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  1. iCafe

    Hey Esaj!

    Please add us to your where to buy list!

    iWheel of Sweden http://www.iwheel.se Gotway, Kingsong, Veteran Official Dealer

    iWheel of Sweden is electric unicycle company born out of a passion for one wheel racing. Our design team have been involved in this revolutionary technology from the beginning of 2010. We are always working on own design prototypes of extreme wheels with insane capabilities beyond all imagination, as drone assisted EUCs, one wheel motorcycles, racing wheels, etc. Together with leading manufacturers in business we can now bring You new exiting wheels that lighter, faster, stronger, but safer!

    Our Address: S:t Eriksg. 21, 11239 Stockholm, Sweden.
    We are Open all working days 9am-5pm.

    Call us at +46 738 000 333         Epost: i(at)rd.se

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