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  1. at our cattle farm and for fun as well http://www.gallowayfarm.at/e-mobility.html
  2. I think for EUCs it's enough to apply these protecitve gear stuff: https://www.google.at/?gfe_rd=ssl&ei=Dwx5V8G_Ds2DaOGOiMAC#q=skateboard+protective+gear
  3. Stopped raining - and I was out and riding @houseofjob: Yes, you are totally right, stepping on the KS18 one have to keep the wheel really beneath the body. Jumping on is now evolving. I also did my first steep hill ride today which went quite well - @Bryan Wells is also right, to squeeze the body of the KS18 and forcing it forward with your knees works. Guys, it's a cool tool! Thanks!
  4. @houseofjob: Wow and yeah! I got excited when reading your instruction and I immediately wanted to get out to try but it's raining cats and dogs so I have to wait till weather will clear up. However many thanks! And I will be back either with further questions or with some success stories! Another question is on how to ride up steep roads... I experienced that I have to lean quite far forward to keep the wheel going, but then I immediately will put my weight on the ball of the foot and the wheels starts to wobbling... I know, a lots of questions, but I am quite enthusiastic and I have plans to do a longer ride (may be also to climb up a mountain road) in two weeks time...
  5. Okay guys, got the message; blood, tears and sweat... except tears the others I already experienced
  6. @dmethvin ok, I will practicing - @Chuts yes, you are right, I also experienced the importance of placing the sole at right position, I will keep practicing...
  7. I got my KS-18 this Wednesday (22nd of June) and I started from scratch. I had the chance to practice on 4 days 80 minutes each. Now I am able to drive my KS18 (I allready have done 45 km) in flat tar roads. I also tried to get up (and down) some hills, which went ok, but at all I am still struggling to make starts. Most of the time I am failing the first start and I am also struggling to get straight forward after having stepped on my KS18. I am also struggling to hit exactly the route I want to go because of countermovements. I am also able to curve, but I am also quite unstable. And I am also not able to drive at low speed. When slowing down I have to get off my KS18, sometimes I am able to delay the stop by countermovements but most of the time I have to jump off. Any recommendations on practices on who to improve my Performance? Many thanks in advance Martin
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