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  1. Wrong address, please check. There ist nothing in the tutorial that points to the zip, except of downloading it. And your Zip Link points to a wrong zip file.
  2. Time to start a new topic. I have 4 ninebot tires (as you know I own 2 Mini Pro) which loose constantly pressure. The tires get holes very quickly. I'm not sure, but I thing the valves aren't the best too. I always have a little CO2 pump with me and a small bottle of Stans NoTubes Milk, but I can't get the tires tight completely. Do you have the same experiences? Any better tricks?
  3. Can your contact there post to bbs.xiaomi and give them a link to the downgrade site? Ninebot / Xiaomi postet there a long letter to the users and they are very angry about the situation. For me, this would be a big satisfaction after what they (Ninebot / Xioami) have done to us.
  4. Don't ride with stilettos or f me boots I'm back from my ride, now more than 75 km with downgraded firmware. Tested it extremly (I have 100 kg weight) accelleration, breaking, full speed to hills, extremlybad roads, offroad and so on. No Problems... Of cause it's not fool proof, when you are not good at driving it, at such situations and don't have a feeling for it, you will find yourself on the ground. With the 1.2.8 this seems really impossible because the ninebot nanny is driving with you. But when you can't drive a car you will have the same effect.
  5. And it looks that I'm not allowed to post there... I thing the only possibility to inform them is thru the sellers at aliexpress, where many people here buyed their mini. Maybe someone has contact to them.
  6. Ok, last try I'm out of ideas. set dns1 and dns2 to Restart Phone and try again. when this doesn't work maybe the chinese app looks at another location for the file. Then I need a network trace from the update process readable with wireshark.
  7. Check C:\9BDgrader\www\appversion\appdownload\NinebotMini\v1.3.0 is there the Mini_Driver_V1.3.0.zip file in it? Copy the Ninebot Firmware (Mini_Driver_V1.1.7.zip) to C:\9BDgrader\www\appversion\appdownload\NinebotMini\v1.3.0 (copy the zip, don’t unpack!) and rename it to Mini_Driver_V1.3.0.zip Use Winrar and open the Mini_Driver_V1.3.0.zip with it. Rename the Mini_Driver_V1.1.7.bin file to Mini_Driver_V1.3.0.bin and close winrar.
  8. Yes, looks like an DNS problem when it trys to download firmware. Restart phone, set it to airplane and back and try again. OR YOU HAVENT DOWNLOADED THE 1.1.7 FIRMWARE FROM NINEBOT AND COPY AND RENAMED IT CORRECTLY. FOR ME IT LOOKS LIKE.
  9. Recheck the renaming part of the firmware zip and its contents. If you fail, give Alexanders Server a chance. And yes, try to set both dns servers. If you have a bad wifi connection, go near to your router.
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