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  1. App 3.5.1 is the last one, which is ok. It's the Version I used for Downgrade. I've added this to the How-To a few days ago. On my Android Phone I've installed an App called Netguard (Basic version is free) to prevent the Ninebot app from internet access. No "new firmware" messages anymore.
  2. Check the installed firmware, very sure it will be 1.2.8. I haven't checked the process from eg. 1.2.7 ==> 1.1.7 but I'm sure it will work. If they will send you a newer one than the 1.2.8, choose the downgrade.
  3. They try to censor the downgrade posts and delete them. But I think its to late, the genie is out of the bottle.
  4. Hard to say, but there seems to be a great demand for the downgrade. This thread has 300+ visitors a day. And I helped a lot of people worldwide with the downgrade via chat.
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