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  1. it's just a BT name, you can choose any mane for your iPhone or iPad you want. You can even name your wheel something like "iPhone" Some brands allow to change wheel BT name. That is the reason why we don't filter any names in our searching list. But your's last connected devices will be in the top of list.
  2. @WPS, please, trying this: 1. On Desktop or iPad, go to website https://www.icloud.com/settings/ 2. Login with your iCloud email and password. 3. Look up for 'Advanced' section and go to 'Manage Apps That Can Look You Up' 4. Switch on DarknessBot app toggle 5. Then, check your iOS Settings / Apple ID / iCloud - DarknessBot and iCloudDrive toggles should be on.
  3. When you’re disconnected you will see a list of devices. DarknessBot can’t connect to iPad, you just see a list. When you’re connected you’ll see a dashboard with device metrics. With DB you can be connected only to one device (EUC). And your EUC can be connected only to one app.
  4. It’s working only on desktop version of iCloud settings page.
  5. 1. Yes, of course. Go to Settings/Shop screen and tap to button in right top corner, it's a restore purchase. 2. Voltage and battery is completely app settings, and haven't any connection to wheel, so it's saving correctly. What is your max voltage at full-charge on dashboard?
  6. By the way, one of our user recorded really great and helpful video and article about some DarknessBot features! Thank you @flyin.v !
  7. Wow! Thank you for the video and article! It's really great work 👍 I have no words to describe how happy and exciting @Ilya Shkolnik and I were to see it 🤩 It's a very great and helpful tutorial video, and if you don't mind, can I repost it to DarknessBot Facebook group? And I think you may find interesting for you to join our beta test. This is a public link: bit.ilya2606.ru/DBBeta
  8. We already fix this issue, it's available in last beta As far as I remember for Gotway we allow set 62 mph. But we can't test is it adjusting or not, we don't have a Gotway. I'm interesting only, is it adjusting and saving in app. Can you try to adjust max available value in app? It can be + / - several miles while we operating in 'km' in source code.
  9. @BoseHeadphones, one more question, can you adjust max speed higher then 37 mph? On any of your Gotway.
  10. Thank you! we're really appreciate for your help! Oh, thank you for test! We research and fix it to next build! Solving issue with riding mode is harder... it's not working for several models. You're talking about MSP, aren't you? About Apple Watch, we'll research opportunity to add vibroalerts in AW.
  11. Thank you too and let me know if it happens again. I hope not
  12. Thank you! Can you test remaining mileage value with Neural network option and alarms? Settings/Application/ switch on Neural network option. if NN was disabled, it's need for couple riding days to learning.
  13. Sorry I missed your message. I totally understand what you're feeling. It might be in several cases: 1. I think iOS killed DarknessBot in background. In that case, trip wills't be recording and lost. You can check - it in graphs - if you don't see any data for this period it means, DB was disconnected. - or if you saw searching screen when you activate DB again. 2. Your occasionally stopped recording trip in your pocket. In that case we should improve finishing records mechanism. @Chriull, thank for supporting Well, yes, DarknessBot development and supporting it's completely me and @Ilya Shkolnik hobby. We both have a full-time work and working on DB at nights So, unfortunately we both don't have enough time for this project in last years, but we still working on this cause we love it. Thanks to all our users and testers we still motivated to working on it, and also money is one of the factors what helps us still be motivated I like healthy criticism if it wasn't for it that we couldn't find out about most of the bugs. That's the main reason why I try to communicate more with users. Without it, DB will never get better. So feel free to report all bugs. And although there are some things we haven't been able to fix for years, and I'm sorry for that.But there are also many things that we can fix quickly, but we may not know about it. @pandel Maybe you join to public beta test? At least you will be known when app was killing by system. Ilya left link in his last message.
  14. We don't have an app in watch App Store, so you should go to Watch app on your iPhone and install DarknessBot app in available app list. And after it, you connect to your EUC/eScooter on iPhone and open DarknessBot app on AW. App on AW automatically connect to phone and you can use it 🙂
  15. You can do it, if users left their social contacts. Also users can restrict who cans their social profiles - All users, only friend and nobody.
  16. Are you talking only about Watch app? is the app on iPhone working fine?
  17. Glad to hear it! You talking with me on emails all the time, but it doesn't matter) We sitting with Ilya in one room Thanks to your letters, we found an interface error and fix it soon.
  18. Hi! It's better if you will wrote in main DarknessBot topic. It's increase a possibility you get some help directly from app developer Well, to calibrate wheel: 1. Get your wheel in right vertical position. You can use levels to find a good position (it's optional). It's important to keep wheel in right position due all calibration process. 2. Tap to "Apply" button. Your wheel will turning off. Keep vertical wheel position 3. Turn on the wheel. Don't forget to keep a position. It's starting beeping and after long beep signal calibration will be finished.
  19. It's looks like you have a wheel for Chinese market By Kingsong policy we don't allow some settings for Domestic region devices, like firmware upgrade or speed settings. Where did you bought your EUC?
  20. We will be very appreciate for any help with translation! Earlier, one of our users helping us with it. He made a huge works, but we often works on new features and totally forgot about localization. So we often using Google Translate It would be great if you could check German translation. And if you don't mind and have some time for it, please, send me your email in DM. We send you an invitation in our localizations file. We'll thought about it. always recording GPS in our plans, Manual trip reseting... maybe. We have plans to improve it, but not in nearest time. I think Apple Watch app and complications will be first. Now you can manually reset trip, on Dashboard - tap on Single mileage tile. But, you lost your current trip data. We'll change this behaviour later, but now it's a little workaround.
  21. 1. At 18:10 you're connect to your wheel - past trip is ending. 2. You're riding for an hour and at 19:10 you stop recording GPS. You recording GPS trip for 7.3 km. 3. ... interesting where you get another 2km. Maybe you have lost connection for 2km while riding with GPS recording. Maybe you have a bad signal. 4. Your trip will be ending when you connecting to wheel again, after several hours (6-8 hours).
  22. Sorry, but it will be not in next version In next update we finally add several sound and vibrate app alarms.
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