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  1. I think it might be relevant to whether you are right footed or left footed.... not all right handers are right footed and vice versa.........
  2. Hi John. It’s funny how riders have a preference turning one way or the other. I also prefer left turns. I only really notice when I am doing a really tight circle. The left doughnut seems ….. Just more natural I guess you could put it. I think you have already noticed that keeping one’s head up and eyes focused on the horizon is one of the most important aspects for balancing when at the learning stage. Another theory I have, and it is just a theory, is that using the arms to aid balancing whilst on the wheel is counter intuitive as the brain doesn’t know whether to fling out the arms to counter balance the falling over sensation in a similar vein to a tightrope walker using a long pole, or do something else like twist your shoulders or change the weight on the paddles. It feels safer to use the arms to counter balance but I think this just adds another dimension to an already complicated balancing act. I twist my shoulders in the direction I want to go (whilst looking to the horizon) this seems to initiate a shallow turn and then I balance the turn with weight shift (straighten one leg and bend the other) to increase or decrease the tilt of the unicycle almost like being stood on the wings on a plane. (Banking) to keep the wheel under me. By keeping your hands close to the body your brain has to use your twist or feet to steer the wheel and it’s not put off by the changing balance your arms produce. I think it is easier and quicker for the brain to learn when you don’t give it an option to move your arms. You can of course try this in a very gradual way and let me know if it helps. Leaning, hip twisting and sharp turns next week I did see the beach riding video but I personally would not take my wheel on a beach as salt water and sand I fear could get onto the shaft or inside the electric motor. There is only one moving part after all and sand has never been a very good lubricator and salt water is never good to circuit boards. Sand is in my opinion is also not an ideal surface to learn to ride on as it would feel very soft and spongey and be less reactive than a solid floor. Have you considered the Tregurra park and ride? Let me know if you want me to pop down.
  3. Congrats on your progress so far. It is an addictive hobby. I know how I felt learning an an Airwheel 4 yrs ago. 2nd wheel was a ninebot one and that really opened the door and I did over 4000 miles on it. I now have 4 wheels and often use the train to travel to cornwall (I live in Plymouth) for somewhere new to ride and yes I have wheeled around Truro a few times including The Lemon Quay multistorey car park, The cycle track by Tesco and yes even Truro skate park. There are a number of cycle trails not too far from you for you to play on when you master it. I find a long straightish route is really good to learn on as your body has to make constant adjustments to stay upright. This helps with turns later on. I know I could barely turn when I started hitting the trails. I certainly couldnt do a tight turn in the trail. It was stop, swivel around and then grap a post to remount. If you need any help with your learning or want to discuss the finer points, I am more than happy to pop on a train to visit you. (I am retired so am available most days). I also meet up with some other wheelers from Torquay and Exeter and we plan and go on longer rides and have done most of Devons cycle trails and some of the cornwall ones. Welcome to the community. Its the most fun you can have on one wheel
  4. You will need to email / speak to them. The UK subsidiary that is. Their French site (use Chrome and google to translate) shows EUCs civil liability insurance here : https://www.allianz.fr/assurance-autres-vehicules/nouvelles-mobilites/ You might find the UK will include personal liability insurance for electric scooters / EUCs if you take their buildings or contents insurance.
  5. Try Allianz Insurance https://www.allianz.co.uk They are pan European and NZ I think. They offer euc insurance in France
  6. As you have made attempts to highlight the benefits of EUCs to you local MP, perhaps the Cost Benefit evidence from various cycling/ walking schemes government paper would help cement your case. See here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/cycling-and-walking-the-economic-case-for-action The health benefits of EUCs are of unknown quantity (I do less walking but I must do more than 5 times the distance I would have walked as I get to see 5 times more scenery, and I hardly use the car for local trips to the shops etc). The benefits such as physical activity, absentism, journey quality, road safety, environment, decongestion and time saving for active mode users are all highlighted in the way government wants to move forward. Surely EUCs would compliment these goverment initiatives? I hope the MPs can envision the future of EUCs and how this aligns perfectly with the governments strategic direction and objectives for the future. Technology is here. Cars, bicycles and walking are so last year :)
  7. Try searching for a French insurance company which provides EUC liability insurance. (There are some as EUCs are legal there ) They might be able to help especially if they have an outlet/subsidiary in your Country.
  8. It's a nice idea but they cover themselves with the highway code,  The Road Traffic Act 1988 states: Then Highway Code rule 157: Vehicles prohibited from using roads and pavements 157. Certain motorised vehicles do not meet the construction and technical requirements for road vehicles and are generally not intended, not suitable and not legal for road, pavement, footpath, cycle path or bridleway use. These include most types of miniature motorcycles, also called mini motos, and motorised scooters, also called go peds, which are powered by electric or internal combustion engines. These types of vehicle MUST NOT be used on roads, pavements, footpaths or bridleways. Laws RTA 1988 sects 34, 41a, 42, 47, 63 & 66, HA 1835, sect 72, 82 AAATHE R(S)A sect 129 It is interesting how the local bye-law summarizes the Section 72 Highways act so well yet the Highway code only adds smoke and mirrors to the argument, completely missing the original intention of the original Act. Whether this is by design or not, I leave up to you to decide. Law is Law and the highway code is a summary of the Law but, as you found out, can be used in court as a basis for interpretation of the original Statute Law. The highway code rule 157 is based upon a specific Laws and these are quoted below the text of the rule and here we see (in Red above) " HA 1835, sect 72," = Highways Act 1835 sect 72, and around around we go .... If we are questioning the true intention and meaning of the Act then any reference portrayed in the highway code will also be in jeopardy. You will be charged with the Highways Act not with the rule. In fact rule 157 of the highway code is not as detrimental (to us) as it first looks and is a partial summary of the history of previous convictions mostly concerning Motor Vehicles (not an EUC) and when I say Motor Vehicles, I mean "a mechanically propelled vehicle, intended or adapted for use on roads". Don't get me started on this one !!!! Certain motorised vehicles ( Are EUCs included in this? It doesn't say. ) do not meet the construction and technical requirements for road vehicles and are generally not intended, not suitable and not legal for road, pavement, footpath, cycle path or bridleway use. These include most types of miniature motorcycles, (Not an EUC) also called mini motos, (Not an EUC) and motorised scooters, (Not an EUC unless you scoot it :-)) also called go peds, (Not an EUC) which are powered by electric or internal combustion engines. Nowhere does it mention an Electric Unicycle so I think we can include this rule into the world of grayness.
  9. I thought I would add my thoughts on this topic as I have spent some time researching the issue for my own peace of mind. Section 72 of the highways act 1835. It says: 72 Penalty on persons committing nuisances by riding on footpaths, &c. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . F1 If any person shall wilfully ride upon any footpath or causeway by the side of any road made or set apart for the use or accommodation of foot passengers; or shall wilfully lead or drive any horse, ass, sheep, mule, swine, or cattle or carriage of any description, or any truck or sledge, upon any such footpath or causeway; or shall tether any horse, ass, mule, swine, or cattle, on any highway, so as to suffer or permit the tethered animal to be thereon;. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . F2; every person so offending in any of the cases aforesaid shall for each and every such offence forfeit and pay any sum not exceeding [F3level 2 on the standard scale], over and above the damages occasioned thereby. You will see here is that EUCs do indeed fall within the "carriage of any description" as do Skateboards, long-boards, bicycles, hoverboards, heeleys, child's ride ons, even prams and buggies!! What our learned PCSO might not have observed is within the the title of section 72 : "Committing nuisances" by riding on footpaths etc . this implies that the creation of a nuisance is mandatory for this section of the Act to be relevant. I attach a photo of a sign near a well known skateboarding pedestrian area near me which shows a similarly worded message from the local council byelaw. Initially, when reading this, it appears that skateboard is not permitted but read a little further and it confirms that there is only a breech if someone gets annoyed or feels they are in danger. Hence, this skateboard area is regularly used for skateboards, bmxers, roller blades and the like with no hassle from either the police or local council. Can the PCSO confirm that if no nuisance or danger is presented, then Section 72 of the highways Act 1835 is irrelevant in this case? Maybe only a court can decide this .... I can understand a court deciding a full blown 80 Kg Segway human transporter being a nuisance but a one wheeled EUC?? Maybe this is the reason why prosecutions using this act is not heard of in court and the CPS always go for the not insured on a public road scenario. I am not a lawyer and only offer the above as a possible solution of how I would try to tackle the current impasse. Section 72 doesn't seem to cover the crime unless you have somehow annoyed or put someone in danger.
  10. Hi @Tree Camper Its good to hear there are some other active EUCer's in the south west. I meet with the Torbay wheelers on a regular basis for rides and generally try to do a new trail most weekends if the weather is good. It would be great to meet up for a social / ride and share info on locations and quality of trails etc. We did some of the Bodmin Beast in Cardinham woods a few weeks ago ... A bit rough going on a EUC, as it has been well used by hundreds of mountain bikes, but still fun Lanhydrock trail hub is one of our objectives this year so maybe we could meet there? or of course Camel Trail which I did a while ago but willing to do again, and I know its on Brett's list to do, as it is a classic Cornish route. Let us know when you are available and maybe we can sort something out.
  11. Hi brett, The run along the whole of the Grand Western canal (Tiverton to Greenham) starting at Sampford Peverell was awesome last weekend with varied terrain and magnificent views as we traversed from urban to forestry, to fields, to forest and under countless bridges with tiny sidewalks and all with the historic and still active canal as our way-maker culminating in a well deserved pasty and coffee at the Tiverton Canal Company cafe barge. The amount of wildlife which live around the canal, plus the odd horse towing a canal barge full of humans, was indeed a wonderful setting for the meeting of the Plymouth and Torbay Electric unicycle groups and a good day out was had by all. A lot of interest was shown from all kinds of people about this "new" form of personal transportation and as far as I know, nobody fell off their "old fashioned" bicycle thing in shock of us this time . After completing both the Exeter Canal and the Tiverton Canal runs, We are planning to do the Granite Way from (Lydford to Okehampton), the Camal Trail (Wadebridge to Padstow) and Clay trail (St Austell to Wheal Martyn to Eden project) in the near future and welcome any other riders in the area to join us for a social meet, greet and ride. The groups EUC's are a mixture of Ninebot E+, IPS zero, 151, IPS Lhotz, and a couple of Gotway V2's. with battery sizes all above 320Wh. A shorter route can generally be organized for lower capacity EUC's. Let me or Brett know if you are interested...
  12. Yeah would love to ride some of your trails. btw I am in plymouth so quite close . I try to ride on Saturdays but can also do the odd evening and sunday afternoons Tree Camper,
  13. There are a number of long smooth gravel /loose cycle trails all around Plymouth, all with interesting features such as viaducts, long tunnels, spectacular views, Bird of prey nests etc. We have ridden along all of the main cycle trails such as Drakes way (Plymouth to Tavistock, ), Granite Way (Lydon to Okehampton taking in Meldon reservoir) and we did the Camel Trail (Bodmin to Wadebridge to Padstow) on Saturday which was epic! The hoe promenade is an option but a bit small to go anywhere meaningful. Totnes has some nice smaller cycle paths to Dartington and Ashprington. We also have a number of local bump tracks and a purpose built MTB trails in Plymbridge valley for the brave! So it really depends on what kind of riding you would want to do. I would suggest Yelverton, Dartmoor as we can use the old harrowbeer airfield (open tarmac but bumpy) and we are also central to drakes trail if we decide to do a part of that.
  14. Hi there is a couple newish riders in Plymouth who would be up for a meet / trail ride.
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