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  1. @Villac what did you think of the stands today you bought?
  2. Hi. I feel silly asking this question as the answer seems obvious... But whenever I attempt to plug my charger into my ninebot it doesn't feel like its clicked in or anything. Also, The charger light is constantly green - indicating that nothing is happening. So... I am attempting to plug it into my ninebot one e+, while positioning it with the little plastic sliver in the position of the nook meant to receive it. It appears to go part of the way in and then stop. As if the 4 metal pieces are not properly aligned. So... I gently turn it just a bit and press it in again, No luck,
  3. I see that they have replacement pedals, and shells.. but not that grey part that my legs rest up against... or an I missing it? Do you have a direct link?
  4. Hey.. so I'm still pretty new at this thing (ninebot e+), but I've been able to ride around a bit and in really enjoying it despite the fact that I'm still learning. TWo questions 1. How can I better protect the grey areas on the upper sides of the ninebot? I put the protective stuff on it, but I find that after it crashes these just get ripped off and I now see 2 damaged areas of the grey areas.... 2. How can i dismount this thing? Every time I show down to stop I wind up having my bot tip over and have that darn alert sound (can I turn this off?). Is there a video on
  5. After learning to ride my ninebot a bit, I got this message. Seems odd to me, I have no suited limit set, and I really was only practicing in a 50 foot space, so I don't think I was going very fast... What does this message really mean?
  6. Its because Im a beginner, so... learning how to ride while traveling across 34th street in manhattan sounds like a bad idea what is back back?
  7. Hi, I live in NYC and I am looking for a good place to practice my riding. One problem that I have is that the ninebot is so heavy to carry that I don't want to carry it too far. Which leaves my options pretty limited when it comes to practicing. So, I am curious if you can share how you get your EUC from place to place (without a car, and without riding it) because obviously I want to get mediocre with this thing as soon as possible, thanks
  8. http://www.banggood.com/Electric-Wheelbarrow-Brackets-Unicycle-Stands-Holders-Show-Shelves-p-954762.html Hey nineboters, Im trying to figure out a way to stand my EUC up at home and at the office. Does anyone have the above stand? Does it actually work for the ninebot one e+? I would love it if you could give me your feedback or even post a picture follow up! Im looking for budget options...
  9. adamo

    Ninebot stand.

    Did you ever get the acrylic stand? Im curious if it worked for you, as I am looking for options. thanks
  10. Its definitely not the speed thing. It was beeping standing still, constantly... the constant beeping being was defined in a thread as "someone call me an ambulance". This is confusing because its perfectly fine, and barely moving. I am just learning. Its not that hot today so I doubt its overheating. So... Im not sure whats going on here.
  11. Now I understand that the ninebot will beep when not touching the ground, and it will spin its wheel at a very high speed when its lifted off the ground... But mid-ride (Im learning here), it started beeping, I would consider it chirping actually. Like twice a second, and never ending. I continued to ride for about an hour so it definitely wasn't tied to the battery. But I couldn't get it to stop! Is there a guide somewhere to these beeps? I wish I had a better understanding of what the problem is, do you know?
  12. ok. so the red and spinning of the wheel does seem tied to lifting it off the ground, so that's one question down. I just wish there was a way to turn off the beeping.
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