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  1. 🤔 you can recording video with black chromakey screen - in DB - Settings/Application/Video turn on black chromakey. But keep in mind that DB video recording don’t working on background. Or you can export CSV log for your trip and add metrics in some special app.
  2. It will be available soon, in upcoming version we updating watch app interface. now you will able to see 4 metrics on one screen 😉 We add inline music screen to watch app, I hope you’ll find it convenient We can’t use Speed metric for complications, cause information on third-party complications will updating too rare to make it useful. One time per several seconds. For speed this is unacceptable. now we show battery.
  3. Thanks! In next version we updating a watch app, please stay tuned! hi! have you trying a beta versions? If you are a beta-tester already and still no connection, send us logs please. If you can check what is your firmware version with EUCW of WL please send this info too. I believe we already supporting all Veteran versions, but not sure what you mean about "New veteran". Gotway controller very often send a wrong information about voltage. We get a 3.3V for one cell. So we don't have this option. We many times thought to add an option to manual levels just like in EUCW, but we thoughts that it's not safety. In some cases it can indicates a problems with battery. Even if you check your battery with voltmeter, take in head that there is a way from battery to controller and somewhere on this way can be a voltage drop. Is it working on your iPhone? it may working unstable on Apple Watch. Our watch app haven't direct connection to EUC, maybe because of data reading delay Siri Shortcuts not working on AW.
  4. Oh, sorry guys, we missing forum messages Premium provide you - a wider statistics for all metrics, for periods more than one hour. Also you can export your trip logs in CSV. - video recorder with metrics overlay on video - UI dark theme - application alarm settings. (In trial period you can setup it, but after was expired, your last settings will be applying and you can't change it. I hope 30 days is enough for this basic settings) - GPS tracker - Automatic torch. This option is reliable for all Euc without built-in torch management. Inspired by KS We provide all users a 30 days free trial period to try all features and decide is you really need to buy it. I'm afraid it's very unlikely. The same problem as m365 - strong data encryption. just try to reset pin-code with official Inmotion app. Just connecting to Inmotion app and your pin code will be reseting. is this problem with Gotway? Send us logs please with small description "reseting battery capacity by every connection"
  5. oh, it depends from Power value. When you reach adjusting Power, e.g. 1000W you hearing alert
  6. Sorry, we missed your message. Well, we don't have a 80% power alarms. We've added "Smart alarms" instead of this. It's speed by battery alarms, based on speed alarms you adjusting. You can setup it in Settings/Application/Alarms. Then you can choose - Voice, Sound,Vibration alarm types and set speed alarm values. After it you should switch on Smart alarm. By battery level decreasing your speed alarms will be decreased. It will be proportionally reduced up to 80%. For example, if you adjust speed alarm on 50 kph, depending on battery level your alarm will be: on 100% - 50kph on 50% - 45 kph on 0% - 40 kph. This is an application alarms, so you can use BT speaker to make alarms loud. Many our users doing it. A great video with tips. Unfortunately this is about old version, without Smart alarms, but you can see how to use BT speaker to making alarms hearing on wind.
  7. Download in App Store What's new in 6.0:
  8. Yes, of course. Go to Settings/Shop and tap to Restore purchase button.
  9. That's exactly what HomeKit integration doing. But it's working only for devices showing in Apple home as "Outlet"...
  10. Hm... Please check my instruction how-to connect to AW app:
  11. To setup device alarms (on your Wheel): 1. connect wheel to DarknessBot 2. Go to Settings/Device 3. Find “Alarms” and set values you need. To disable first and second - choose Disable for first two alarms. 4. Tap to Apply.
  12. Well, we already improve this - in offline mode single runtime will paused. Next version 6.0 will be available soon. About other issues, we will improve Trips in future and also add manual trip ending.
  13. That‘s what I’m talking about. With new iCloud account for DB you’re new user. You appear in ratings when you riding 10% of your total mileage. What is your total mileage now?
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