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  1. WaveCut

    Inmotion, are you listening?

    You're not the first there! Saw some cool motor themed cover stickers in SG Wheelers facebook group years ago. 3D would be the next level, though!
  2. WaveCut

    Inmotion, are you listening?

    Luckily, Inmotion tends to be up to date company and can calculate risks, I think, so they already declined that prototype and V10 released instead. The new wheel will be something hot, but nothing like this piece of ... frame, @mrelwood .
  3. WaveCut

    Inmotion, are you listening?

    That means that such wheel concept will fail IRL.
  4. WaveCut

    Inmotion, are you listening?

    You're kinda paranoid. It's not personal. Do not turn against me because of the fact, that I just don't like this wheel concept, and downvoting it, and the noise about it.
  5. WaveCut

    Inmotion, are you listening?

    Yeah, InMotion, do this and lose your money and market share because of the bunch of non-formal askers. :/
  6. WaveCut

    A couple more weird things with the 18L...

    they were able to reproduce bug and now issuing antistatic film fix
  7. WaveCut

    IPS S5

    What a shame for IPS
  8. WaveCut

    New GT18 Wheel Coming

    That the ugliest thing I've ever seen in EUC world. Looks more like the DIY set than the quality product.
  9. WaveCut

    IPS S5

    @Randalab up!
  10. WaveCut

    New GT18 Wheel Coming

    Especially while turned off
  11. Shaking KS-18L was reproduced here in Belarus on Sunday, too. The difference that the wheel was not trolleyed but was standing still while turned on for about 5 mins. Once touched it a tarted to oscillate, then was lifted on the side, to trigger sage mode and turned off. Never reproduced then.
  12. WaveCut

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    you think right but real world would conquer this. I saw a couple of occasions with exactly same behavior. Steady state is the result of 2 of 3 halls are not faulty and when the phase is changed - faulty sensor affects phase.
  13. WaveCut

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    i would guess hall sensor failure
  14. WaveCut

    Anybody seen this from Inmotion?

    Vendor lock and geo restrictions