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  1. So far this is the top v8 riders tracked by DarknessBot app, in kilometers
  2. I believe this is controlled by main board, the app only displays it's version of what's empty battery, it should not prevent wheel from riding to what's empty battery for board.
  3. V11 gone wild OrneryTanFrog-mobile.mp4
  4. See https://t.me/Inmotiontelegram
  5. Good news everyone! Inmotion switched to Telegram now: JOIN TELEGRAM GROUP
  6. CAD Crop-Scale driven development
  7. @Marty Backe plz rename thread to be more relevant, also, add this pictures to top post
  8. It will be unsprung so its bad idea
  9. Found on Telegram, but i believe that the origin is the WeChat or Weibo
  10. Russian trace of V11 revealed
  11. Im sure its not what you think it is. My assumption is thats the speed of momentary free spin while you jumped down the border or lifted your wheel up while not pressed lock button, etc.
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