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  1. manual for controller from Microworks MW-Controller_SPEC_中英版_V3.1_20160517.pdf
  2. Dear valued Customers, 30B4 was stopped for a long time. We plan to re-produce it. Now is collecting from your requirement. If quantity over 300 pcs, we will re-produce it. we have another model 30A, functions like 30B4, without bluetooth. More detials , please see the link below http://forum.electricunicycle.org/profile/7323-wu-jessi/?csrfKey=78cfa2ed4edf42ad1352366ac50296c3
  3. shipping to US, 1 pc GEEKWHEEL scooter , shipping cost 138 USD now. It is expensive ? or you have better forwarder, please recommend to us. thank you
  4. we are thinking of selling 40A for super users. But we dont have suitable motor to match 40A. Only 500W motor is not enough for its performance.
  5. Yes, 30C/40A only supports iOS system. If android, that would install controller 30B4.
  6. Thanks for your suggestion, we will think of changing a new name for whole EUC.
  7. Any question, please contact us. For shipping cost, please ask us for that. The shipping cost on alibaba is not exactly. Tel: 0086-136 6042 4065 ( whatsapp ) Skype: lizhigang540 Microworks Electronic Mechanical Co., Ltd Add. : 302, #3 Building, Xiantaoyuan Industrial area, Longgang, Shenzhen, China Website:http://microworks.en.alibaba.com
  8. You can tell us your EUC about motor and battery pack conditions? Maybe you just exchange new controller (30A/30B4) and big power motor. Your question will be sloved.
  9. Thank you. we have carbon case in stock now. Shipping to CANADA, shipping cost 152 USD. How much power you need ? 340 or 680 wh battery pack ?
  10. Yes, we can send whole scooter without battery pack. You can use your old one continuely. We will not paste the logo " geekwheel" on it. 1.) shipping cost 138 USD to USA now/ 2.) we don't suggest you ride it and charging meantime. 3.) If you need a trolley, we can help you purchase it in China. 4.) As i said, Logo will not be paste on it ( without battery pack) 5.) Yes we will update it.( Now we use lastest controller 30C. It is more functions and stable. It used bluetooth 4.0 and support iOS system on the phone) Any question, please let me know without hesitation. thank you
  11. Thank you. yes it use wider tire 14x2.5 " ( width same as 18" inch wheel) for stable and off-road. I think you don't like 14" wheel because of the height of shell hit your leg.. feeling not comfortable. right ? We lock the shell from second screw hole. ( aluminum supportor). That will rise the place hitting your leg . Price like this link: shipping cost ( we will qutoe for you if need) https://wholesaler.alibaba.com/product-detail/Promotional-340-680wh-battery-GEEKWHEEL-DIY_60490047653.html Dear Max, if ship to USA, shipping cost 138 USD now. That is not exactly on alibaba. ( We used a template) So you see a expensive shipping cost. if another countries, please contact us / thank you
  12. Lz Lee


    The geekwheel GK14 Muscle, the riding feeling similar with 16 inch wheel . The total height be increased for getting more comfortable for legs. and wider tire improved EUC stable and strengthen ability for offroad.
  13. Lz Lee


    developing and customized Microworks EM CO., LTD
  14. the EUC price is not 500 USD. my friend. Our link is 388 USD with 340WH battery pack. We still sell controller 30B4. It is general parts for EUC. E-stop ... ? what button