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  1. Nearly forgot about this, but it's still available. In brand-new condition, still in package. Located in the U.S.. Will sell for $60 shipped within U.S.
  2. Bump. Still available (as I continue to sort out all of the issues with getting refunded for my busted scooter).
  3. Brand-new in package, located in the U.S. White with built-in cellphone holder. Purchased for a Ninebot Mini (NOT pro) that I had to return. Asking $65 + shipping within U.S. Has been sold out from Bang Good for some time: http://www.banggood.com/Original-Xiaomi-Ninebot-Stand-up-Electric-Scooter-Trolley-Handbar-with-Cell-Phone-Holder-p-1050361.html. Kevin in VA
  4. Hmm, I thought that all Minis made after April 2016 required a Chinese phone number to activate. Not sure how that could only apply to the Pro. But good point about location! I guess I just put my phone in airplane mode with GPS off and change the timezone to China?
  5. Turns out I may not have any choice but to get another Mini. The seller said they'd only refund return shipping if they exchange the scooter. My biggest concern is that, after speaking with someone from one of their warehouses in CA, there's a good chance that the replacement will have been built after April/ May 2016, meaning I won't be able to activate it without a Chinese phone number. Meanwhile, PayPal wants me to ship the scooter back to China (even though it was shipped from California/ US), and I would have to pay that shipping cost. The easiest solution would be to figure out how t
  6. I have one of these that I had purchased for my headache of a Ninebot (can't reset/ connect via Bluetooth). Great product and definitely adds confidence for a new rider like me. Plus it can hold a smartphone. To be honest, I'm not sure how it would work on a Mini Pro. To install, you have to remove the QR barcode sticker near the top of the stock Ninebot Mini (non-Pro) control arm and remove six bolts with the included hex wrench. Don't if a comparable mounting point exists at the top of the Mini Pro control arm. I guess you could try to find someone who has swapped an adjustable Pro
  7. @John Eucist Apologies; hadn't seen the Ninebot Mini forum in the list when I first posted. Thanks for the clarification. @Vik's I had a friend install the Ninebot app on his iPad and got the same repeated prompts for a password as I had with the Android app. So it looks like I've hit every dead end possible. At this point I'm just going to return the scooter to the seller and get a refund. They've finally agreed to reimburse me for return shipping, so at least I'm not out that money. Of course, I had purchased the tall trolley handle with the smartphone holder, so I'm still out that
  8. I do have Android app v3.5.1 installed. I've tried 3.4.1, 3.4.0, and 3.3.1, but they all appear to have the same problem. Very good point about the iPhone, though. I didn't notice that the technician was using one. I'll have to see if a friend with an iPhone/Pad/Pod can help me out.
  9. Just wanted to update folks on this issue. The seller seemed as though they were going to help me resolve the problem by showing me how to reset the Ninebot Mini. They sent me this video to illustrate the reset process (and perhaps this will be of use to some folks): The process seems very similar to that which was suggested in previous posts: turn the scooter upside-down, spin a wheel, and the scooter is reset. One notable problem with the video posted above by the Chinese technicians who work for the seller is that the Android app that they show is not the same as the one
  10. @Vik's I really appreciate you reaching out to the other forum member. The scooter appears to do the same thing (lights and wheels spinning) when angling it at 45 degrees, and still asks me for a password. I also tried removing the battery for about a half hour and reinstalling the Android app, but no luck. One thing that I did notice, though: when upside down, there are two solid green LEDs, while the rest flash blue. Each of the green LEDs turns red when I push on the foot pad on that side. Holding both foot pads while upside down did not change anything, and the app still asked fo
  11. It appears to be locked at beginner speed (or at least shows the icon on the scooter). Being that I'm new to all of this and the battery is nearly dead, I'm reluctant to even attempt higher speeds on it. I doubt there's enough battery power to even get past the distance to unlock anything, and I didn't want to try to scrounge up a charger until I resolved the password issue. Things aren't looking great... But thank you for the thoughts. Now if only I could figure out who the Ninebot Mini Pro user that got this to work is.
  12. Even when upside down, trying to connect via Bluetooth requires a password. I've tried 000000, 123456, 666666, and any other random password I can think of. No success. Here's a video showing what is happening when I power it on upside down: https://youtu.be/9NrX8TW_7xw. You can see how each wheel spins in an opposite direction, then they alternate directions. It may be hard to tell, but most of the rear LEDs flash blue, with a couple staying a solid green. It will do this indefinitely if not stopped by hand. Once stopped by hand, the wheels can each be spun feeling. The Bluetooth
  13. Thanks for the response, Vik. I just turned it upside down, rested it on my legs (not sure else how to support it while inverted without putting all of the weight on the fenders), and not sure if it's bad to have pressure on the foot pads). After about 5 minutes, the wheels never stopped their alternating spinning, and the app was still asking for a password. I'll have to try supporting it some other way and doing it again.
  14. When trying to connect the Android app to a Ninebot Mini (not Pro) manufactured in 2015, I am asked for a 6-digit Bluetooth password. I have suspicions that this scooter has been used before and that someone set a password already. I am trying to find out how to reset the scooter. I've found the Speedyfeet video for resetting the Ninebot One, but this is the most I can find for the NBM: 若忘记改密码,可以通过将平衡车倒置,然后开机并转动车轮进行解锁,解锁后手机APP链接平衡车无需输入车辆密码 Translations mention inverting the scooter, powering it on, then something about rotating wheels. The wheels themselves do start rotating in a
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