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  1. Glad that i can help ^___^ I hope that you printed larger version (it is more durable)
  2. Hello! No this sounds from wheel and edgy feeling is not normal, you should go for replacement for sure And when you get your new unit, check firmware and maybe you really should not update since firmware1.1.7 was waaaaaay better than any other latter firmwares, better in terms of speed and freedom of ride (no stupid restrictions and uncomfortable "safety" tilt-backs)
  3. something went wrong because forum work fine for me and i see the link... anyways, you can go here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2464049 and see the explanation images. Basically it prevents ninebot's handlebar from eventual cracks
  4. i asked but his model is for bigger all-season tires, on your smaller stock-ones they will look odd. Nevertheless, he will send me the model, but if you want to print it you should modify it But on thee other hand maybe it is easier to buy new fender from aliexpress or taobao if you have stock tires...
  5. woah! i can ask a dude to give you 3d model of fender to print if it helps..
  6. our jaws are still on the floor so we are silent in awe ohh those Russians...
  7. oh yesss. i got 3 broken handlebars on my hands so yes it is aluminium cracking alright
  8. Nice to see model made in Russia, printed in Israel took it place in Chicago US
  9. I believe that this is factory loctite and you a lucky one
  10. Thats why i bought second mini for my wife
  11. s'well bottle — ok but they are came in 3 sizes: 9, 17, 25 oz Which one?
  12. well then, we need to specify exact dimensions of bottle for holder so i can do a model. Is there a some fine and convinient bottle model that you all can buy or get?
  13. Guys, i can design a 3d-printed version of such holder. Tell me please here, in this topic: who is interested in such thing and we'll see what can be done )