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  1. What's new in beta 5.3-227: - Added Intro - Trips: Improved UI - Trips: Returned ability for manual start new trip - Alarms: Max speed up to 80 kph - Fixed display of Battery Capacity
  2. Statistics DarknessBot model of electric vehicle on August 13:
  3. Can you to provide crashreports? On macOS: ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice (after iPhone sync via iTunes)
  4. This is no issue, because 4.2V per cell = 100%, 3.3V - 0% (by safety reasons). You can ride with lower voltage, but it's unsafety. DarknessBot will not motivate such a trip
  5. You can see your realtime speed, current, total and remaining mileage, battery and temperature. Also you can make beep, turn torch/lights/lock. AW over jacket will be works but only without pincode. AW locks automatically by security reason if not detects your hand.
  6. Of course. Don't change max speed settings in DarknessBot. In future I planning fix max speed settings for Gotway.
  7. @OliG Garmin integration is not planned for near time. Check DarknessBot's roadmap
  8. What's new in beta 5.3-226: - Added support of 100V devices - Xiaomi Mi Scooter: Fixed speed display - Returned Imperial system setting
  9. Can you provide video of screen with dashboard and speed changing?
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