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  1. New still in box 2021 EXN for sale. Latest version with off-road tires, sealed mother board and honeycomb pedals. Will come with the foam seat, 3 different sets of power pads, a Black Crow Stand and a spare tire. I am located in the Los Angeles/Korea town area. Prefer local pick up only. Thanks. Larry
  2. Besides the orig mudguard from Begode, any alternative or 3D printed ones for the EXN??? Thanks.
  3. Pulled the trigger guys and got me the newer version EXN in place of the VS instead Now, the waiting game begins
  4. Saw this on YT: (1) รีวิว EXN 2021 มีอะไรต่างจากเดิมบ้าง!!! - YouTube
  5. I'm not really sure if I could wait for 4 months though. The only good thing about that is, I can practice more on my V8f til it gets here I really prefer the VS than the EXN....decisions....decisions
  6. Ok I need everybody's opinion and advice. So i pre ordered my Vet thru AliExpress last month. Yesterday, the seller emailed me that they're not sure when the wheel is going to be in stock again. They're saying that it might take another 3-4 months??? because of battery shortage. So now they're offering me the 2021 Begode EX.N with the updated offroad tires and the honeycomb pedals and the upgraded mother board. I like both wheels but i can only afford one. Should I go for the EXN or keep the preorder? What do you guys think.
  7. My spare V2 wide rim with rim tape under a Kenda 340A street tire for my upcoming Vet
  8. I guess when the V3 came out around 2015 it was considered an advance model already???
  9. This was my very first wheel that i bought around 2016. And when we move in 2017 i guess the wheel got boxed up. I really thought at the time of our move that i forgot it at the old house and completely forgot about it until today when we decide to unpack some of like 30 uhaul boxes of stuff The charger is probably around there somewhere . Hopefully the battery will still charge after almost 5 years of not being used.
  10. upbnsfrrfan

    V3 PRO

    Guess what I found while we were cleaning the garage....... I just couldn't find the charger for it though
  11. So the Shinko 244 should fit the EX.N then? A more aggressive looking tire
  12. Somehow, I always have that "frozen" feeling when I'm about to let go. Is that natural for first timers?
  13. Just got mine today. Practiced for an hour but so far I still could not get the balancing act to it. But I'll keep on trying. Less than an hour and it already has a battle scar on one of the pedals 😁
  14. Got this Westt Storm X full face from Amazon. Got it for a really good price. Fit is spot on. Very snug and comfortable and has dual visors 👍
  15. EUC power pads electric unicycle jumping pads Off road wheel flashing pads KingSong GotWay Veteran Immotion Ninebot|Scooter Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress
  16. Another Begode wheel converted to off road tires
  17. As long as they're waterproof
  18. The ones that I saw has red buttons 🙂
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