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  1. Don’t forget it’s a test version)) also, we add a black chromakey screen, if you have a good camera you can overlay recording metrics on video from gopro or any other camera. Yes, you have to always connecting to wheel while it charging... hm.... I suppose we can add auto-off function for KS and Inmotion wheels when charging is finished...
  2. We already doing it. If you don't close app it connecting automatically. But, now we have an issue with iOS - it killing app on background. That is the reason why you don't connecting automatically. Now we collecting a statistic data from users with analytics to fix it. But it's a long-term story........ Also, as you may known, we added alarm on connecting/disconnecting. You can use it to help yourself to be always connected
  3. Hi! Outlet get info from DarknessBot. So you need have a stay wheel connected to app. Wifi doesn't matter. In our case, we have a DarknessBot app on iPad, it's connected to wheel and we using it for battery charging control. Or sometimes we connecting wheel to iPhone and stay it changing at night
  4. it's just a BT name, you can choose any mane for your iPhone or iPad you want. You can even name your wheel something like "iPhone" Some brands allow to change wheel BT name. That is the reason why we don't filter any names in our searching list. But your's last connected devices will be in the top of list.
  5. @WPS, please, trying this: 1. On Desktop or iPad, go to website https://www.icloud.com/settings/ 2. Login with your iCloud email and password. 3. Look up for 'Advanced' section and go to 'Manage Apps That Can Look You Up' 4. Switch on DarknessBot app toggle 5. Then, check your iOS Settings / Apple ID / iCloud - DarknessBot and iCloudDrive toggles should be on.
  6. When you’re disconnected you will see a list of devices. DarknessBot can’t connect to iPad, you just see a list. When you’re connected you’ll see a dashboard with device metrics. With DB you can be connected only to one device (EUC). And your EUC can be connected only to one app.
  7. It’s working only on desktop version of iCloud settings page.
  8. 1. Yes, of course. Go to Settings/Shop screen and tap to button in right top corner, it's a restore purchase. 2. Voltage and battery is completely app settings, and haven't any connection to wheel, so it's saving correctly. What is your max voltage at full-charge on dashboard?
  9. By the way, one of our user recorded really great and helpful video and article about some DarknessBot features! Thank you @flyin.v !
  10. Wow! Thank you for the video and article! It's really great work 👍 I have no words to describe how happy and exciting @Ilya Shkolnik and I were to see it 🤩 It's a very great and helpful tutorial video, and if you don't mind, can I repost it to DarknessBot Facebook group? And I think you may find interesting for you to join our beta test. This is a public link: bit.ilya2606.ru/DBBeta
  11. We already fix this issue, it's available in last beta As far as I remember for Gotway we allow set 62 mph. But we can't test is it adjusting or not, we don't have a Gotway. I'm interesting only, is it adjusting and saving in app. Can you try to adjust max available value in app? It can be + / - several miles while we operating in 'km' in source code.
  12. @BoseHeadphones, one more question, can you adjust max speed higher then 37 mph? On any of your Gotway.
  13. Thank you! we're really appreciate for your help! Oh, thank you for test! We research and fix it to next build! Solving issue with riding mode is harder... it's not working for several models. You're talking about MSP, aren't you? About Apple Watch, we'll research opportunity to add vibroalerts in AW.
  14. Thank you too and let me know if it happens again. I hope not
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