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  1. I'm glad that you both survived... Even though it was short lived for your lunch. 🥪
  2. The Fat Unicyclist

    KS14d high pitch whistling

    Well... There's your problem!
  3. The Fat Unicyclist


    Excellent... Now we just need to see some video proof (of the riding, not the visor). Not that I doubt you, I just want to see some footage of a Tesla cracking along some of that awesome Hawke's Bay coastline!
  4. The Fat Unicyclist

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Personally, being less short than some, I would love to have a trolley handle that doesn't require me to stoop to us it...
  5. The Fat Unicyclist


    Won't all those letters make it hard to see where you're going?
  6. The Fat Unicyclist

    Philadelphia Riders

    "Putting the FU in TFU!"
  7. The Fat Unicyclist

    Philadelphia Riders

    Don't be like that... All you need is a Mohawk, some piercings, lots of leather (and a bit of Photoshop) and you'll look a new man!
  8. The Fat Unicyclist

    KS16s at top speed of 40km/h

    That is exactly right... Riding an EUC you need to have extra power available. To ride over even a bump or small curb (or to lift out of a pothole) requires additional torque / power. At maximum speed there is no torque left and the wheel will fail.
  9. The Fat Unicyclist

    KS14d high pitch whistling

    Ahh, you young people crack me up... Just wait until your a bit older and can't hear that frequency any longer! I haven't been able to hear my wheel frequency for about 18 months now... And by my calculations, Mrs. TFU will fade out in about 235 days too - I can't wait, it will be like Christmas!
  10. The Fat Unicyclist

    KingSong Wheels Never Cause Faceplants - right?

    And all fluids from your bladder!
  11. The Fat Unicyclist

    KS16s at top speed of 40km/h

    Yes. After 200km, the KS-18L will have a limit of 50km/h - before 200km it is only 40km/h. This is direct from Kingsong... Mileage:around 105 km DC charger: Input: AC 80~240 V, Output: 84V、2A Top speed: 40 km/h , 50km/h after decode at above 200km mileage Rated Power: 2000W Maximum loading: 150kg Maximum Gradibility: Around 35° Size:590(H) x 495(L) X 180mm
  12. The Fat Unicyclist

    Didn't see that one coming...

    A warning to you all... There is yet another hazard that we need to watch out for... Overconfident electric unicyclist knocked out by parking barrier as he tries to follow car through exit
  13. The Fat Unicyclist


    That looks great! Just one question... Why is there sand on your shoes? Did you WALK somewhere?
  14. Pulling you down like that... She must be a proper bitch!
  15. The Fat Unicyclist

    The Photo Thread

  16. The Fat Unicyclist

    Your best advice?

    Okay everyone - just like a lot of you, l started this ridiculous e-unicycle thing without much support (and therefore learned the hard way). And looking back, the biggest problem I had wasn't that l didn't know anything, but that I didn't know what l should be asking about (so that l did know something). Now though, l have the opportunity to write a comment for "prospective riders." So my question to all of you... What is the single most important thing you most wish you knew when you started your EUC adventure?
  17. The Fat Unicyclist


    Where can I buy one?
  18. The Fat Unicyclist

    The Photo Thread

    Has that been confirmed by @YoshiSkySun??? After all, he is an... umm... "cartographer," isn't he?
  19. The Fat Unicyclist

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    That looks like 谭花娟... And (knowing her age) I would say she is a lady.
  20. The Fat Unicyclist

    Philadelphia Riders

    Here is a link to the members who have included Philadelphia as their location... https://forum.electricunicycle.org/search/?&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[4]=1&group[11]=1&group[15]=1&group[14]=1&group[18]=1&group[17]=1&group[19]=1&group[12]=1&group[6]=1&group[3]=1&group[20]=1&group[16]=1&group[13]=1&core_pfield_6=Philadelphia But bear in mind that some have not been around much... @Jerome would probably be your best bet. Or, you can fly me over and I'll do it!
  21. The Fat Unicyclist

    In pursuit of excellence: Name the figure

    I think you're being a bit hard on #3... It was just a fart!
  22. The Fat Unicyclist

    Does anyone know the name of the App that traces back your trip

    Yes, it will work from a phone too...
  23. The Fat Unicyclist

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    But it looks backwards...
  24. The Fat Unicyclist

    music - Valeriy Stepanov

    I don't know why you posted this as off-topic... It is a little known fact that Valeriy is a keen electric unicyclist from way back and did actually invent the most common method for dismounting. I for one only ever dismount using the "Stepanov" method!
  25. The Fat Unicyclist

    Attention 3d printer owners......................

    Just by 12 bags of cotton wool and a tube of super-glue... It would be quicker (and fluffier).