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  1. Typically what i did was i was staying in a camping and got up as early as possible (when the sun was up) took some time to eat and put all my stuff back in backpack and left usually around 7h-8h. I was riding a Gotway ACM 820. i had two chargers to charge fully in 2h30min. I did usually 20-25Km (1h-1h30) and then allowed me to stop for coffee (45m) and if possible charge battery. Always look for places were you can possibly charge. So then i did again 20-30km before stopping for lunch and then i stop for around 1h30 allowing to charge the battery again and visiting the place were i
  2. Hi, I think this is a fantastic idea. I did 2 weeks trip to Avignon in September from Brussels. Have a look at http://www.onmywheel.be You will read (english/french) and see what are the difficulties. Don't take too much weight...don't expect to ride more than 100km/day.... Also you absolutely need a dual charger i mean a dual charge doctor, so you can charge faster. Use charging time as discovering time and visit nice places. and never underestimate the weather or the mountains/hills it can prove to be deadly for a battery. Feel free to ask all your questio
  3. @TremF Thanks for your answer, that's exactly what i wanted to know. Can you share how long it takes to fully charge your battery (as well as capacity?) I have the 820wh (6h charging fully), i hope to reduce the charging time but can you tell me by how much? Thanks a lot!
  4. yeah but i guess what you try to measure is the amount of power you consume in one hour (Watt/hour) so if you consume 150w in 40min i guess 225 in 1 hours is correct... I believe that W/h is amount of watt consumed in one hour or am i wrong here...
  5. Hello, Looking for ideas to charge our wheels faster. i've seen that charge doctor 2 seems to be able to charge faster with two charger but to me (newbie) this still sounds a bit complex. I got an ACM16 and an MCM4HS and looking at the charger it's exactly the same: DC 67.2 1.75A So i guess my MCM340 is charging in about 2h30min, the ACM16 820mh is charging in about 6h. I am looking to possibly do a long trip with one of those but don't know yet which one i will take. I will probably do a lot of km and will need to charge on the road finding points to recharge, probably
  6. @EricGhost I believe you mean 150 * 60/40 = 225 Wh (assuming you consume 150w in 40 min, at same speed and path in 60 min you would consume 225w) or no?
  7. Thanks for your reply @Chriull yes what i wanted to achieve is calculate my consumption in used energy wh for a km/mile How would you recommend measuring this? Thanks
  8. @JumpMaster Thanks for the App it's great. Just want to try to understand a few basic things that are maybe for newbies: I opened a csv generated from a ride and had something like this: date time speed voltage current power battery_level distance temperature fan_status 05/08/2016 18:29:33 0 66,03 3,12 206,01 100 0 22 0 05/08/2016 18:
  9. Price reduced to 1300€ including Trolley
  10. it's version with red pedals so i guess V2 Bought in July 2016
  11. Selling an Gotway ACM 16 820mh brand new in central Belgium (contact me for other destination) price: 1350€. Trolley included Brand new not opened.
  12. I confirm on a gotway MCM4 HS 340mw it connects and fetch all the data. I managed to easily find the csv file as well, it seems that it's partial, i mean that it doesn't log all but i need to retest as i did only a quick test. @JumpMaster Wonderful work! it's great to have a nice app with measures and nicely finished! I will keep testing. What would be fantastic is to have an estimation of remaining distance based upon the consumption history, like they do on ninebot. you have the distance and the power consumed....could that be an option? Great work!
  13. Hello @Battling do you already have the test version or only the version that is on the store? with the store version you won't have gotway support it seems, as i can read from first post. So register as tester and wait until the test version is pushed on your installed version and then try again. I am doing that. Waiting for the test version to come.
  14. Hello yes i have an original one! I figured it out but was wondering if there was a youtube video. (i should have done one) I believe what people should know is that you need to remove screw from the pedals and then insert the big black ones into the pedals. I had some difficulties as the sizes are not completely good and it needed some re-alignement in order to fit correctly. Thanks for proposing help by the way! I installed it at the back, but did anyone tried to install it at the front? (is it easier to drag like a suitcase?) Also it might be obvious to say but it'
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