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  1. First I will like to say thanks to all the people that post and create this forum, is really the best source of information related to electric unicycles and a great help. I enter in this unicycle world by chance, as my first unicycle was a present from a friend, I never imagine before that these tinny things can be such convenient and fun way of transportation as they are. Just to put this review on context my previous is experience is 1800km on a Ninebot C (with a 320Wh battery) and I have ridden several other unicycles but just for a short period of time (V5D, V8, Monster etc.)
  2. Are you Chinese or can you speak Chinese? I can introduce you in some QQ groups, but most of the people cannot speak English there. MCM5 is easy to carry everywhere with the integrate handle (Mten3 does not have it) but from the other side is much more heavy than the mten3. Anyway check where you plan to ride it, there are many roads with many potholes in Shanghai and a 10inches will be a little dangerous....
  3. I bought it from Tim (in Hongqiao area), do you know him? Already made over 400km with it, this little thing is really a blast to ride.
  4. Thanks, plant to make a full review once I ride it a little more. I just get it last Sunday and it has 65km on it. I'm trying different tyre pressures and playing a little with Wheellog (great app). Currently I have set up the first alarm at 34km/h and works fine for me. Is summer in Shanghai and temperature is around 35 Celsius but wheel keeps always cool below 50degree (here is completely flat) Is amazingly silent, great acceleration and cruise nicely at 30-32kmh if the surface is smooth (I did not try to go over 34-35kmh). Front light is better than nothing but will
  5. Looks like, is just hard plastic and actually the quality of the plastics is not really the strong point of this wheel even in the pictures looks nice :-)
  6. My MCM5 just arrived, I follow the advice and get the 650Wh, tonight will go for a ride (it came just with 17% battery on it) Feeling quite excited about it, so much that I forget my Ninebot in the taxi when I went to pick up the Gotway
  7. Really thanks for sharing your experience, I think this wheel is exactly what I need/want. Enjoy your MCM5, soon I will have mine (also 650Wh) ?
  8. Thanks for the data, very interesting for me to get real data (I'm 79kg). After all the replies I'm pretty clear 420Wh for such powerful wheel is not a good option and I will go for the 650Wh version. Thanks!!
  9. Thanks for the reply!, I agree the lower weight of the V8 is an interesting point, but 3-4kg more won't make a big difference (at least for me), also my job is not very physically demanding so normally I get much more tired mentally than physically, so won't be a big burden to take the wheel upstairs. For the safety perspective I'm more worried about a wheel does not have cut off issues that the weight of it...
  10. Which is more or less the range you get from the 650Wh battery?
  11. Actually here the Tesla is slightly cheaper than the MCM5 with the same battery capacity (650Wh). Between the Tesla 650Wh and 1020Wh is less than 200USD difference (from 820USD to 1010USD) so is probably much better to go for the big battery. The problem is than the MCM5 420Wh is 570USD (big difference) and that the regulations here are not so clear, so it have some chances one day to finish in a police deposit or just being able to use it and night.... Thanks very useful information!! That's pretty high speeds!!
  12. Thanks for your feedback. If I'm able to cruise at 35km/h (22MPH), real speed on completely flat surface with the MCM5 will be more than enough for me. I like also the Tesla (more stable and higher range), but I'm really more curious about the MCM5
  13. Thanks for the reply! The V8 has been my favorite wheel for long time, but currently the pricing here is very similar to KS16S 640Wh, MCM5 650Wh or a Tesla 650Wh (just 10% less than these wheels) I like the brand, reliability and lightness , but I get a smaller battery and a speed limited to 30kmh (it is really possible to increase that speed limit?) when with the others wheels I can probably cruise at 35kmh without being at their limit. Anyway I also wonder how real are the speeds of each wheel comparing with the GPS.. For the 1st 6km (before the train) speed is not and is
  14. Thanks for your reply, did not think about it before, range is not in my priority list but safety it is
  15. I have been occasionally riding a Ninebot C (with a battery of 320Wh) for the last 2 years (2000km approx.) and I have planned for an upgrade nearly since then (the limited speed of the C make it quite unpractical in most of the scenarios) but for one reason or another I never did it. My initial replacement idea was the V8 (I put the deposit for one, before the release) and late on the KS16S (I just read good reviews about it), but from some time on and because of this forum I have been quite tempted to go for a Gotway. Finally I get a good excuse for a change (6km + 55km train +10km
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