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  1. Are you sure that is the whole story about the patent? what i heard is different.
  2. all in the news now. http://www.newschannel10.com/story/32040095/hangzhou-chic-files-patent-infringement-suit-in-the-us-against-razor#
  3. the news is out and the lawsuit is happening in central district of California. Hangzhou Chic files suit against Razor USA over Hoverboard Design Patent On Thursday, May 19, 2016, Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Razor USA, LLC in federal court in the Central District of California. Chic alleges that Razor’s Hovertrax brand of electric personal transporters, commonly known as “hoverboards,” infringe Chic’s design patent, United States Design Patent No. D737,723. Chic’s patented design covers the familiar ornamental d
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