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  1. My motor code: 1702 Production code: 1703 I rode >700km on it. No such oscillations problems (this is MSuper V3s+).
  2. vla

    Msuper v3s hit 47km/h easy, WOW.....

    What about MSuper? I always read this about all Gotways, yet my MSuper shows the same speed as GPS does. I checked several times by switching between GPS app and Wheellog/Gotway app and values were nearly the same in area of 15-30km/h. Then I left Wheellog and GPS app in the background, went on a ride, and after that both apps showed exactly the same max speed = 39.3km/h.
  3. vla

    Msuper v3s hit 47km/h easy, WOW.....

    Above page does not load for me. On youtube you can find electro-sport.de test. Msuper v3s+ gave up at: 1. 67km/h without load 2. 63km/h with 75kg load Question is whether load test takes air resistance and other factors into consideration.
  4. vla

    Ninebot One S2 vs InMotion V5F+

    I like these LEDs. One of the reasons I bought E+ were LEDs and they are the only component that do not work. I am limited in what colors can I choose. This new InMotion wheel looks great, I'm waiting for it, for more info. But also - in this topic: there is a list of brands that do not actively try to kill you. InMotion is in the "less dangerous" section: "Inmotion - Could be safe. Awaiting answers from manufacturer." Does anybody have any more updated information about it? @Jason McNeil maybe you know?
  5. vla

    E+ wobbly at slow speeds

    I was riding (E+) at 3 riding mode for several months. Then some weeks ago I switched to 7. Yesterday I switched back to 3 and the wheel was wobbling like crazy at slow speed. I was afraid to go any fast, so I only know how it is when slow. Now I have set the riding mode to 6 and it's OK. I will need to do more tests. Maybe I just forgot the riding technique on 3 - this would indicate the wheel is OK and that would be good. But it may be that my wheel is broken, I would need to send it to guarantee and buy another wheel - that would also be good.
  6. vla

    Inmotion V5F+ review

    My experience with E+ is opposite :). I insert: first bot, then wall - I get "sparkling" at the wall end. I insert: first wall, then bot - everything is OK. Opposite when unplugging.
  7. vla

    Ninebot One E+ Upgrade to 1.4.0 Poll

    It is not me on the video. I have just put a square on top of the video. The hill may be 20. The local place on which the shutdown happens may be more like about 32. I have hard time to measure that, so I may be wrong with this. I was watching other videos of Gran some time ago. IIRC he told he did more than 2000km without a single problem. And now after upgrade he cannot trust the wheel anymore. I think he chose this incline to show you how the problem looks like. Probably it's harder to reproduce on flat for him. My guess. But still - they say this happens not only on inclines but also when speeding up, on hard breaking, on uneven road. I would not defend Ninebot by finding out excuses like not having enough torque for such pavement. If you have wheel which is super stable for a long time, then you upgrade, then wheel starts to shut down occasionally - it's obviously a firmware bug. In general: from time to time I'm reading here that one should not go fast over bumps. The thing is I'm doing that all the time without a single problem for about 1700km. I'm afraid that if I would upgrade to newer firmware and the bot would shut down on a bump, then someone will tell me that I shouldn't have gone so fast over bump, the motor does not have enough torque, etc. In reality the firmware is to blame. If before the update it worked and after it doesn't - the firmware is to blame. About frying the motherboard: one day I was doing several kms of inclines and declines (some bigger than the above). The environment temperature: it was hot; I don't know exact temp., but it was hot. At some point E+ started to beep and flash red. I turned it off, turned on after 5 minutes and the temperature was 66 Celsius (151 Fahrenheit). Something similar happened when I was learning riding backwards and jumping. It was also a very hot day. The wheel warned me the same way. About inclines: I was sometimes testing riding up the ramp on the stairway. Something like this: I don't have any exact picture (this is random one from the internet), but I think mine was more than 32 degrees. I was scared so I was keeping my hand above the handrail. It happened that I stopped in the middle (not enough torque...) and gone back down backwards, or stop in the middle and pull myself to the top using arms. But E+ never shut down like in these videos. Never. @Fahrtwind Thanks - I start to believe that N1O owners should not upgrade. It seems to me that people who have N2O do not have problems. Yet I don't have enough data, only single reports, it just seems to correlate. Hope V5F+ will be great for you :).
  8. vla

    Ninebot One E+ Upgrade to 1.4.0 Poll

    Ok, I thought it is this. He says the hill is 20 degrees. I hear beep and see pedals tilting forward at 0:37. The description of the video says: " It can still push me up the 20 degree incline at the end of the video. Its sudden movements that trigger the alarm and shuts off the wheel before it restarts again. Quickly slowing down and speeding up will also result in a shutdown. Ninebot should really fix this issue ASAP " There is also second video of this author, which I did not watch, with his comment: " BE AWARE. After updating the wheel its less powerfull and have shut down on me and restarted in a split second when riding over uneven road from a stand still. I did push the wheel, but this is something i never had to worry about before. Yes the riding experience is smoother and more comfy at speeds, but with less power comes a higher risk of shutoff when the road is uneven. Also i have noticed motor hammering at top speed. Not a lot, but its the same type of feel when the motor is under a lot of stress and moving forward at increments. If you are still at V1.3.5.. stay there for now. Thank you´╗┐ " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_FicUW8ytA
  9. vla

    Ninebot One E+ Upgrade to 1.4.0 Poll

    I think that this video shows the problem: @Fahrtwind IIRC Author of this video mentioned that he has older Ninebot One E+ which maximum speed is slower (like about 19-20km/h (11.8-12.4 mph)). Do you have such version too? Do you know the start of your serial number (N2O? - recently I've read that all E+'s have N2O, but previously I've read that older ones did not) and motherboard version? I'm still on 1.3.5, so I don't know if I have the same problem.
  10. vla

    One E+: Opinion after 1000km (621 miles)

    Thank you for sharing too, it is always good to know that this wheel does the job for so long :). Ride mode: I was trying 8-9 modes at the beginning but I did not like them. Back then I was rather testing between 0 and 5 and ended up on 3 at the end. For a-lot-under-tilt-back speed I preferred lower than 3, but in reality I was ending up near-tilt-back pretty often and it was too severe when it started up. But after your post, I thought it will be fun to try bigger number again. I like changes. While 8 was too much wobble, 7 was really fun. So I was riding 7 yesterday and I'll keep that for some time. After the ride I was actually more tired than usually, but I was tired that day any way, so hard to tell if it's the mode. What's interesting - I started to feel even more confident on 7 than on 3. Also - as it is wobbling - it may be wise to gain confidence on big-modes, so that when you get unexpected wobble on low-mode, your subconsciousness already knows the feeling and it can handle the situation better :). Of course on low-mode the wobble means "slow down", but at least you don't panic, you can slow down more naturally and with a charm.
  11. vla

    One E+: Opinion after 1000km (621 miles)

    Good to know that, thanks :). Do you have motherboard version 1.3.1 or 1.3.0? Is the speed you got a constant speed (26 km/h for several minutes)? I was also thinking about GotWay MSuper3, but I'm not sure yet. GotWays and KingSongs are having this high-pitch noise during ride - it does not sound good on videos. I would like to compare some models in local shop but I don't have such shops around me. Also I've read that GotWay will turn off when you reach it's limit and this limit is changing based on battery level. I don't know - I would probably prefer something more smart, but there is not much choice. For now - my Ninebot is still pretty new - maybe I will buy more batteries to it to extend range and accept the speed and wait what will future bring :). I started to like going to work, just for the fun I get during commuting :).
  12. vla

    One E+: Opinion after 1000km (621 miles)

    Yesterday I've opened the bot to see motherboard version - it's 1.3. Firmware: 1.3.5 Serial: N20 I was also doing speed testing using the Ninebot App. Tilt-back was starting at 23km/h (14.3mph). I was testing the tilt-back speed, not the max possible speed (I was respecting the tilt-back, I was slowing down when it happened, not trying to ride faster on it). Yet I sometimes saw speeds above 24km/h (14.9mph) for a second or two. I only managed to do screenshot of 23.8.
  13. vla

    Firmware 1.4.0

    I did not know the answer, so I went for a ride to test. I did 17km (10.5 miles) constantly testing and according to Ninebot App the tiltback starts at 23km/h (14.3mph). Mode: 3 Pressure: around 3 (I have 2.8-3.45 bars tire) I don't know if I can trust the app that this 23km/h is real speed. Previously I tested some GPS based speedometers and they were showing me slightly different results between them. But regarding Ninebot App - the moment it starts showing 23 or more, the tiltback comes. 22.9 is ok, 23 - tiltback. Also, I was doing screenshots the first time today and the printscreen key combination (power + volume_down) activated the camera as the background once :). I was pretty astonished about what is happening at first, later I realized I already saw such screens in the internet and this must be well known function. I was also going to ask about smoothness, but I see you already answered in another topic, that it is more smooth and you like it :). I'm less afraid to update FW now, but I'm still staying at 1.3.5 for some time at least. @Vik's mentioned that there may be motor differences too. One motor type may be failing while being managed by 1.4.0, another not... Edit I have found out that the camera background is activated by touching the screen, not by shortcut :). But what's more important: when I was doing my screenshots, I've found out that my roll angle is wrong, it was -5. Based on @Vik's's information and @SuperSport's video (thanks guys :)) I have calibrated the wheel. (and BTW unfortunately I cannot get the same pitch angle as before right now. I tried to calibrate 6 times, first five were horribly wrong, the last one is better, so I kept it this way, but it's different than I'm accustomed too.) And I've tested tilt-back speed again: now it's 23.3km/h (14.5mph)! There may be other reason like maybe something happened to the pressure in the tire and now speedometer gives different results, but wanted to let you know - check your roll angle, maybe calibrating can speed the bot up. Today I was also testing using GPS app called Urban Biker. It was jumping between 22.5 and 23.4, most of the time being 22.5 and only sometimes jumping to 23.4. If you know android application for such speed tests, with greater accuracy, let me know.
  14. vla

    Firmware 1.4.0

    Thanks, I was not aware of Mobo versions differences. I checked mine: I have 1.3.0 (serial N20). I see that your 1.3.1 board burnt and @Cranium's one too and that 1.3.1 is (or was) used in P: "I received my Ninebot One P today [...] It is version 1.3.1 which happens to be the same as the control board that came on my Ninebot One E+ that I received a few weeks ago. My E+ was on firmware version 1.2.7 which had no reported issues when the board fried and dumped me to the ground. I was lucky I didn't get hurt and was able to get a replacement control board in only a week shipped from Ninebot with the help of Forward California. The replacement board was a version 1.3 board. I felt I had been downgraded but after looking at the Mosfet ratings, I was ok with it. It has worked fine so far." @cbgti So you have the same as me (N20 1.3.0), but I stayed on FW 1.3.5. You tried to check max speed and wheel passed this test and is not slower. And generally - are you driving fast and dynamically or slow and gently? I drive in both styles, so the wheel needs to allow the fast and dynamic style too. My FW 1.3.5 allows that, I am wondering if 1.4.0 too.
  15. vla

    Firmware 1.4.0

    Hello, thanks for info. I was wondering: how comes that some have problems and some not. Maybe it depends on riding style (aggressive and pushing to the limits may be problematic for the new firmware) but I see you tried to reach max speed. Maybe it depends on motherboard? Is your serial number starting with N1 or with N2? I suppose it's N2, because it's faster.