you only find Chinese
  10. If you can wait for max 3 month, Z10 will be sold with proper CE certification and after sales service in Europe. maybe buy a cheap wheel, like ONE E+ or another brand as your first EUC in the meantime.
  11. As far as I know, Ninebot is making improvement on the battery and other parts and also proceeding with CE certification at the moment. Chinese New Year is in between so probably this May will be in the European market.
  12. I'm riding E+ and have ridden V8F. Trying to find my next wheel. Thinking about Z10, V10F and maybe Gotway. If I understand correctly, Z10's braking issues are - braking distance is too long when over 30km/h? - have to lean backwards to an unsafe position? - unable to hard brake? Curious on what's the problem of the brake assistance? Doesn't work or work too well?
  13. woow, cool. I see some EUCs have insurance plate. How did they get it?
  14. LIME is removing their sharing scooters from Copenhagen. Is kickscooter not allowed in Denmark yet? but this product is allowed to ride on the road in Norway, Sweden and Finland. https://www.dr.dk/nyheder/penge/ulovlige-elloebehjul-fjernes-fra-gaden-i-koebenhavn
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