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  1. Good news! Just one question: will the app still look like a student project from college? and will half of the text phrases be in chinese? and half of the remaining half in some worse-than-robot-translation English? Oh that was three questions. Sorry!
  2. I was thinking the same thing. I know when I have fallen off my euc I have gotten totally crazy top speeds in the app due to the wheel being lifted from the ground and just keeping spinning and accelerating. By "crazy top speed" I do not mean anything totally unrealistic, but perhaps 30-40 kmph or so, and this was at the time while I was still learning and definitely did never ride faster than around 10 kmph, that way I am certain this was not my real top speed, at least not as long as I was standing upright on the pedals.... To OP: I would ask you to make sure there are no people or valuable property of others around you the next time you decide to do this. I guess I cannot prevent you from being nuts but as long as you don't involve other people or other peoples worthful stuff, it's pretty much your own call. Having said that, I wish you a quick and successful recovery! Take care.
  3. I am perfectly aware of Jasons super-great reputation on this board, and I have no problem with that. I have no doubt in that he has earned his reputation by being awesome. I have also noticed his unflagging struggle for pushing the manufacturers on the right track in regards to app functionality, security, hardware design etc. I am sure this has had an impact on the industy as a whole and I am thankful for that. BUT: If I visit a web shop that has put up items for sale and they are in stock, I would not consider this a very pleasant shopping experience if the order was cancelled with reference to that the products are reserved for existing customers. It would of course be a totally different story if this was clearly communicated on the web site. Then I would not have a problem with that. However, if I had a web shop and would like to honor existing customers, I would probably give them a discount, offered directly to those people, and let anyone buy anything to a higher price. I'm not saying this is something you cannot do. For sure you can do anything (ish). I'm just saying that it is totally against the norm in web shopping to put up items for sale and then hide some odd terms and conditions in a faraway place on the web site that would make the potential customers feel that they should apologize for having placed an order. You could act this way, but I would not consider this a good move if you want to excel in service mindness and increase the customer base. The fact that someone does a great job almost all the time could by no means imply that it would be rude or wrong or taboo to point out the events where the very same person does not live up to his/her usual standards.
  4. Today I updated the Kingsong App and I thought I had been waiting out all the issues with the pervious version that was released recently. But maybe I was wrong. How on earth do you register an account? I can enter a phone number or an email address, and I will get verification codes. but when I click to proceed the app will tell me that the phone number or the email address, is on the wrong format. Which is funny because the system apparently managed to send verification codes to them. Help please! would like to pass this step so I can go on complaining about the user interface and the english phrases instead :P
  5. Ouch, okay, sounds like that will be a bit of a too complex project to be worth it then...
  6. I stumbled over this seller on Aliexpress, selling accessories for Kingsong 16 inch wheels: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/KINGSONG-16inch-electric-unicycle-All-accessories-parts-motor-shell-Controller-motherboard-Pull-rod-handle-lever-Light/32832356086.html This made me think about if it would be possible to upgrade my Kingsong KS16B to KS16S by replacing my current motor and controller card with new ones? Since I think I have read that the shell is almost the same for B and S. Not that I am exactly sure what model the accessories from this Aliexpress seller is suitable for, you cannot tell from the product descriptions (at least I can't...). But, hypothetically: would it be possible, or if not: what would be the caveats? And would it be enough to replace the motor and the controller or are there other parts that are vital for a successful upgrade?
  7. The charger does not necessarily output the voltage printed on it, but if you measure it you could recalibrate. I have fucked up my charge doc by the way. I did not have the manual at hand and just made some random fiddling based on some vague resemblance that turned out to be terribly incorrect. But thanks to a multimeter, cables and some support from @hobby16, it's now recalibrated again. Btw, the multimeter was not some super "sensitive equipment", just a pretty ordinary one. But to me it's not that important if the charging is shutoff when the battery is charged to 75% or 80%, so I don't care very much about that.
  8. Someone will recommend slime (edit: @Mono just did :)). Replacing an innertube might take some time, and I presume it's the labour work that will be the costly part here, since the tube itself is not that expensive. You might want to try to do this yourself, here is a video showing how to do it. But check out if you break any warranties first. And If you are (like me) an idiot when it comes to mechanical repair, take pictures/videos along the way while you work, since that could be very handy later on when doing everything in reverse order.
  9. I just wanted to share my latest purchase: a carrying backpack for electric unicycles. I bought it from Ali Express, and thereby not having very high expectations on it. It feels pretty robust though, which it also needs to be to carry my 20kg-ish ks16. Since it arrived today, I have no idea how well it will keep up in the long run, but at a very quick glance I am surprised by the apparently nice build quality. It's almost too small (I bought the 16 inch version, there are smaller ones suited for 14 and 12 inch wheels), but if you have a slimmer 16-inch wheel than the rather bulky ks16 it will work fine. I had to struggle a bit to fasten the clip in the center-front. I finally made it, but it's really really tight. Anyway, it's cheap and it has a couple of pockets to store other accessories in. I will try it out and see if it does it's job or not. If it turns out to wear/tear apart unusually fast, I will of course let you know. If you are interested, you'll find it here for about 35 US bucks/30 euro-money: https://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/0.html?productId=32745734345
  10. i breathed a sigh of relief when I came to the end of your post and realized that this was really NOT your last ride. You know how to string your readers along! But nicely written, thanks for sharing.
  11. I believe these measures are wise. I have a cable lock with a loud siren alarm built-in, and it is app controlled through bluetooth. which means that if someone would take my wheel and walk away with it a too far distance so that the bluetooth connection is broken, the siren will ring. Or I can just activate it in the phone immediately. But foremost I think it's a protection just by sitting there and hopefully keeps people staying off from wanting to steal.
  12. I imagine that would be totally impossible to judge just by looking at someone (or being beaten up by someone). I imagine what the person who asked has on mind is the ethnical appearance (which is very different from being native-born).
  13. Yuck. How primitive. I'm really sorry! However very cool of you to have presence of mind to note the license number, I'll keep my fingers crossed that it will pay off.
  14. Thanks! If you use 3oz, then I use 3oz, I trust you . Now my tube is slimed! Have not had any chance to ride it yet after that though, but I don't expect it to be any different compared to without the green sludge.
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