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  1. I just tried to teach a 13 year old with unicycle skills how to ride. While I was describing how the EUC worked he just rode off and had the ability to stop and start and turn with no practice. Very humbling. I've taught a handful of other talented unicycle riders and most had the basics down in just a few minutes.
  2. Well I'm out. I'm pretty sure my friend will make a submission, I haven't seen any video but he said he shot some.
  3. Hirsute, I had high expectations for your video and I'm happy to see you've met them. Great video. Toby!!! Also a great video. I love the trials riding thing you're doing.
  4. I'd worry that would cause a loss of friction between your feet and the pedals when you need it most.
  5. Tell me about it! I was within 50 yards of my helmet when I did this. I love riding my EUC but I think they're quite dangerous. Most of my friends who ride never wear any gear and they have some good crash stories.
  6. I did a day of shooting but technical issues ruined the footage, we might try again if schedules allow it. I have a friend who should be submitting something pretty impressive though.
  7. Disagreeing with you is not complaining, trying to improve things by discussing options is not complaining. I don't see anyone doing more complaining and tribalism than you. Please leave the personal issues out of this unless you want to just make this another internet pissing contest. Myself and Hirsute are on opposite sides of some issues but neither of us are complaining about being attacked and more importantly neither of us have devolved into making personal attacks against each other.
  8. Then why did you ask? Why keep trying to take offense and make things personal? If you can't handle discussion please don't try to instigate personal issues. You ask questions, I answer and then you get personal. A different opinion or experience is not a personal attack and you don't have to defend anyone from anything. So to paraphrase, just chill please.
  9. There is no need to take this discussion as negative or personal. I see the the criticism as enthusiasm and it's coming with reasons and solutions. The criticism of the comp is coming from people who want to submit videos if they can.
  10. Has the judging criteria been posted or even decided? If they are specifically not supposed to vote for the most entertaining video and only judge EUC skill I can't see the point in trying to make an entertaining video. I know you have asked for positive feedback but if I'm going to put a couple full days or more of work into this I'd like to know what I'm getting into. Submit it any way. I'll vote for it
  11. I was talking about having to re read the rules over and over to find out what has been changed. I was not discussing what rules were changed but pointing out they are changing and I have no idea what they will be next week. Please don't take this personally, I am hoping to make the project more successful and have spent time working on possible videos. There is now 6 weeks left and the rules are quite different than when the contest started. I don't think I ever got an answer to my question if the contest is limited to individuals. Do the new rules allow more artsy videos with many people?
  12. I thought that was pretty clear, what didn't make sense? I have posted 3 videos here and I've had a few very successful viral videos in other areas. I don't want to post a resume but I've been doing video on the web for decades. I was pointing out I'm enthusiastic about doing videos.
  13. Hi. I think this could be solved by having the performer do a slate of some kind. A separate video or in the comp video simply face the camera and say I am username X this is my 2016 EUC comp video. Having them say it on the day of their shoot would have them in the same background in the same clothes, same haircut etc... I don't think you could use someone else's video without being recognized if there even are any on the net that meet the rules that could be used as an entry. If you asked me, I would postpone and rewrite the comp. There is not much awareness of it now and with a longer lead time it could reach a larger audience. You have great prizes with some serious value and I think it could draw some impressive videos. If you only get 3 videos it will feel like a failure and probably never happen again. If it gets 20 videos and some decent views then you can court sponsors for free swag. Just in the Easy Bay San Francisco area there is half a dozen riders at our Wednesday juggling club that share a few EUC's and at least a dozen more some with great EUC skills in the East Bay circus community, who like Hirsute have other circus skills and video experience. There is a lot of interest in shooting videos but we can't meet the rules and the time is short. I don't want to tell you what to do but if you wanted to call and just go over some ideas I'd be happy to get involved. Absolutely, I have 3 videos in the video thread here and over 50 million YouTube views. I'm all about the web video. Everyone I have mentioned this to grimaces. It's silly and you can't even read it on the video. It's a rule looking for a problem to me. It may be nothing for you but I don't want to wear one to compete and if I do enter it will be without one and I'll be disqualified. A large deterrent to entering. Please don't take that personally, it is just showing how my friends and I feel about it. But you're not kidding, the rules are not written yet and I have had to read them many times. For a fickle artsy type like myself this is a drag to have to keep checking on the restrictions. Now this is familiar to me, no one agrees on anything Which is why I did write a few weeks ago for Rehab1 to ignore everyone and do what he wants. No editing will definitely help limit the videos to just skillful choreographed and well rehearsed riding. It will also limit the amount of videos to just a small fraction of what could be submitted. I'd say that's up to Rehab1 to pick what he prefers. I think it's clear which way I would go. I'm trying to share my opinions and the reasons behind them. I apologize for anywhere it comes off as I'm trying to dictate my opinions. This can be difficult without seeing faces.
  14. When I reply to a few posts in a short time they get merged into one response. This makes one post out of different subjects and merges my replies with new comments making them appear related when they are not. I don't see a setting for this.
  15. Very similar to the International Jugglers Association's competitions. And there is constant debate on whether it should be strictly the skill and tricks in a gymnastics style competition or something more like a performance closer to a theater or circus. We even had a new organization startup to go strictly Olympic style (World Juggling Federation) with compulsories and uniforms and it's done quite well and encouraged a lot of growth in skill level. There is no middle ground where everyone agrees
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