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  1. Well, we already improve this - in offline mode single runtime will paused. Next version 6.0 will be available soon. About other issues, we will improve Trips in future and also add manual trip ending.
  2. That‘s what I’m talking about. With new iCloud account for DB you’re new user. You appear in ratings when you riding 10% of your total mileage. What is your total mileage now?
  3. Maybe you riding with new wheel? We have anti-cheat option - you will displaying in Ratings only after you ride 10% of EUC total mileage with DB.
  4. No, Apple Watch connecting automatically. You need to download app for your Apple Watch and when you open it you see text, keep in mind, it's just app-companion, non standalone app. Right sequence is: 1. open DarknessBot on iPhone 2. connect to EUC 3. open DarknessBot app on Apple Watch - and then you can see data from EUC. If you open AW app without EUC, you saw text "Connect to device" - it's meant to EUC
  5. @pagu81 Look in thread below, instruction inside. Summary - input your EUC serial number right in pincode field (by copy-paste) and tap Enter. After EUC will connecting to DB - tap to lock tile
  6. try Wheelog or EUC world both for Android
  7. Hm, AFAIK users use m365 downg to downgrade. But they make in on Android. I’m trying to get more Information for you about this.
  8. We can see logs only on next week, we in country house now, we haven’t our app for logs now. But for you it’s really haven’t any mater. No restrictions or limitation.
  9. Yes, I think this is not a list, just settings, and it’s working with DB. Sorry, I think our haptic will make sense only with watch series 5, it has Always on mode. But I don’t tested it yet.
  10. Haptics works only when Apple Watch display is on and DB is activated. In future, we add a push notification, but I don't sure it will be really useful. It will be easy to mistake and think that it is an other apps. And we can sent push only once in 2 seconds .
  11. Well, I find this video. https://youtu.be/cosEqeKwZ90 In description you can find 0.90 BLE version for m365 pro Let me know about your success, please Thank you! We received a logs.
  12. What's new 6.0-268: - Apple Watch: Added haptic feedback by alarms - Alarms: Fixed output format values - Improved UI for modal picker - Improved UI for offline mode - Flic: Fixed integration Our dear testers Please check Flic2 integration - We lent a button from one of our users and have to return it tomorrow. If Flic2 still not working we must know it to have a time to make a last fixes. Also, for a so many requests, we add a vibration alarms for Apple Watch 🥳 Please, check how it works. We already working for Apple Watch app redesign, stay tuned for next version - we plan released it in 6.1
  13. We close trips automatically, when you connect to wheel again, it should reseting. Hm, but I think, in future we improve it, maybe add a manual trip ending. About wheel recognition... please, share logs. please, add in subject - V10 recognized as V10F. It can influence on displaying available max speed. What max speed you see in app?
  14. Oh, I suppose we have a Email issue... you don’t receive our mail answer? From BLE 0.0.91 xiaomi add a strong data encryption, so we can’t read any data from device. Firmware is not a big deal, but you need to downgrade BLE to 0.0.90 version. to using Profile, please follow this instruction: 1. On Desktop or iPad, go to website https://www.icloud.com/settings/ 2. Login with your iCloud email and password. 3. Look up for 'Advanced' section and go to 'Manage Apps That Can Look You Up' 4. Switch on DarknessBot app toggle 5. Then, check your iOS Settings / Apple ID / iCloud - DarknessBot and iCloudDrive toggles should be on.
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