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  1. In reply to @Asif Ali AUTHENTICITY 1- It is necessary to become familiar with the appearance of the model visit the official Segway Ninebot websites, look also at the spare parts. In details, the place where is registered the mark, the official stickers of the mark and standards FCC, Europe, look at the packaging, the returns of users with an unbox http://shop.ninebot.cn/ 2 - Be familiar with all about Mini fake modeles Clone-Fake Help please. May have got scammed on fake Segway Mini Pro Full video about Ninebot Mini Pro Original (Europe Edition) VS Xiaomi Mini VS Replica Ninebot Mini Pro (eng sub) Take care to fake Mini and fake Mini parts, fake apk (new!) Perfect fake Mini: could you see differences ? weird fake ninebot mini almost like real Cloning Mini PLUS: when black is beautiful 3 - Ask the seller a screenshot of the datas in the Ninebot application Ask him if he has not put a bluetooth security code, for not to be blocked after when you will use it Check that all the data of the battery and the devie, the serial number, the firmware versions of the Mini and the BMS, etc., all these data must appear If not appears, it's a fake/clone Datas justify the authenticity of the Mini 4 - Ask for screenshot in the app about mileage 5 - Need Android Device, please install (unknow source) this apk Ninebattery app, this app will help you to check battery cells state, connect Mini by bluetooth 5 - Please check these parts ask to remove the battery and check each extremities to see if the chassis is not fractured https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/9091-warning-mini-mini-pro-owners-about-bodyframe/ Light front & back Listen each motorwheel Tires conditions If steering bar is unmount, check the steering shaft, the steering axis/shaft must not move Pads conditions: small pressure with two fingers on the front, then on the back, on each pads, are they reactive? If not, pads or joystick under are worn, or the pads have been removed and replaced incorrectly Take care (in China too), Mini PRO N3M260=22km mileage and Mini Pro N3M300 (China) N3M320 (world) = 30 km mileage Prices : please look and convert chinese prices with ninebot.cn store online (if you buy in China) For the world, Mini PRO second hand, price must be < 450$ Mini "S" price <300$, Lite too Mini Plus < 450$ @mrelwood I forgot something ?
  2. Bird is lauching in pre sale the Segway MAX customized (battery 12800 mAh, 473.6 Wh) : the Bird One https://shop.bird.co/index.html Price ? take your blood pressure before you see the price....$1299 (Plus tax and delivery fees) https://shop.bird.co/pdp.html It is indeed the Max Segway, below original FCC pictures
  3. Yes Z10 price is reaaly high, previous prices for Z10 were around 1300/1400 euros I will ask for a better price
  4. Gearbest launch a flash sale for the One Z6 Europe: free shipping, no tax Estimated Shipping Time: 35-50 business days $959 ONE Z6 USA shipping fees 247$ in 8-18 business days Ninebot One Z6 873€ InMotion V10 Europe : Free shipping, no tax Estimated Shipping Time: 35-50 business days USA: no ship InMotion V10 One Z10 2062.64€ fast delivery 5 days.... https://www.gearbest.com/scooters-wheels/pp_009143023119.html?wid=1241548&lkid=35388904
  5. @MetricUSA i just see this on amazon but im sure it's a wrong specsheet https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07LFD7FMF?pf_rd_p=2d1ab404-3b11-4c97-b3db-48081e145e35&pf_rd_r=WQ5GE06F02AZDB927A5K Ninebot S miniPRO (2018 edition) miniLITE Max. Motor Powers 1600 watts 1600 watts 1400 watts Max. Speed 10 mph 10 mph 10 mph Typical Range 13.7 miles 12.5 miles 11 miles
  6. No: Now the first Mini N3M240 is officialy selling in USA and Europe, now called Ninebot "S" look specsheet with US siteweb https://store.segway.com/segway-ninebot-s-self-balancing-hoverboard, $489 very cost because in china cost around 280$ oh, right, segway usa dont have Mini Pro ...now... Mini Pro is called "S PRO" and Mini PLUS "S PLUS"http://uk-en.segway.com/
  7. Well i just made a test, actually it happens when it's fully charged, Regarding my downhill accident, surely my MINI PLUS had to be 98/99% loaded (riding 600 meters from a fully charged battery- Battery level around 98%- stop MiniPlus during 40 minutes- battery level increase- downhill good speed and accident without control with overcharge and superbad tiltback ) But anyway, it's still dangerous to be out of control downhill, if there is a car that closely follows the rider, so it's dangerous
  8. @Michael1953 After contacting two hours ago, , I just received an answer from Ninebot China engineer Wang (Ninebot chief N°2) Please could you make a screen video record (like apk az record etc...) of the app during a similar situation, this show a pop up alarm with a code Also, about a full charge battery, but in my case happen with or without full charge battery Please below, Mr Wang's answer "Hello Joris, Many thanks for the feedback. Is the MiniPlus fully charged before you ride it downhill? If yes, the machine will get regenating charing from downhilling; and charge a fully-charged battery, will trigger over-charge protection and the machine will try to inform the rider to get off ASAP. If not, pls try to connect the smartphone app and replicate the situration when it tilts back, to check out what is the alarm exactly is(There will be popup window on the APP screen when an alert triggered). If possible, pls send me the screenshot of the APP alarm popup box and our technical team will find out what happened. Thanks again and best regards,"
  9. Me too# Two month ago I had an accident in a descent, the PLUS no longer answered, This new alarm beep that I did not have before happens every time I leave home with the battery full, I have a small descent, and it's the same braking with an alarm beep That the Mini brakes downhill is normal , but not lose control Try Parameters>sensors> balance , look your Mini inclination, default value is at -0,8 when you adjust the balance, look the body, the body leans forward (all in poisitive values) or backward (negative value), it reduces the TiltBack, try differents/several inclinations (in positive), make a ride test for each and keep in mind the best inclination value I think Ninebot added a security alarm for downhill situations, not to go too fast except that I had the biggest accident in 3100 MILES/5000 km because of this "precaution" of Ninebot Always, Europe or US, they really dont know nothing about their products and really dont care about their customers
  10. To know the projects of Ninebot, we must go see in his job offers http://www.ninebot.cn/Position-index.html LOOMO 2 ? Algorithm Engineer (Fingerprint Identification / Image Recognition) http://www.ninebot.cn/Position-detail.html?id=169 Senior Electronics Engineer (IoT Direction - Bluetooth) http://www.ninebot.cn/Position-detail.html?id=173
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