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  1. It's not all about the mass, it's about the rolling friction, also. Bigger tyres tends to have less inner pressure, which is compensated by the friction of the tyre. Personally, I noticed quite significant mileage drop on the ks16s after installing 2.5" tyre. Also, it's generally known, that wider and/or bigger tyres are dramatically reducing the torque of motorized vehicels, aka automobiles.
  2. WaveCut

    IPS S5

    Front left Led strip doesn't work out of the box?
  3. Updated top message with the essentials of the latest info from announcement thread by @Unventor
  4. inmotion left specs unaltered while updated their battery in V10
  5. I doubt that we'll see new Rockwheel products in the near future
  6. This post will be updated as new info will come public. As far as we know from this forum and rumors, Inmotion is planning to announce theirs new 16- and 18-incher wheels. It was planned to be announced at CES 2020 on 7 to 10 january 2020 in Las Vegas, but didn't happen then. There are some rumors on suspension system and widest tire (across Inmotion products line). Marketed usage scenario is long distance and/or off-road rides. The model names is supposedly V12 and V15, not confirmed, though. Release dates are approx. April 2020, followed by the end of October 2020.
  7. WaveCut

    InMotion V8f

    Official https://www.inmotionworld.com/product/electric-unicycle-inmotion-v8f
  8. WaveCut

    InMotion V8f

    Moreover, you'll get local warranty which is the must with such complex thing
  9. WaveCut

    InMotion V8f

    @mrelwood I mean no offense, sorry for that
  10. WaveCut

    InMotion V8f

    AFAIK, not confirmed: V8 controller hard limits current at level of 25A, and thats the reason of so called "pendulum effect" when controller cant draw. more power in moment to balance out, which leads to extreme tilt forward or back, then tries to outplay this fast, hits, either, battery voltage drop, or (in case if battery is not an issue, 3P) current limit, starts to oscillate back and forth and cant play it out. Depending on if you have stock battery or modified 3P version you'll either fall down because of voltage drop (read power drop), or have weird second riding wild mustang. Oh my god you can't be wrong more than that. It's your lack of confidence mistake.
  11. WaveCut

    U.S. i5 retailer?

    I'm using i5 as my backup wheel in my car, when i need to commute in city while I parked my car far away from the point of interest. It does great. also I had fun riding it for a long distances. However it's not lightning fast. Im 85kg atm, all good.
  12. definitely not the case though
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