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  1. Whatever you do... don't wear white shoes! That way we will be able to tell you apart.
  2. The Fat Unicyclist

    High speed fall! my first severe fall

    Dude...You're riding a unicycle... If you don't fall, then you're probably riding slow enough that you can't keep up with your grandmother's mobility scooter!
  3. The Fat Unicyclist

    EUC Live Stream Event on June 24th

    We could all become "flat-earthers" if that means there is only one time-zone?
  4. The Fat Unicyclist

    Magnax: Axial flux motor for EUCs

    Unfortunately Flux Capacitors require more speed than is available on EUC currently...
  5. The Fat Unicyclist

    The Photo Thread

  6. The Fat Unicyclist

    Griffith Park Night Ride - June 23rd 2018

    So jealous...
  7. The Fat Unicyclist

    EUC Live Stream Event on June 24th

    On the positive side... Whatever time it is on it will be Monday here, so I will have to take a day off work to cover all options!
  8. The Fat Unicyclist

    Yearly EUC meet convention.

    Since we all waited (I personally haven't ridden at all in anticipation)… And now that we are all watching... Remember to post video of your riding adventure (for our entertainment)!
  9. The Fat Unicyclist

    EUC Live Stream Event on June 24th

    Ah, so 3pm PDT... You might want to amend your original post slightly. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love - is it too late to cancel the print run for the 100 000 posters, or do we need to change them all with a sharpie?
  10. The Fat Unicyclist

    EUC Live Stream Event on June 24th

    Are you sure? That would be 3pm in Los Angeles, according to this... https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20180624T220000&p1=tz_gmt&p2=179&p3=156&p4=137&p5=264
  11. The Fat Unicyclist

    EUC Live Stream Event on June 24th

    3pm sounds good... But what was the date?
  12. The Fat Unicyclist

    New IPS S5 has triple redundancy!

    This is being discussed elsewhere too... And the fact is it will be nearly impossible to guarantee safety on a unicycle! Even if all of the redundancy is there, burning out a MOSFET and "locking" one of the motors will still result in a "skin-pavement interaction."
  13. The Fat Unicyclist

    Android Forum App

    I never even considered an app... Is it better than just using a mobile browser?
  14. The Fat Unicyclist

    Stores in Los Angeles, CA

    Too soon, dude... Too soon.
  15. The Fat Unicyclist

    KS18S Review After 130-miles

    Thanks for the clarification Marty... If the wheel was running on "half power" does it follow that the range should be doubled? Or does battery-math make it much more complex than that?
  16. The Fat Unicyclist

    about "alleuc.com"

    Valid or not, I find their Facebook strategy (if that is what it is) to be appalling... There doesn't seem to be any passion, just a corporate sales drive - Which isn't how this EUC world operates. (IMHO)
  17. The Fat Unicyclist

    KS18L & MSuperV3+ ~45km/h cruising stability showdown

    Not for me... I think this Fat Unicyclist will offset that 2 kg and then some... Seriously though, I believe there is a correlation between load weight and wheel diameter - with higher loads and smaller wheels reducing stability - but that aside, the difference in the form of these two wheels and your riding style will probably have more of an impact on stability.
  18. The Fat Unicyclist

    After i5, S5 is coming

    That is what I was thinking too... Building true redundancy into a unicycle will be very difficult!
  19. The Fat Unicyclist

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Where I like there are hills that I can't stop on while riding down... Currently that is... It will be interesting to see how that changes when I have a selection of test wheels to try. #MoreWheelsThanMarty!
  20. The Fat Unicyclist

    The bad news, and the not so bad news...

    Thanks... I think. My "other" job is quite flexible, so I can adjust things as necessary - and the travel may also be quite beneficial. And there will be other brands coming... What you see on the site at the moment is just a start. But you are right - once we "legalise the herb" our product offering may change considerably.
  21. Way back in July last year, I started my own personal quest... A quest to find my next wheel! It was at great personal sacrifice that I tried every different wheel that I could find. Travelling to Los Angeles, Australia and Singapore I rode just about every model of all the major brands - and a special thanks to everyone I met up with, for both the wheels that I borrowed and the information that I was able to glean. And following this adventure, it has been a year of exciting new wheels from all of the big players! However after all of the potential, I have now (finally) confirmed my new wheel... Or rather it has been confirmed for me. Unfortunately, Mrs. TFU has advised me that I am not allowed get another wheel for myself, as I have spent all of my allowance starting up my own EUC business here in New Zealand! That's right... It has been so frustrating trying to get quality wheels in New Zealand that I have taken the leap and set it up so that they will be available for everyone! It hasn't been as easy as I had hoped, and there was a lot more paperwork than I would have liked, but everything is now in place, I am working with the manufacturers, and the first order is on the way! So, while I may not be allowed to get myself another wheel just now, I suppose I will be able to console myself with "demonstration wheels" from across the board. Other than the 2-3 Kiwis on the forum, it isn't too relevant to most of you - and it isn't quite live yet - but feel free to have a look if you're at a loose end... https://www.roll.nz/
  22. The Fat Unicyclist

    The bad news, and the not so bad news...

    Thank you all for the encouraging feedback - it is very much appreciated! Actually there is a VIP customer category that includes free return airfares (and it's own special pricing). Consider yourself added. I agree completely - so there has been a bit of effort to ensure that it looks, works and flows well. The business aspect has been challenging - mainly because it is virtually an untested market here - though I have no idea why as the lower population density and abundance of hills (at least where I live) make PEVs too practical - hopefully, others will think the same once they can see them. And yes, the whole import thing is less than easy too. Not me - just some (other) eccentric who rides around on those ridiculous one wheel contraptions. Sshhh... Don't give away my plan for global unicycle domination!
  23. The Fat Unicyclist

    The Photo Thread

    So you didn't notice that hip-flask he's carrying then?
  24. Does this mean that the new 19" Msuper X doesn't really have a larger wheel?
  25. The Fat Unicyclist

    How long can you physically ride for?

    These are my "go to" boots for riding...