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  1. hi Peteshmete I'm interested in buying an escooter - been looking at Zero 10X and the Inokim Ox Super. I happen to live in North Vancouver, so maybe we could touch bases. Let me know if yours is still for sale. (photos - Zero 10x and Inokim ox super)
  2. I made a rear-view mirror that is on the back of my hand so when I want to see if a car is coming up from behind I just have to raise my hand to see if there's any one coming! I made it from one of those stick on mirrors for putting on car rear view mirrors - got it online for $1.95. Then I attached it to a strap with double sided tape and put velcro on the ends of the strap that's just long enough to wrap around my hand, and cut a small hole for my thumb to fit through. It works great - now I don't have to use the rear view mirror on my helmet, which kept moving every time I hit a bump. Ride safe!
  3. How about an illustration showing how versatile and useful the eu is - for example I use my 9bot to walk my dog, go grocery shopping, pick up the mail, take out the garbage, go to the tennis courts, pick up take-out food, ride in the rain, ride with my friends who are on bikes, and today I rode up to the drive thru window of A&W on my 9bot (I also had my dog on a leash, which is why I decided not to go inside). In retrospect that must have looked kinda peculiar!
  4. Hi from North Vancouver BC - I ride a Ninebot One E+ with just over 2600 km on it after about 1 year. I ride it all around the area, rain or shine, even rode through a bit of snow last winter. I love my 9bot and it still rides like new - but I really want to get a GotWay MSuper V3 1640wh so I can go more than twice as far per charge, more than twice as fast (the fastest my 9bot went was only 26.3 km/hr) and more off road riding with the 18 inch wheel. Where I live there are a lot of steep hills and a lot of bike lanes to ride in, and one of the handiest pieces of gear I use is a rear-view mirror attached to my helmet - it makes it so much more relaxing riding on roads with heavy traffic! Of course if I get the MSuper V3 I'll be sure to wear a lot more gear than just a helmet! Happy riding all!!!
  5. Hi Alicia - I just read your message today - thanks! Yes I am very interested in purchasing a GotWay - but the model I want to buy is the GotWay MSuper3 18 inch tire 1640wh - can you order one for me from the factory? I've done a bit of research online and I can order this eu from AliExpress - the price is $2,476.47 Canadian dollars, plus C$151.72 delivery charge via Fedex IE. Hopefully your price would be competitive - I would prefer to buy locally, with dealer support! If you can order one for me please let me know. I can come to Victoria to pick it up, no problem. thank you, Nuo
  6. hey bumblebee - I had the same problem a while ago trying to upload pics that were smaller than 3.13MB and John Eucist helped me figure it out: the problem was the name of the photo - the server doesn't recognize the photo if it isn't labeled '.jpg' Just change or add .jpg after the photo's name and it will work, provided the pic is less than 3.13MB
  7. I'm not at all tech savy so I don't know and can't figure out which motherboard version I have - the screenshots are all the info I could see. The speed of 26.3 km/hr was the max speed that I could get on a screenshot, and just as I clicked it I heard the beeping and immediate tilt back, so no it is not a speed I can maintain (I wish I could!) I may have gone marginally faster than 26.3 but couldn't get a screenshot of it. I'm not sure if the firmware version V1.4.0 is the reason I could go that fast but that is the version I was using. I finally broke 2000 km of riding - that works out to $1.53 Cnd per km, based on a $1,300.00 Cnd cost for the EU (not counting cost of energy to recharge the unit each time). It's sad to think that I'd have to ride 130,000 km on this EU for it to average out to zero cents per km!! (I think my math is right - you know that 5 out of every 4 guys is terrible at fractions...)
  8. Firmware version: V1.4.0 Current Milage: 1983.55km My fastest speed: 26.3 km/hr I've had my 9Bot 1E+ for about 10 months now, and have absolutely no issues with it - still works as perfectly today as it did day one! The real exciting news is on the 9Bot app rankings, the leader at number one, Aremo from Korea, on their 9Bot 1E has logged a current total of 9352 km! That's a lot of riding, and I'm assuming their EU is still going strong. I love my 9Bot 1E+, but can't wait until the GotWay MSuper3 18 inch is available in Canada - so I can go much faster and further!
  9. ELECTRIC UNICYCLES RULE! For those of us that don't speak/read Russian, this is how to say it if you sounded it out with English letters: ELEKTRICESKIE MONOCIKLY PRAVILO!
  10. ELECTRIC UNICYCLES - HOW CAN WE MAKE THEM STREET LEGAL? Where I live in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, there are no laws written that specifically govern the use, or non-use of the Electric Unicycle. The closest ruling I could find is this Motor Assisted Cycle Regulation, written in 2002. If confronted by the authorities I plan to use this documentation as my defense, although it was not written with EUs in mind. (In a more recent ICBC - Insurance Corporation of British Columbia - publication it states "A motor-assisted cycle is a two or three-wheeled cycle with a seat, pedals and an electric motor." This is not stated per se in the Motor Vehicle Act attached, and so it cannot disqualify the electric unicycle...in my way of thinking!) I've been seen many times riding on the roadway and on the sidewalks by the local police, but only twice (by the same policeman) have I been warned that I should be wearing a helmet. So far I've been lucky, probably because I'm the only person they've ever seen on an EU, but I expect one day in the future to receive a much more severe penalty. We shouldn't have to be in constant fear of being fined for riding a piece of technology that's so new they don't know how it should be regulated. Do you have any suggestions on how we can present a united front for making the Electric Unicycle street legal around the globe? (Admittedly, this is a first-world problem, but hey, I don't wanna end up doing jail time for riding on the sidewalk!)
  11. Bond - as usual - Calm under fire! (thanks hyiu00 - great idea. I noticed your avatar name ends in double 0 - are you a secret agent?)
  12. When High Fashion and The Electric Unicycle are on the catwalk together, then we'll know we're finally mainstream. Everyone may not think this is a positive thing, but it will mean we might see more of us on the streets around us - and that's a good thing! I'd love to not be the only one riding an electric unicycle in my suburb of town. Being part of this new evolution of personal green transportation is exciting, and the future can only bring better and safer innovations to the world of EUs. Ride your EU like you're on the Catwalk! (this picture is a concoction of my imagination using public pics off the internet - I apologize for any copyright infringements)
  13. My little dog loves to run and he goes with me every day, rain or shine. We used to roller-blade everywhere before we upgraded to our EU! (this photo is at the Marina in North Vancouver, BC Canada)
  14. Seawall in North Vancouver BC, Canada
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