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  1. Whos arguing? You don't know what you are talking about. I have owned the mini and now have the Segway mini pro. The whole knee bar is swappable on both units, but the handle bar they sell you doesn't replace the knee bar. It extends up from the top of the knee bar replacing the pad on the ninebot mini. The slot is not the same size on the mini pro. Get educated.
  2. NO you don't.The handle bar attachment that is being sold must be fitted by removing some screws under a sticker and removing the knee pads. The mino pro kneebar does not have this since its 2 separate pieces, including the adjustable knee bar. removing that adjustable kneed bar leaves you with a slot that does not fit the mini handlebar. You must purchase a complete ninebot mini knee bar and then fit the handlebar to that and install the whole thing on the mini pro.
  3. As stated in title, in order for my handlebar that I ordered to work on my mini pro, I need a NB mini knee bar replacement since the handlebar only work with the NB mini knee bar not the mini pros. Preferably would like to buy in the US, but wouldn't mind importing at a reasonable price.
  4. when you buy the extended handlebar, its suppose to attach to the top of the existing ninebot mini knee bar, not the mini pro one. The mini pro leg bar is different since it can be adjusted. So you would have to buy a ninebot mini leg bar first to swap the mini pro one then attach the handlebar.
  5. yes, ive been having the same issue. I can go days without even opening the app and its still one of the top battery draining apps on my phone. I may have to just uninstall it and ride without using it.
  6. Link to the one you found? I have yet to find an actual handlebar that fits a mini pro. they are all for the ninebot mini.
  7. no, theres nothing to remove that will make it fit. the shape of the piece isn't even the same and I don't even see a way to remove the adjustable knee bar on the mini pro. Even then, they don't line up.
  8. I ordered one and just received it from alieexpress but it won't work with a segway mini pro, only the ninebot mini. If anyone is looking for one and doesn't want to have to wait a long time for shipping from china, PM me.
  9. Your bot is beyond saving. Same thing happened to mine. You need to send it back to seller, or send it in to control board replaced.
  10. Im not in speed limit mode. That's the little speed dial that's located on the bottom left of the app. It is disabled.
  11. Been using the Segway Mini Pro for a week or so now and even though its supposed to be able to top out at 10mph, the app speed settings only show up to 6.2mph. Ive put roughly 15 miles on it already so im wondering why is this the case?
  12. I would avoid the international mini at all costs. Stick to buying the Segway minipro. It may cost more but you get full warranty and support in the US which you don't with the ninebot mini. Spend the extra money and protect your purchase.
  13. Wow this is great. From the notes it looks like almost all of the major concerns have been addressed or fixed. Mostly I was annoyed by the constant beeping and lean back when going just above 9-10 mph. Now looks like it will only beep and lean back when it detects serious over speed riding.
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