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  1. The Fat Unicyclist

    GW Electronics Safety Improvements

    Use your tongue... It's like a 9 volt battery, only bigger.
  2. The Fat Unicyclist

    WheelLog & Pebble for Better Safety in Riding

    Didn't you already run some test on that?
  3. The Fat Unicyclist

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    You're correct the rendering is a complete mirror image (or the other side of the wheel)... EXCEPT for the pad, which is not mirrored.
  4. The Fat Unicyclist

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Personally... I love a good wine!
  5. The Fat Unicyclist

    Attention 3d printer owners......................

    Dammit... Now I have to buy a 3D printer!
  6. The Fat Unicyclist

    ACM2 Quirks/Concerns [Questions]

    He obviously didn't respect the beep...
  7. The Fat Unicyclist

    Your best advice?

    This has been a while coming, but it is finally online... http://haveago.city/i-may-be-an-electric-unicyclist-now/ Thanks to everyone who provided input into this. And, for the record: This has been a little "Americanized" (I don't really talk that way)
  8. The Fat Unicyclist

    Big Foot Pedals by Smoother

    Get smaller feet...
  9. The Fat Unicyclist

    Gotway Monster 1600Wh or Gotway X 1600Wh ???????

    I recommend eating bigger breakfasts... And lunches... And dinners...
  10. The Fat Unicyclist

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    What if the hub was sprung? I own a 1954 Triumph Thunderbird, which is one of the first years that had a swing arm... For a long time before that they had rigid frames and a sprung hub... Could that be incorporated into an EUC???
  11. The Fat Unicyclist


    As @litewave mentioned it is included at the very end of the video, but since I'm typing anyway... The song is "Wings of Desire" by a New Zealand group (of course) called Strawpeople.
  12. The Fat Unicyclist


    Watch that camera angle, please... I can see right up (down?) your pants leg!
  13. The Fat Unicyclist


    Thanks... The wheel is an old (and as you can see) beaten up IPS 191 Lhotz. But it jut keeps on going... Yeah, I like the change in perspective, but it just felt too awkward while riding - the wrist guards made it difficult to hold steady. But I just love the lower angle - it shows more of the speed and the motion, but it is still fairly stable. This may have to become one of my trademarks! I still love the Lhotz too. My biggest frustration is not having enough Wh inside it - It has taken all the abuse I can throw at it and it still wants more. Which has made consideration of an upgrade much harder. The Hutt River isn't that large... But this was shortly after a large storm, so it was flowing rather full. I have seen it (once) when it was only 1 foot below the top of the bank that the track is on - THEN it is a large river.
  14. The Fat Unicyclist


    Having (finally) found a camera position that I like, I thought I'd try it on a short cruise along the river... I'm not too fussed with the handheld shots though, I want something else - I just need to find it.
  15. The Fat Unicyclist

    Forum site is now 100% https

    I just tried that, and it is very sluggish on my Android too...
  16. The Fat Unicyclist

    18l presale specs

    Dude! No-one rides on paper... I appreciate you need the drugs "post-surgery," but it might be time to ease back a bit.
  17. The Fat Unicyclist

    What kind of helmet should I get

    Why not go for both... @WARPed1701D had given an awesome comparison review on two of the main brand helmets with removable chin-guards... Personally, I am leaning toward the Giro Switchblade (I like the ear covering) - I just need to get into a cycle shop to confirm sizing first!
  18. The Fat Unicyclist

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    And for a modest fee, we won't accidentally email her a link... PM me for bank transfer details... 😈
  19. The Fat Unicyclist

    Forum site is now 100% https

    Thanks @John Eucist - I can't comment on behalf of the rest of these clowns, but I for one feel much safer now!
  20. The Fat Unicyclist


    A DNS lookup at MXtoolbox comes up with an AliExpress IP address...
  21. The Fat Unicyclist

    My Tesla Super (Msuper V3s+T) Is here !!

    It was a rhetorical question - for the second part at least! After all, you are on this forum...
  22. The Fat Unicyclist


    I agree that BOSS (balanced optical steady shot) is not a replacement for a gimbal... But I quite like that it doesn't make the video "float." I am just finishing the edit on a video to post, which includes some gravel riding - the BOSS shows a bit of movement there (compared to asphalt riding), but doesn't that help convey the reality / adrenaline level of the ride? But don't comment back (yet), give me a couple of hours to finish and post, then tell me what you think.
  23. The Fat Unicyclist

    My Tesla Super (Msuper V3s+T) Is here !!

    Physically or psychologically?
  24. The Fat Unicyclist


    As the AS30 has BOSS (which is optical stabilisation), why are you also using a gimbal?
  25. The Fat Unicyclist

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Glad to hear you're coming out of the closet... Just tell us all that you left that creepy baby head in there?