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  1. So, what are you think about it? You said it's worked oddly?
  2. Yes, torch should switching on after the sunset at your location. And it's speed-depending. Switch on when you riding more than 6kph (~3,7 mph), and turn off when speed is lower. What are you think about it? How you supposed it works?
  3. @Ben Kim, check if you switch on Automatic torch in settings (Settings/Application/Torch Automatic), please. Other testers confirm that auto-torch is working.
  4. Try to reinstall watch app. Sometimes it helps. Would you like to trying last beta version? We just add a feature adjusting alarms and tilt back for KS wheels.
  5. I'm asking if any other testers with Gotway have this issue. Thank you.
  6. @Trevor Phillips In next version record button disappearing will be fixed. It's can be a peak value. Check if Current value was high at the same moment. this can be because of iOS beta version. Yes, sometimes DarknessBot can't configure tilt back on Gotways. You should use Gotway app for this. I hope, you haven't any disconnections.
  7. What are your watchOS and iOS versions now? What EUC have this problems? Tesla, KS16x or both? And when you had noticed the issues?
  8. Hi guys! Astrologers proclaim the week of KingSong Beta testers with KS wheels Please, check the last beta-version. We add a new feature - Max Speed mode. You can find it in device settings. It let you quickly set up: Speed - on Max value Alarms (EUC) - first and second - disables, last alarm - (Max speed - 1). Check is it working, please! Thank you a lot, guys! I'll be glad to know what are you thinking about this feature! KS18XL users @General Principle has a problems with constantly disconnections. (It's look like as a V10(F) problem) I'd rather to know, is it a unique problem or anybody has the same issue?
  9. Yep, it's a bug, disable neural network in settings. We'll fixed it in one of next releases)
  10. I’m already report you in another topic, that DB in last beta has a big with continuous beeping on Gotway. Turn of the auto-torch. About disconnections, this is a new information. Hm, when next beta will be available, please, check it!
  11. Yes, it’s because the last beta.😔 Turn off the auto-torch function in settings. It’s because of this function. We’ll fix it in next beta.
  12. It seems, that you already have connected to the other app, KS app, maybe. While EUC can be connected only to one app, you should disconnect your wheel from other apps, and then DarknessBot should find your EUC.
  13. Ok! please, sent me your AppleI D e-mail in DM. I'm interesting about speed settings with DB. Can you trying to change max speed in DarknessBot and check this in KS app. I'm trying to understand if speed settings with KS16x is working.
  14. Great! Have you any other problems/question about the app?
  15. Hello! We're really happy that so many users from different countries use DarknessBot! Due to several users we can add Russian, English, German, French, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Italian and Chinese (simplified) localization! That's so great and we really glad to speak with users on their language. But maybe you want to use DarknessBot on your own language and don't mind to help us with it? We would be very grateful for any your help. Thank you all for using DarknessBot!
  16. @prasket, what is the max speed you've managed to set with DarknessBot? Is it 50 kph?
  17. Great! We send the invitation to your email right now. Download TestFlight app in App Store.
  18. Send your appleID e-mail on dev dot darknessproduction .com
  19. @boardaholic, we fix your problem with video button disappearing in next beta. @Jenti, @David35, in this beta (5.3.1-232) we've fixed m365 problems on some firmwares. If you want, join to beta-test to trying it.
  20. You can set in DarknessBot settings Imperial units to get metrics in mph. (Settings/Application/Imperial system - check that tumbler is on)
  21. Hi, sorry for delay answer. What is your iPhone and iOS version?
  22. To return purchases you should use Apple return program. https://www.apple.com/shop/help/returns_refund Or trying to press to “Buy button” again, after you input a password Apple suggest you to restore purchase. Or you can sent a receipt proving your purchase, and we‘ll generate for your a promocode. request [dot] darknessproduction . com
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