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  1. Steve

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    SN No. 1240885fc3270040 No fix or opening - untouched. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gssrgtah4x5npke/Screenshot_20180909-125452_InMotion.jpg?dl=0 I generally go out as a group with kids - all airwheels ridden in same dry weather and all fine....except this.
  2. Steve

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    I purchased it from Jason at eWheels - Took delivery mid May 2018 I've been using an EUC for years - about sept 2015. I have 3 kingsongs and an inmotion V8f.
  3. Steve

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    Hi, So, I got the email warning about the recall saying not to use the wheels in the "wet". I thought no fear, I only go out for recreation and never in rain, however, I did go out after it stopped raining, etc. About 1 week ago my wife found the wheel with a flashing battery symbol and did not know what was wrong. She plugged it in to see if it was a charging issue but it did not stop flashing so she unplugged it. The display showed 4 bars of charge. It did stop flashing then. Prior to this flashing light saga, it hadn't been ridden for 1 week! Later that day I saw that the symbol was still flashing. The wheel would balance for a few seconds then turn off. After playing with it to try and stop it it would not turn off and kept randomly flashing. I used app, etc, diagnostics fine. Firmware up to date. Screengrab: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rroc4c5s1fwksvf/Screenshot_20180909-125351_InMotion.jpg?dl=0 Video here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vwyqm1vuaoljzmr/20180909_121459.mp4?dl=0 I emailed Jason and he said that this was similar to the other ?Russian wheel: https://youtu.be/3LdQ0JHVjVY and to put it in garden just in case. I put in in garden in case of fire but nothing happened and after 2 days checked it. The battery was normal and the wheel functioned perfectly. I thought that if the battery was damp then it must of dried out? Yesterday I took it for a 30min test drive - perfect ! Problem sorted. Came home, parked it in reception, went to bed. Woke at 5am with the wheel on fire. It was not charging and had not been charged since my wife briefly plugged it in above. It was it the house leaning against a wooden cupboard. If we hadn't of woken up that instant we would all be dead - 8 people in the house! So, it can spontaneously combust without warning, and without being plugged in, and after working perfectly throughout the day!!! Very dangerous. We put partially out and wrapped it in a towel and carried it into the garden and called the fire brigade. I was reluctant to use water as an electrical fire, but the fire brigade just hosed it down and that was it!
  4. Please be careful ! These are life-threatening house burning battery issues! I've just experienced it. Maybe consider keeping them outside rather than indoors? https://www.dropbox.com/s/mykajobdy7m9lh2/20180916_052136.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/jd12k5mi0zvpylc/20180916_065739.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gpt2lpw83kgxgtj/20180916_065713.jpg?dl=0
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