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  1. Piggybacking is frankly a pathetic way of testing. dyno-rig is good idea,and all the others whoi commented it with some concerns they are all right about them. the fact is that GotWay @Linnea Lin Gotway @Jane Mo and all the rest of the gotway stuff wants only $$$'s money,they increase their profit by reducing cost buying crap materials. ignorant about health & safety,dont care at all, and when someone injuries him/herself then all they could say is that they were riding it inappropriatley..what a bunch of 1d1ots and loads of cr@p. there should be an EUC factory in the Us and in the UK and leave GotWay and their sh1t to disappear from market, fed up with their cr@p for sure.I wish they go bankcrupt one day,then i will open a champagne!
  2. Hmm, well, fair enough, cant deny, it's better to wait and save a bit more and buy from a (local) distributor than directly from the factory, but in the same time it's a bit scary too...
  3. why would you insert it in a bicycle? for those purposes you can spend less by buying only the hub motor itself.?? Safety? Here and now means assurance of durability of the axle, not having to worry that it will snap whilst riding your wheel. Or by knowing it's such a week part of the system it could have been removable, able to separate from the motor and not built into it making the whole situation more afforable etc.
  4. well, the axle should definitely be much more thicker, durable, tougher etc. not sure why they stick to this diameter? oh, they have to change settings on factory machines, big deal, it's for health & safety...The reason I buy this brand is becasue there isn't any other that would suit my needs as much as this one, but that doesnt mean that I will like chinese inventions from now on...it's hard to put this label on them but they will never ever change is quality.. cheap affordable materlial >100% profit...
  5. I don't think that you should go that deep into this to say that I put too much km in my wheel, since you don't know that, in fact, euc extreme put the most in his v2 than anyone ever, riding it aggressively and it's still in one piece. So, let's not go that deep ito this part. On the other hand, yes, I would be happy if they cover some % of the cost, like 50% or something, but the main reason of me being upset is that they dont even reply, not showing any willingness of effort to help me, that's what so pathetic in the whole situation...
  6. It's weird that I've been told by @Linnea Lin Gotway and @Jane Mo that I lost the factory warranty due to riding through poddles, but I haven't done that, and now Ian was testing v3 the same way and I can't see any post from a GotWay staff. How's that?? The story is that my axle snapped while I was riding my v2 and been told I won't get new motor because I didn't ride it as it should be. How can they say that? How do they knoiw that?? In fact, I was looking after it as muc has I could and there you go, I'm still fighting, but no replies at all. Is this the way they treat customers? Wouldn't you consider buying from them from now on? What happens if you received a faulty model? What is the guarantee that you will get reimburset or compensated for that??? As far as I know I'm not the only one having this problem so far and I'm asking your help to fight against this as it could lead to severe injuries or even death. My right knee and shoulder is still hurt even though i was wearing protectives and wasnt ridning that fast as i was about to slow down. So this is gotway's true face to handle aftersale complaints, ignoring customers. Thanks for reading...
  7. Is the 1600wh 80v the high torque and the 1640wh 67.2v the high speed edition?
  8. What is the difference between the 1640wh and 1600wh model besides the voltage (80v/67.2v)?
  9. Thank you @vdubers for sharing your thoughts! Much appreciated! Unfortunately I've still not received any reply from @Linnea Lin Gotway nor @Jane Mo. They keep pointing at each other instead of solving my quality problem...
  10. Thank you, I appreciate your symphaty and effort!
  11. She said the same what @Thewheeldeal that it is my fault I had an accident. It's my fault I live in the rainy, moisty UK. I didn't do any exessive jumping, nor rode it into deep water or whatsoever. @Linnea Lin Gotway would be great if you would reply and tell me if it is possible to get a new v2 motor?
  12. Hi, I'm having same issues with my v2. I purchased directly from linnea lin who's claiming that she does great aftersale customer care, well I told my story and I'm still not compensated. feel free to read my topic.
  13. my seller was linnea lin, straight from factory, so it's still within the 1 year warranty.
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