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    New Monster Max Range Achieved - 95 Miles!

    The snow depth varies from year to year, sometimes up to six feet deep. The snow depth is probably not the biggest issue, I see the cold as a major problem. Sometimes the temperature drops down to -30 ° F.
  2. THG

    New Monster Max Range Achieved - 95 Miles!

    It's just a shame that I can not use the wheel all year long because of snow. Otherwise, the electricity price is quite low where I live, about 10 cents per kilowatt hour. Usually, I only need to charge when the battery is consumed to 50 percent. It costs me about 10 cents per charge.
  3. THG

    New Monster Max Range Achieved - 95 Miles!

    Are you absolutely sure? I connected a wattmeter and it charges approx. 140-150 watts. I guess you need 2.8 kilowatts for the wheel to be fully charged.
  4. THG

    Msuper v3s+ vs the Msuper v2

    No problem. According to my friends with V3, my wheel (V3 S+) is extremely superior in speed and acceleration. I also weigh 100+ kilos (220lb).
  5. THG

    Msuper v3s+ vs the Msuper v2

    Definitely more with V2. If I get an opportunity, I'll do more detailed tests.
  6. THG

    Msuper v3s+ vs the Msuper v2

    It was not my wheels and both were set to medium. With my V3 S+, I do not have to lean much, only in steep slopes if I crawl just before it's steep.
  7. The store only ship to addresses within the Italian territory.
  8. THG

    Msuper v3s+ vs the Msuper v2

    I have tested V2, V3 and V3 S+ and the last mentioned has the fastest acceleration. It takes off like a rocket, and then I drive with the wheel set to medium.
  9. THG

    GotWay Msuper V3 1600wh specification

    As I expected, many are trying to sell more by exaggerating their product features.
  10. THG

    GotWay Msuper V3 1600wh specification

    I'm not going to buy this particular EUC from eBay. I just noticed that some sellers advertise a oversea version high torque model. As I understand now, this is just a regular GotWay MSUPER V3s+.
  11. THG

    GotWay Msuper V3 1600wh specification

    Thank you for the answer. The reason for the question is this eBay product. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GotWay-1600wh-Msuper-V3-oversea-version-high-torque-84V-18inch-electric-unicycle-/252798940375
  12. THG

    GotWay Msuper V3 1600wh specification

    Does anyone know if this model is sold as high-speed and high torque?
  13. THG

    How do you stand your MCM4

    F-wheel solved this with a built-in support in the pedal. Maybe something for other manufacturer to adapt for their future products. http://www.fwheel.cc/Self-Balancing-Electric-Unicycle/Popularize-the-the-Kind-of-Eletric-uniycycle-dolphine-d5.html
  14. THG

    Is this 18" Ring Wheel from Fastwheel for Real?

    King Song seems to only provide a small 172Wh battery pack to their model 14B. I understand that most people choose a modell with a larger battery pack like 520WH to 680WH, I would also do that if 172Wh was the only option. Osdrich offers batteri packs from 100Wh to 400Wh, which is a better option in terms of range.
  15. THG

    EUC Theft Prevalence

    I am tempted to pimp my next wheel with diamonds. Not real diamonds, but the synthetic cubic zirconia which is as brilliant as a diamond but much more affordable. You can get 20 pcs 10mm stones for around $100.