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  1. EYU.CO


    about 80km
  2. You decide the distance by yourself. One model with different capacity battery. It can also rise to max speed 25-30 km/h high speed unicycle.
  3. Looks good. can you attach the specification ?
  4. http://en.eyu.co/goods/product_19.html Lightest electric unicycle 6.1kg, easy to handle With Bluetooth and APP Features: Maximum load 265 pounds, affordable price sale worldwide Distance depends on rider's weight, road conditions Charging voltage: adopt to 180-240V, US/EU/UK charger available Charging time: around 60-120 mins (30 mins to 80%) Li-ion battery: 60V, 2.2Ah Motor power: 450W Maximum cruise speed: 18km/h Maximum load: 100kg Net weight: about 12.2kg Maximum climbing angles: 15-45° Minimum turning radius: 0° Size: 458*134*230mm Distance of treadle from ground: 121mm APP interface Package size: 49x24.5x59.5cm Orange color Package includes: Charger, safety belt, training tool, crashproof strip, replacement screw, tool and manual 1x self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter 1x training tool 1x training belt Crashproof strip 1x charger 1x user's manual 1x retail box
  5. Could you please add our company in the list? We are the Shenzhen EYU Vehicles Co.,Ltd , the professional unicycle manufacturer in China. Now we have released the lightest electric unicycle in the market only 6 kg. It is suitable for children and adult. Welcome to our website http://en.eyu.co/ or contact me chris.qin@eyu.co
  6. Shenzhen  EYU Vehicles Co.,Ltd  is the professional manufacturer in China. We have 1200 kilometers and more than 200 workers. We have the lightest electric unicycle in the market.only 6.1kg.

    And the 14 inch unicycle can add different battery capacity battery.


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