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  1. Zero or Lhotz? Can you guys advise? My primary usage is last mile commuting to train station.
  2. Pegasi

    Age poll

    I showed the result to my friend who laughed at me playing young man game - after he saw that he immediately decided to buy one!
  3. @GerryM Are you aware of the age poll? Show the result to your wife and she will let you buy a faster wheel than X3! forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/1388-age-poll/
  4. @NevNutz also can we create a separate thread for south bay riders? I went to Stanford yesterday and seems a quite nice place to ride unicycles!
  5. Pegasi

    Age poll

    20-29 is not highest, even close to the group size of 60+. I just passed 30 and my friends making fun of me "playing young man game". I took it as a compliment
  6. I am newbie and just got airwheel X3 a month ago. Seems it is hitting warning speed very easily. I held my GPS yesterday and it started beeping at 8.X mph and at 9.5 mph it started tilt back. It is definitely enough to ride on pedestrian walk but too slow on bike lane. The good thing it is cheap - you won't feel bad to put scratches on it I am researching other brands for faster top speed. Looks like IPS zero is a good balance of speed, weight, look and price?
  7. Oh nice! I explored a lot here and seems Gotway is fastest wheel among all of them. Hope I will not be left behind too much
  8. Pegasi

    Age poll

    Wow the result is surprising!
  9. I am new here and just messed up pasting images.
  10. Yes it is really great name for this product. In Chinese there is a close word "风(air)火(fire)轮(wheel)" which are the wheels under a mythological character. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nezha_(deity) ~ Picture is from Google image search - an euc photo sneaks into the top results.
  11. Have dental appointment scheduled today - you guys have fun! I have the cheapest most entry level airwheel X3. Before I found this forum I never know there are so many different brands and models - some can go as fast as 2X speed than airwheel. What do you guys ride?
  12. Pegasi


    @Planetpapi you missed the stop sign; and so did the bikers
  13. Hi everyone I am a newbie! Any plans for recent group riding? I am looking forward to joining!
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