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  1. You can set in DarknessBot settings Imperial units to get metrics in mph. (Settings/Application/Imperial system - check that tumbler is on)
  2. Hi, sorry for delay answer. What is your iPhone and iOS version?
  3. To return purchases you should use Apple return program. https://www.apple.com/shop/help/returns_refund Or trying to press to “Buy button” again, after you input a password Apple suggest you to restore purchase. Or you can sent a receipt proving your purchase, and we‘ll generate for your a promocode. request [dot] darknessproduction . com
  4. Hi, @boardaholic. Have you seen a video button? On Device tab (Dashboard) in the right top corner.
  5. @General Principle, next beta will be in two weeks. Have you disconnection on iOS12? Can you check it on iPhone with older iOS? (Not iOS13) In your logs, we saw disconnections, but we still can’t find the reason.
  6. The app should working! So we really needs your logs, I’m afraid your should create mail app for this. Lately we add sharing via messengers and etc.
  7. I think Ninebot app can show BLE version. About logs, I'm afraid for this moment it's possible only by apple mail app. ok, thank you.
  8. AFAIK it's works normally with Nikola. So, if you're already updated it's should be ok. I think that only new users (installing the app at 5.3 version and don't use previously versions) have the bug I wrote above.
  9. @LZMutant Be careful, and don’t delete DarknessBot on iOS 13. We have some bugs on it. (With restoring purchases and CloudKit access). If you just updating that’s will be ok 👌 And don’t forget to check if DarknessBot voltage settings is matching your wheel, to have a right battery percentage value.
  10. I think something at CloudKit had been changed on iOS13, have you use DarknessBot at iOS12 or you started at iOS13? It's looks like only new users have this bug. Sorry for sooo delayed answer=) Yep, we're thinking to add battery levels to alarms for speed, but just after the bugs improvement... @Jenti, I'll answer you later, when i'm understand where you can find your BLE version or what you should do with logs=) Have you check voltage settings? (Settings/Device/Voltage (or something like this)) and check that's 84v thank you. When you make a purchase? I've interesting what DarknessBot version and iOS version you had when you noticed this problems.
  11. @AtlasP, thank you! I hope it helps us to find a reason of bug. Auto-torch looks on your location and time zones, and should switch on after the sunset.
  12. Sorry, but this is a new bugs, appears because of iOS 13. We’ll trying to fix soon. Don’t trying to reinstall app, you can lose your purchases (it’s a bug too 😔) Please, trying connecting to CloudKit again (from Profile tab in app, for example) and send logs right after it. (Settings/About/Share logs)
  13. Hi guys! Yesterday we met with V10F owner and trying to observe disconnection problem. Unfortunately, @Ilya Shkolnik can't catch disconnections while he trying connecting to wheel, and this is a bad news =( So, we needs your help, please all V10(F) owners - while 10 minutes try to connect to DarknessBot and send logs right after it. Maybe Ilya can compare your logs and find the reason of this disconnections. And get all info - your wheel firmware, your iOS device, iOS version, DarknessBot version, in-apps your purchasing and using, all permissions you get to app, and screens your wheel parameters from Inmotion app... (Wrote it with logs message or in DM) I hope your connection-disconnection logs and this information helping us to understand whats going on. And, maybe I'm asking you guys trying to logging the connection to your wheel. Who has an Android device or iPhone+MacBook? If so, I wrote you DM with instructions. And have someone trying connect V10(F) to Wheellog? This app hasn't such troubles, hasn't it? Sorry guys, this problem has existed for a long time, but we have not been able to figure out the reason. Yesterday, we finally met the V10F owner, but I think he haven't so much troubles as @LZMutant and @AtlasP.
  14. What is wheel firmware and DarknessBot version? Can you record a video by Apple screen recording and send me DM?
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