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  1. Loose bolts, I had the same on a 16A but it never died on me. Try to hold the wheel steady and rock the fotstands to see if you have any play there. I could not feel any play until I took it apart and then it was obvious.
  2. I actually used that one
  3. Just thinking if it's tightly screwed no dirt should be able to penetrate between the surfaces. Anyway, my second operation looks like a success, this time i used glue to avoid having it shaking loose and so far so good but I did however replace the screws and the top part of the leg.
  4. The pilar is just ok at least the lower part. So this is what I did after taking the hole thing apart: Trying to tightening the pilar and screws that was already on. This also including taking the pilar of and trying to adjust the angle to get it to point outwards. No success, still leaning inwards Only changing the top part of the pilar and the screws/bolts (not native English speaker so what's the term here?) and this did the trick. So it was either the top pilar part or screws. I can't see anything that looks bad on any of the parts so I really don't know. Anyway, the loosening problem is back again after riding about 10 km so there will be a new operation tomorrow. At the end of my ride yesterday I noticed and play when I moved forward and backwards or when rocking it forward and backward so I think I was a bit optimistic only tightening the bolts without any locking glue so this time I'll be aiming for something like Loctite 243 just hope I can get the bloody thing off again after.
  5. Hmm... Well, I don't have any other good explanation really. Anyway seems like this should not happen again and I'm fine with that
  6. No I know, I did however see some other post about something similar. I hope it's a one timer and if not at least I know how to fix it.
  7. JB01

    New firmware v 1.22

    I can move my feet at speed but far away from safely so I think you're right in more training needed. I think relaxing is the key issue here. One problem is probably going to fast, better to only go as fast as I can while still being relaxed
  8. Yes, I had a couple of bad ones but not close to the bent leg problem. But it's not so strange, so what I tried was to get the wheel balanced meaning leaning the wheel heavily to the left and getting up on the right foot. I kind of doubt that a m8 bolt can take that kind of force without bending. Even if I had this problem I'm really impressed by the build quality
  9. JB01

    New firmware v 1.22

    So if you go say 10 km with no breaks is it still comfortable and in that case how was it for you in the beginning and how long time did it take before you got eperienced enough to get rid of the foot pain?
  10. JB01

    New firmware v 1.22

    Hmmm... that might just be right So the other problem that I have is that I can't go longer distances because I get so tired in/under my feet. 4-5 km is max. I also bend my knees and that becomes tiering as well. Managing to ride relaxed is in my personal development pipeline so maybe the wobbling goes away then as well.
  11. Hi all, just a quick summary of a problem I had with KS16 which is now resolved with the good support of @Jason McNeil So I have a KS16 which I had been riding for about a month when I heard a scraping noise somewhere from the machine. It turned out that one of the "arms" between the foot stand and the wheel was so bent that it scraped against the when when I was turning/leaning. I contacted Jason from whom I bought the wheel and got replacement parts straight away which I'm really grateful for. So after taking the poor thing apart I never managed to get the foot stands off so I could not change the hole "arm". Instead I just changed the bolts and the upper part of the "arm" and that seems to have done the trick. I haven't gone very far yet so worst case I'll get the same problem again but I kind of doubt that. Anyway, this is just a general message if you have the same problem then it might very well be a quite easy thing to get fixed so don't panic like I did. I'm 90 kg and don't ride like crazy (over 40), but it might be that this has happen when I was training doing a one foot start (2*90 on one side). So what I'm thinking here is that maybe it's possible to get some better harden bolts if the problem comes back. The only question is how much torque I dare to use when the "arms" are aluminum. A final note is that the faulty bolts are straight so my guess is that the material got weaker allowing it to flex. Separating this arm into two different sections looks like a bad design choice compared to ninebot that only uses one piece of metal but maybe there is some good reason for it.
  12. JB01

    New firmware v 1.22

    I would say it first throws to the right side then to the left etc. It's like it becomes a bit unstable and then get something similar to acoustic feedback meaning enforcing it's own movement until you slow down. On the other hand this might also come down to the physics of the wheel in itself. If you have some space between your feet and the wheel when you ride it's not so strange if it gets unstable. I rarely go above 25 due to this.
  13. JB01

    New firmware v 1.22

    From what I can tell there is a bunch of small issues with light, sound etc but at the same time it seems that they have quite successfully improved the general drive experience so it sounds like a winner after all. Think I'll wait a bit however until we have more feedback from the community, the version I have works just fine so I don't have any panic upgrading
  14. JB01

    New firmware v 1.22

    Ok, good, thanks... I'll give it some time to see what pops up in the community
  15. JB01

    New firmware v 1.22

    Hmmm... No, I have never updated and only had it for a couple of month. Yeah, you might be right there, if it ain't broken.... I do however get some wobbling at higher speed and I was hoping to get rid of that but it might also be due to an inexperienced driver. But if I would do the upgrade, can I skip the ones in between?
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