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  1. Version 5.4.1 already in Appstore! [Gotway] Fixed missing data on Graph and Trips. Special thanks to @Ben Kim for beta-testing!
  2. Thank you! Let me know, please. If it’s ok, we’ll publish it in App Store.
  3. Third wheel you mean MTen? and now, you graphs don’t working with MTen only or with any wheel? If MTen only, can you connect Nikola, and send logs after it, and then connect MTen - send logs after it. We compare your logs. If all they don’t working, wait for next beta and try it. And your graphs don’t working at all, or you can see something, for one hour at least?
  4. @Ben Kim We find an error in last version... I hoped it resolve issue with trips and offline data missing. Next beta will be available in two days. (Apple checks a beta version that is released after a release version usually up to two days.) Did you checked Shop screen? Maybe you should restore purchases? What is your current iOS version?
  5. It’s auto created trips while you connecting to EUC/eScooter and riding. on Current trip you can record your track.
  6. No, please, send logs. It’s a known issue. check your purchases, maybe you should restore it. Oh, we looks on your logs. Have you any tile on Dashboard with empty state/without value?
  7. No, since the last version, you can set up alarms and tilt back in DarknessBot. At least, we have tested it on KS16X, and it's working good enough. We will be very appreciate if you can test it on your KS18XL. We thinking about it. If we receive a lot of request for this feature, I think we made it. Despite of our tile-view conception, I'm allow that current UI possibly not relevant for all our users needs. So, why do you need this view?
  8. ok, trying this 1. Go to website https://www.icloud.com/settings/2. Login3. Look up for "Advanced" section4. Go to "Manage Apps That Can Look You Up"5. Switch on DarknessBot app. Version 5.4 will be available in App Store soon.
  9. @TonesNotes Check your iPhone settings - Settings/Apple ID/iCloud - DarknessBot and iCloudDrive should be toggle on.
  10. In Dashboard you should tap on Record button (top right corner) and allow permission to screen/screen and microphone. And if you want only a speedometer, you should use pinch-to-zoom gesture to one-tile per screen interface mode. You get a huge speedometer on screen. But I'm afraid this is not what you exactly want. We thinking about making fully-customize UI with different sizes of tiles, but this is a very big and hard feature. And we don't hear so many voices and requests for it.
  11. @David35 I've checked, it's working! Please, follow the instructions in post above. @ThatGuy did you have the same issue? I've remember, you've wrote something like this.
  12. @David35, trying this: 1. Go to website https://www.icloud.com/settings/ 2. Login 3. Look up for "Advanced" section 4. Go to "Manage Apps That Can Look You Up" 5. Switch on DarknessBot app. I'm hoping it helps! I can testing this in only 9 hour later. You can waiting my results or trying to do it yourself. P.S. I wish I found this settings earlier...)
  13. Wow, quite interesting! I'm trying to repeat it on our test device, thank you for the advice!
  14. We find the reason this bug - you have denied system request “Look up by email”. Once you denied this, you can’t change it in settings... All apps you get or reject access should be in iPhone settings, but it don’t appears. I already wrote to Apple support, but still don’t have an answer. and we searching how to fix it in code...
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