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  1. The Fat Unicyclist

    EUC Halloween Fun!

    Sorry - EUC Extreme will take that trophy away! Have you seen his latest (Msuper V3) video? It includes a fall at full speed, and he lands on his feet!
  2. The Fat Unicyclist

    LHOTZ models

    I'm looking to upgrade my EUC, and the IPS option from my local agent is the "IPS 191 Xima Lhotz 340" but when I look at the iamips.com website they show two (different) options - the ""IPS 181 Lhotz 340" or the "IPS 191 Lhotz 260" But other than the battery size (and an apparent 30km/h speed limit from the local model), I am struggling to understand the difference between them all. Is someone able to tell me how these models differ, please?
  3. The Fat Unicyclist

    Wobble reduction

  4. The Fat Unicyclist

    Wheel Shakes Violently

    Yep - Loctite! Not only do they use it for various racing machines, but it even holds bits onto my '54 Triumph Thunderbird (which shakes more than an Amazonians vibrator).
  5. The Fat Unicyclist

    Ive decided to start losing weight

    Yeah, but bestest what?
  6. The Fat Unicyclist

    Celebrity Status Check: Ever notice people taking photos of you riding?

    Looks like you're in flight mode... How high were you gliding?
  7. The Fat Unicyclist

    This cloth make you very visible in the dark while riding

    Some of the machinery I work around is in a hi-vis area - which gets uncomfortable as I normally wear a sit jacket or blazer. I have thought about getting a jacket made that is reversible, with a hi-vis inside... But this would be even better (if it was just plain black when it was turned off).
  8. The Fat Unicyclist

    This cloth make you very visible in the dark while riding

    You're quite right @Lefteros (SomniusX). This is what I wear when I ride at night...
  9. The Fat Unicyclist

    This cloth make you very visible in the dark while riding

    Yeah... Looking at the concrete toy can see subtle changes of colour to match the jacket. It is either an external light source (with everything else too neutral to highlight the difference), or as @HEC says some editing.
  10. And here's the latest toy that I'm working on - we had to run it up today (with the covers open) for a demonstration, so I took the opportunity to grab a few seconds of video for you all... http://www.ccv.adobe.com/v1/player/QtQifyQQz9F/embed If you ever find that you need to sort through 45000 mail items and you only have an hour to do it, then this is the way to do it!
  11. Okay, so please accept my apologies for the really crappy video (I really must order that Yi 4K action camera)...But here is a walk-past of one of my work toys... http://www.ccv.adobe.com/v1/player/4HGAyEadnIh/embed The footnotes for anyone geeky enough to want to watch this... The roll of paper at the beginning starts off around 12km (7 miles) long It moves at 122m (400 feet) per minute. The boxes after the main printer bit add perforations, slit the paper to width and cut it to the finished (A4 size) Output is about 25 pages per second And for the uber geeks amongst you... We have 144 RIP servers to ensure enough processing power to maintain full speed The connection to the printer consists of over 100 fibre optic pairs This is an inkjet printer, and if we turned everything on, it would jet a little over half a billion drops of ink every second But despite all of that, it is still a little less exciting than my EUC!
  12. The Fat Unicyclist


    Is it safe to ride wearing a tuxedo?
  13. Now a photo of that I can do... Perhaps even a crappy video - as it is much cooler when it is running. And yes my tomato-sensors are shot (whatever they are)!
  14. The Fat Unicyclist

    Wobble reduction

    Being heavier can make leaning forward less desirable - I personally hate it, as my mind tells me the physics don't work and I tense up. An alternative is to stay more upright and use your foot angle to control acceleration - toes down accelerates, toes up decelerates. And riding that way may alleviate your falling sensations.
  15. And indeed Air New Zealand now has an advisory from either the US FAA or the IATA (can't remember which) advising that Galaxy Note 7 devices must remain off and cannot be charged during the flight... Yeah, I suppose I do spend a bit of time in planes - I used to think it was bad that the bar staff in the NZ airport lounges new my drink order, but coming back from Vancouver to Auckland the steward recognised me from previous trips, which was almost embarrassing - I did get good service though. So I am an IT Architect (or "Software Engineer" in American), and in a very obscure area. I work a lot with software integration for high-speed digital printing and mail-processing hardware. As an example, one of the more recent printers we installed prints @ 25 pages per second - and my scope for that piece of work included ensuring that the data was able to be supplied fast enough to prevent the printer from being starved of input... So very obscure, but I get to play with some cool toys (that printer is 35m long) and travel a bit. As for getting back on my wheel - it didn't happen... I was only home for six days before leaving again, and pretty much the whole time was a solid Wellington storm. And a solid storm in Wellington combines the wind with the rain, so that it falls more horizontal than vertically. So what with the flooding and trees falling, I thought I might just wait. So when I do get home it will have been four whole pedestrian weeks...
  16. The Fat Unicyclist

    Feet hurts while riding

    One of the biggest issues is pressure points on your feet... After just a few kilometres it can become quite painful. Hiking boots, being designed for uneven terrain have a stiff sole (spreading the load considerably). Ideal for small foot plates.
  17. The Fat Unicyclist

    Feet hurts while riding

    Good shoes are a must. I just got a pair of these for riding... http://m.kathmandu.co.nz/tiber-ngx-boot-chestnut-icon-green.html The key points being; Ankle support Stiff soles Won't get trashed easily
  18. The Fat Unicyclist

    Wobble reduction

    @Questor didn't say it, and @HEC hinted at it... As a learner, being tense is counter-productive - But as a fellow antipodean, you will both appreciate this and benefit from this... Have a beer, maybe two (but no more). It will help you relax a little and "flow." Which will take you a long way toward mastering this skill.
  19. Flying back from England to New Zealand earlier this week announcements made... For the first two flights (on Lufthansa) they did the normal no transmitting functions, et cetera and then went on to say that Galaxy Note 7 devices must remain powered off for the entire flight and were not allowed to be charged at all. Air New Zealand didn't make any special mention (or either the international or domestic legs). I am spending next week in Auckland (without my wheel - again) so will see if it is mentioned, either flying up on Monday or back on Friday.
  20. The Fat Unicyclist

    If you forget about safety, it will remind you...

    And I hope that works out for you...
  21. The Fat Unicyclist

    plasti dipped nbd1e+

    Do the lights still work / show?
  22. The Fat Unicyclist

    My fracking luck :(

  23. The Fat Unicyclist

    Airlines now banning hoverboards on flights

    I have even thought about just checking it inside my luggage (sort of a "don't ask, don't tell" policy). I wouldn't try it internationally, but could probably get away with it here in New Zealand. I like the renting idea @Questor, but then why wouldn't I rent a whole wheel? Then again, as I am going to the same places, why don't I keep a wheel in each city - perhaps my girlfriends could look after them...